2010-11-21-Consecration of Will

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Topic: Consecration of Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Teacher Ophelius: “The lesson for today is about consecration of will. What does it mean to consecrate will? First, let us look at what these two words mean. Human will is that part of the mind that makes decisions; it is the power to, and the process of, making decisions; it is the determination and the desire to do something. In this case, that ‘something’ is God’s Will. If, using this same definition of will, we apply it to God’s Will, we see that the Creator is determined and has the desire to do something. That ‘something’ in this case, is to manifest love and bring about perfection through co-creation with His children. Why does it not manifest automatically if it is God’s Will? Because of the gift of free will -- the power to choose and to make decisions. Free will allows for the experiential outcomes to be nigh infinite according to the uniqueness of individual personality. Just as there are an infinite number of points between opposites, so to are there varying degrees of perfection and manifestation of God’s Will by the choices you make.

“What does consecration mean? To ‘consecrate’ is to dedicate something to a particular purpose, or to declare or set apart a specific place as holy. In this case, that ‘something’ is ‘your will’ and you ‘set apart’ this specific purpose as a co-creative desire with the Creator according to light -- your degree of wisdom within the level of perfection thus attained in your life experiences. The more ‘godlike’ we become (in His image) by the process of perfection attainment, the greater is the manifestation of His Will. It is said that ‘whatever the Son desires, and the Father Wills, is.’ Meaning, because the Creator Sons (the Michael Sons -- our Christ Michael) are so perfected in their being, that their Will is ‘One’ with the Father and therefore, are their desires manifest and brought into reality by volition.

“Now, in comparison with humans, the beings furthest from perfection, human will and the power to manifest God’s will, is attenuated to a safe level whereby only those more perfected desires are made manifest in varying degrees of God’s Will. For example: It would be dangerous for immature minds to have any desire made manifest because of the deconstructive nature of man’s selfish ego-driven will -- the power to destroy his enemies or the power to live a life of unearned ease and leisure, which in and of itself, would bring extinction to the human race. Only through consecration of will with God’s Will can man make manifest his desires. Love and faith are the power and the catalysts to selfless decisions (perfected decisions) which lead to self-mastery and to progressive perfection attainment, which leads to manifestation of desire. The manifestation of consecrated will is the most satisfying experience a will creature can have.

“As you ascend to more perfected levels of being, the greater will be the power of manifestation, and so, the delay of time becomes a necessary component in the experiential gathering of wisdom to insure safe levels of co-creative power. ‘Thy Will be done.’


“Good day, “The Circle of Seven.”