2010-12-14-Divine Law

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Topic: Divine Law



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: To all of you ones who come to Erethea and read my work, I send you my love and blessings, for I know it is a hard world you live in and your paths are often stony and difficult.


Consider if you will, the nature of your global society with all the elements which are wrong and adversely affect the life of the majority to enrich the coffers of the few. Perhaps in your country, you see things being done by the authorities that are manifestly wrong, and yet there is no remedy it would appear.

What if a knight in shining armour comes along and disarms and imprisons the perpetrators; do you think it will get better for you all? No it will not, for those on the edges of power will simply move forward and take over and continue the same practices of those who have just been evicted from power. If a particular country produces a leader with tendencies of the light, it will not be long before those surrounding him will ensure his demise or removal in quite a short time. Thus your societies self perpetuate their inherently dysfunctional nature, as sure as night follows day.

This is because life in your dimension is lived mostly without regard for Divine Law. I call it Divine Law, but Natural Law, The Law of God, or Common Law would also describe these laws, which are built into every aspect of life in the whole Creation. By ignoring Divine Law, people build up adverse karma, which often takes several future lives to work off; but in the main they don’t know that. How often have you heart the cry; “You only have one life”?

Because they don’t know about Divine Law, they do whatever they wish, for to many of them there is no God, and thus no such thing as Divine Law. Your world is in the dreadful state it is because people ignore Divine Law, even though some of the darkest Dark Ones are aware of the Spiritual Hierarchy, God & Divine Law; they just carry on with their vile games which hurt the rest of the population.

Divine Law is vast and all encompassing, and yet it is very simple to follow and does not require a library full of books on the subject, to know what is right and wrong in all circumstances. The laws passed in the legislatures of your countries may or may not be in harmony with Divine Law, but many of the Statutes are illegal; not in the country, but under Divine Law. Many of the legal and organisational structures of your countries are illegal and just used to keep you as slaves to their system and milk you for all of the value they can; time and time again.

Statute Laws are passed when new things are introduced to humanity, which dictate the legality or illegality of how such products or systems are used. Divine Law doesn’t need to be adjusted to update it upon such new ideas, because it is all encompassing in its entirety. Divine Law has been written in your world in part, as examples given to man and probably the best known version is the Ten Commandments of the Christian Bible, but it is a vast subject and the version in the Bible is a short extract detailing the particular aspects mankind should pay heed to at the time they were given.

The correct way for mankind on Earth to operate within Divine Law is to be linked to God within you, and pay heed to the feelings you get inside at any time during the day or night. This way you will be plugged into the Source of All That Is, and will know what is right or wrong to do in any given circumstances. But for those who believe that there is no God and are unaware of Divine Law, they often make poor decisions of a material nature which come back to bite them in some future life, when remedial action is required and some hard lessons must be learned.

Because there is very little hope of mankind being able to alter the way Earth is ruled by Governments and Authorities, to make it fair for the majority, Divine Intervention is essential to achieve the optimum conditions for harmony. That is being attended to as I write, as part of the Ascension Programme which will return your planet to a good condition, minus the Dark Ones and minus the pollution.

In the changing times this will bring, it will be Man and the Spiritual Hierarchy walking and operating together which will build a new Civilisation as a co-creational enterprise, and to bring the rule of Divine Law to the forefront of the new society. By so doing, we will prevent any Dark Energy from gaining hold of mankind and your beautiful planet, ever again.

If you are enlightened enough to spot the fraudulent nature of official life in your dimension, then you will know deep within that the only way of eradicating the biggest criminal enterprise in the history of Earth, is to cleanse the planet and only let people with a certain level of spiritual understanding live there after the coming Earth changes; and let Divine Law be understood and abided by all of mankind. That is, as the saying goes, a “No Brainer”.


Bless you all my Dear Ones.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy communicating with you through Vince. 14th December 2010