2010-12-19-Utility Providers

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Topic: Utility Providers



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Mojo, I’ve been thinking about some of the structures of our society and how they have been in and out of state ownership, or in private ownership and either way we the people get no benefit, and these organisations just suck money off us all, whether we can afford it or not.

One area which springs to mind immediately are the various utilities which people in developed countries take for granted; Electricity, Gas, Heating Oil, Water, Sewage Removal, Telephone and Internet Service, for example. Some of these are owned by foreign companies, and they don’t care about ordinary citizens; they make huge profits from selling us an expensive product, and when it is state owned, the State Treasury takes the profit margin and we all pay just as much.

In a new Civilisation, whatever new technology is involved, we will still have need for various forms of utilities, and until money is developed out of our society; some kind of payments are bound to be involved. How can we charge fair prices to the public, and still have utility organisations operating effectively?


Monjoronson: Your question is a good one and to answer you fully would take some time, and involve great detail; for there are a number of important phases of development upon Earth once she is Ascended. These will take place over time and be implemented when society has risen to the level of spirituality required for each phase to be introduced.

In the early phases there will be need for money and banking, and it is intended to clean-up the existing system and keep it functioning, but without the crooks running it; and this will achieve financial stability which is essential in these early days. There are plans for providing some utilities in different ways to how they are now, due in part to the introduction of new technologies which you should have had a long time ago. Again, these will be introduced at the appropriate time.

At some point, your systems of Government are going to be changed to true representation by the people and for the people and not the crooked charade which you currently call “Democracy”. These are very big changes and if you try and totally overthrow everything recognisable in your world, it will cause enormous problems. It is much better to clean out the Dark Ones from the system and then implement changes in a developmental way and help people adapt to them. The aim would be to have, let’s call them “Trust Companies” with a charter dedicated to providing services to the community at fair prices.

Now, here is the bone of contention and it involves expectations regarding mini stasis, maxi stasis; removal of the Dark Ones, evacuation of people during Earth changes, the division of the global population during a harvest; and so many related issues. If you were to ask ten different “lightworkers” what they expect to happen to the planet and population throughout the Ascension process you would get at least eight different answers, and be very lucky to get two answers the same.

I could honestly not give you a precise set of details as to what will happen and when, and neither can any other being, celestial or otherwise. There are different authors of reports in your world and channellers too, who cannot possibly know the outcome, yet continue to provide timelines for what will happen and when. I am not going to argue with them, for the freewill that incarnate humanity bears allows you all to think whatever you want, but it is a wise person who stands back from the picture and waits prepared for any and all eventualities, as I have said before.

So, to get back to the matter of “Trust Companies”; it cannot be predicted with certainty when particular events will occur, and what level of devastation will occur, and how this will affect individual countries and regions, although there a number of large safe areas where major geophysical events should not occur. Therefore to say that the banking system will remain cleaned up and fully intact, partially intact, or dysfunctional is premature, but the intention is that it should function and that the various utility providers should operate as “Trust Companies” in the time when Earth is returned to a pristine condition.

There will undoubtedly be those who read this and disagree with my assessment of the situation, and that is their prerogative; but it is a wise person who will watch the passage of events as they happen and bear in mind what has been said and in time the actuality of the situation will be there for all to see.

Does this answer your question?


Vince: Yes, as far as it goes; but I took your advice and decided to stand back and watch events, as I carry on with my mission, and I shall wait and see what transpires.

Monjoronson: Good, glad to hear it.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with Vince. 19th December 2010