2010-12-14-Live With Joy

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Topic: Live With Joy

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Adjuster: “You must find the balance between your survival instinct and your spiritual vocation. I know you desire lasting peace of mind, without the tensions of daily life, but you must understand that these tensions are necessary for your personal and spiritual progress. The trials of life are the lessons you will remember in eternity, and problems you have solved will make you a better contributor to our Father’s plan.

“Be creative. Don’t wish for inactivity, but instead find where you can express your ideas, and how you can create new realities. Are you not already discerning good from evil, or deciding which things bring you closer to God and which things do the opposite? Trust in yourself and in My presence inside you. I will always be there to guide you and advise you.

“It is true that the journey would be much easier if I would daily tell you what you should do, and if you then blindly obeyed. However, our Father has not created puppets. He created unique and individual personalities, intended to be original expressions of God. These personalities must learn to make their own decisions, as our Father does.

“Do not concern yourself with the mistakes you haven’t yet made. Don’t let the possibility of error prevent you from advancing and exploring. Certainly you don’t have to worry about the mistakes you have already made, because they are in the past. Just remember the lessons you have learned and keep living with courage and hope. Everything happens for a reason, and you have the power to make every minute of the ‘now’ important to your eternal life.

“I would like to see you living with enthusiasm, with joy, and in the spirit of exploration. Each day brings surprises and opportunities that are mostly ignored. Human beings have always had the tendency to fantasize about great projects while losing sight of the present, which is full of events our Father offers to help them grow. Remember how the apostles dreamed about the positions of honor they would hold in the material kingdom of their imagination, while completely ignoring the fact that they enjoyed the company and the personal presence of the Creator of this universe. Are you so distracted with your material fantasies that you forgot that God Himself lives within you, waiting for your attention?”