2010-11-16-Your Mission

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Topic: Your Mission

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Rael

TR: Yoela



Rael: “Truly feel the calling to be alone and ‘find yourself’. When you do this, you will discover who you are, why you are here, and most importantly, what the Creator desires of you. Nobody can do what you must do, neither in this sphere which is your first home, nor in the many (mansion) worlds in which you will walk.

“Even if we wanted to do for you what you are supposed to do, it is not allowed. There would be no learning involved. Miracles do exist, but not in the way you imagine. You are the miracle! Remember this. Many things that are called supernatural are misconceptions of the mind, which is like a sponge, absorbing everything it hears, and believing it to be true.

“Frequently we hear mortals ask, ‘What is my mission? Tell me and I will do everything you ask.’ So, here it goes! Please pay attention. Give unconditional love to your life, yes, charity begins at home, and then it expands to your siblings, continuously including others. Your mission is to fuse with your divine spark, letting Her keep Her promise, which is to take you away from your perceived isolation and fill you with Her presence.

“Then start to give all of yourself, since it is easy to give what you have in excess, or what you have not earned. This way you will feel such a strong desire to serve that nothing will be out of bounds, and others will come to drink from the spring that overflows your inner core.

“I am Rael, who loves you, and who rejoices when you are perceptive and willing to listen.”