2010-11-16-Cleaner and Cleaner

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Topic: Cleaner and Cleaner



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Do you imagine that once all the humans who are no longer permitted to stay with Earth are removed, everything will be peace and light for the remaining population?

Vince: Well the way you ask the question suggests that it probably won’t be, and that the question is the start of a message from you.


Monjoronson: You’re right on both counts, because in the first place there are going to be people looking for friends, family and loved ones who are missing. Unlike the Tsunami’s you have had, where photos and names of missing persons are posted for all to see, and for the bodies to be identified post mortem, this will not be possible. The Big Cleanup will tackle the problem of decomposing human and animal bodies, which we expect to be resolved satisfactorily without there being much evidence of a massive death count.

There are those going in-body to other planets, and there will be no trace of them left whatsoever. With those leaving their bodies behind for clearance, where they will be returned to the elements from which they were made, no trace of where the individuals will be going will also exist. Some will go for reincarnation to Earth or another planet, whichever is appropriate, and yet others will be uncreated where there is no possibility of rehabilitating them.

You can expect some people to be beside themselves with worry over where their loved ones have gone, and there will be grief and anger in many instances. While it will be the ones we often call Ground Crew who will be dealing with the fallout from these people and they will have been specially trained for the task, they will not have access to records of where people have gone. The door will be closed on the matter and people must do their grieving and get over it and move on. That sounds very harsh, but the population has to be divided at the end of this cycle, and some people have to leave; we are talking about huge quantities of them too.

It will be like the people who never came home from one of your frequent wars, except that the family concerned will not get a letter from the State advising them of how their family member died. Like them, people need closure and the time to heal and move on with their lives. Of course for the people returning to Earth, it will be quite obvious that only the tiniest fraction of the previous population remains and the crowded towns and cities as you knew them will no longer be so. There will be remnants of the old civilisation scattered around, but everyone will know that life as it was is no longer possible, or desirable.

With depopulation on such a massive scale there are bound to be many people who are sad or angry that their lives have been interrupted in such a way, but it is in their best interests that they move on from it and begin making new lives for themselves in the very different kind of world which will be the norm in future. It will have been made aware to them the reasons why these changes and natural disasters happened, and that may be of some comfort to them. It will be totally outside the experience of people and their families, because such major planetary changes occur only very rarely by the standards of your own timekeeping.

What most people don’t appreciate is that the whole of Creation is managed, and has the managers to do it. I am an Avonal Son, ‘cor you may think that’s well up the hierarchy, isn’t it? Well, there are lots of them in Creation because it is so vast. Planets are created, grown and moved around in space but the timescales are vast when compared to human timekeeping.

Those people who think that what they can see in their local universe was created with a Big Bang are seriously deluded, and there are so many on your planet who fail to look outside of the box and therefore cannot see the obvious. If you built a house and lived in it for a long time, you would find that if you didn’t carry out routine maintenance and periodic upgrading, the property would become dilapidated and eventually nature would take over and the house would gradually rot and crumble away.

Everything in your local universe has been created, and it is managed and maintained, and every so often some of the managers come round and see how the tenants are treating their planets. Changes have to be made, and if you were to read the geology of your planet you would find evidence of major and minor structural alterations and growth over many billions of years, and so far outside the understanding of most people’s minds as to seem rather incredible.

Then there are the poor dear fools who paid for the bus advertising campaign with posters saying; “Their Probably is no God”. Who do they think created and manages your small piece of rock on which you live? There can be no Planet, no Universe, no People, lest they were created, it is impossible!!!

Mankind extracts rock, minerals, earth, oils and many other elements from the body of your planet, and processes them to make all of your material needs; you know this and don’t need me to tell you. But where did the planet and all that it contains naturally, come from; a Big Bang? Utter rubbish, it was created, and it is managed no more, no less!!!

Some so called learned people have become so swayed with book learning and the egos of other fools that they believe Creation was a Big Bang and an accident at that. It wasn’t very long ago that your population believed that Earth was flat, and if anyone dared to suggest it wasn’t they were castigated for their views, by the kind of people who today steal all of your Money and keep you as wage slaves.

You could have had clean and free electric power in your early 20th Century, had it not been for the Illuminati Bankers who destroyed people like Nicolas Tesla, himself a master of the subject. Every time a new and exciting technology came along it was bought out and repressed, so that the Illuminati Oil Barons could keep plundering the planetary resources and making a huge profit. Well, those days are coming to an end, and with them the people concerned who have held back the development of natural, clean and free technologies which everybody should be enjoying.

When the time comes and the great population divide has been completed, those of you who have lost loved ones may have some consolation at least as you begin to build new lives, and you will be able to anticipate a whole variety of technology new to you which has previously been censored in your so-called democracies; that the few may prosper at the expense of the many.

Christ Michael Aton, your own true Creator God wanted you to have these technologies, and they should not have been suppressed as they were, so after the great population divide, you will gradually see the appearance of new ways of doing things and with much equipment which will be new to your eyes. Although that is no consolation for the loss of loved ones, it is something which will make your lives cleaner and greener and far more pleasant.


And that is all for today.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this message through Vince. 16th November 2010.