2010-11-15-Departures from the Norm

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Topic: Departures from the Norm

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Sharmon

TR: George Barnard

Session 1


Bzutu: “Consider the Melchizedeks whose existence predates our birth by millennia, and reflect upon their incredible experiences, their inability to forget anything they have learned, as well as their capacity to project future happenings from what they observe in the present. Consider your Midwayer friends, our ages of some 37,000 years, and all that we have gathered in that period of time, still fresh in our minds. And here you are my human friends, convinced that you are collectively as wise as you need to be, well perhaps?

“We, your Midwayers, could fill an encyclopedia with what you know, and we could also fill a library of enormous proportions with what you do not know, but fortunately for us you are on a constant search for new knowledge. Unfortunately for you, there are limits to what we can offer you. There are limitations to how much of pure revelation we can inform you about, and there are words, and more importantly, concepts that are totally outside of your intellectual reach. On the other hand there was information given to you, just recently, that will allow us to come close to an explanation of departures from the norm in the case of human dissolution.


“Before I refer to that event I need to explain to you the difference between personal truth and absolute reality. Personal truth is something that you believe more or less strongly. Absolute reality is something that you cannot come near to in this life, or even in your lives on the Morontia Worlds to come. Should you be strongly convinced about a personal belief system, there can be circumstances of disordered dissolution we consider to be departures from the norm. Openness of mind is the antidote to these departures.

“The factor central to this disordered dissolution is human free will, firstly in how the human conscious mind has influenced the mid-mind (the soul), and secondly to what degree the human is unwilling to experience the utterly unknown at the moment of transition. Midwayers and or Guardian Angels are always on hand when a person is about to transition. At times the human soul needs a lot of convincing that he or she has now expired, indeed that their Celestial Attendants have their best interest at heart. On some occasions the individual is unwilling to depart, unless a certain matter is first taken care of. In worst of circumstances the individual is totally unwilling to let go.”

Session 2



Bzutu: “We now carry on. We may well attend to a human’s transition to a higher realm by appearing as a hospital nurse, for this gives confidence to those who are terminally ill. To the eyes of those involved in fatal accidents we may well appear as members of the police force or ambulance service. To those of strong religious persuasion we may present ourselves as reverends, pastors, or priests of their particular denomination. These attendances are swiftly planned to keep our human charges at ease, for the transferral of the human soul to the waiting four-winged Seraph can by some be seen as a terrifying experience.

“However, always still, the human retains his or her free-will prerogatives, and conditions such as relatives having to be informed of their demise, are often expressed. Powerful thought forms often remain behind, and when these are of an unsavory nature, unwanted by the time-space Deities, such powerful mindal packages have been known to pay out havoc into human lives when they cross over from the borderlands into your ‘linear’ time-space dimensions.

“What is the cause of such phenomena? It is a complex matter, but it is perhaps more easily explained by my suggesting that an occult fear drives a person to accept erroneous beliefs that by no effort of the Spirit of Truth can be dislodged.

“What is the answer to such phenomena? The answer is much simpler than one might suspect. The answer is Faith and Trust -- Faith that all is well, Trust that the universe is innately friendly. In fact, an openness, and to such an extent that the individual when confronted with his or her erroneous beliefs might simply shrug and declare: ‘That's fine.’

“Such an attitude, my dear friend, once accepted by all of your thousands upon thousands of religions, and cults, would be the savior of our world. This is ABC-22 wishing you all a good evening.”

Session 3



Sharmon: “It’s always a pleasure to make a soft landing in this cozy dwelling, and be welcomed by a long-time friend. This is Sharmon, and as much as I am allowed to divulge about the event, I will put into suitable language for you. First and foremost, let us ‘look at’ the couple, their dedication to each other and their offspring, their soul growth on this earth, and it matters not if this is purely religious, spiritual, or truly both, as in their case. Secondly, also, a state of mind – one of inevitable loss, as well as relief for the partner, and somewhat of a fluke -- was part of what made it possible for us to project the next state (maybe stage? I couldn’t hear that) of her husband’s existence.

“We Midwayers can do this, although not always without a little help from above. The green healing color, and yes, passing on is a healing, was placed there by universe reflectivity, merely to divert the wife’s attention from the body, the face, and to allow her to see the Midwayer, who consented to be perceived by her. He -- and no, you need not to know his name or number, as he is stationed halfway around the world from Australia – made himself available to inform the about-to-be-released and awakening soul that his Destiny Guardians were about to ensconce him in the ‘waiting arms’ of a four-winged Transporter Seraph.

“At times it is necessary for the soul to be met by a determined and authoritative figure -- and this Midwayer is authoritative by his very nature – to convince the soul that terrestrial life has now truly ended, to let go and suffer no more, that the next phase has begun, and that there is nothing to fear. Remember now, our ranks have swelled exponentially, and this kind of scenario is likely to happen more often.

”Just in passing, I note that it is a wonder to us that you continue to see the human machine, devoid of all life, as something that needs to be embalmed, boxed, and decorated with flowers and engraved stones, but to each his or her ways. And yes, the man’s Destiny Guardians were also granted their ascension. This is Sharmon, best dressed in the Midway Realm. I send my love to all.”


John’s departure was subject to intervention, and he left peacefully. We understand that this is not always the case. There can be long delays, and fear, anger, feelings of revenge or envy – emotions that take forms referred to as ‘packets’ – can be left behind, cross from their borderland existence, and occasionally migrate into our linear time-space dimensions