2010-12-30-Connectedness of Circuits

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Topic: Connectedness of Circuits

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Archangel, Charles

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, I petition you on our behalf, those assembled here today, for guidance, direction, for your grace and peace which show us the direction, the way, at every one of those crossroads that we find ourselves. Every one of these little decisions you are there, an aspect of you is there, and I ask you to make that aspect forward in our thinking, to bring that part of you out so that we can easily see it and achieve it. It is our desire to make these connections, these connections between each other here and now and the connection to our brothers and sisters that we would execute in service. So I look to you for guidance Divine Parents and I am assured that you are ever willing to give us this guidance, this peace, and this grace if we will but ask and so, I ask. Thank you. Help us to embrace it, thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] I bring you greetings tonight, I am Elyon. I have not enjoyed the privilege until now of addressing this particular configuration of spiritual participants and so it is with great joy that I step forward and make my presence known and accept the welcome that has been extended.


Connectedness, Circuits

When I witness your efforts at getting together and establishing the connections that you refer to, it bring me such hope because I see with every small connection that is made, a bigger circuitry is established. This is how we work in the spiritual realm, building one small bridge across one small gap and then we have connection. Then once we have connection it may be strengthened and firmed to something solid, real, and predictable. Then we reach out and establish further connections and we have more capacity, we have more ability through our added connection.

This goes on and on until all realize that they are a connection and an avenue of connection, a crossroad of connection, a point through which the circuitry flows itself, a very part of the circuit that they have grown and of course this circuitry can also be considered in how it touches you even from divinity to the mortal plane. It is similarly grown and established and then it becomes solid and real, so much so that there is no more doubt, no more uncertainty because you have bridged this gap, you have crossed this divide.

So it is with such joy I witness such active creation, such attempts on your part to make this happen both on a collective level such as here tonight when you have found your way to this common place, this common point in time and space, to your individual motivation which brought you to your inspiration to take the physical action necessary to complete the more overt and physical circuit. All of this requires your action, requires your energy, your direction, your purpose, and your intention must be harnessed to do these things. The phone does not dial itself and as well the inspiration to pick up the phone does not occur haphazardly. These are both parts of the circuitry of the connection that is taken; the physical manifestation in the outer realm in the physical plane and the inner manifestation of your desire to once again come together and be a part of the spiritual circuit.

The reference made earlier to providing a continuum where those who are interested could plug in to such a circuitry is another example of manifesting in the physical realm that which your spirit would direct and would have. Taking the steps one by one to secure numbers and times and schedules while at the same time being propelled by your spiritual intention. You mortals are truly marvels to behold, surrounded by the material and yet containing the Divine, having both aspects to juggle and balance as you make your way through and around and over and across all that is before you. It is so inspiring to witness you rise to the occasion, to take the challenge of spirit, to follow where it is willing to lead. It never coerces, it only leads. It requires that you follow and in so doing you demonstrate the miracle of faith and of the Father's plan of creation, that you find faith and execute it.

Thank you for accepting me into your circle of circuits today. I appreciate very much your willingness to be open to what works, to what could work better or what needs may be filled or what desires may be manifest. I now would step aside to allow for other contributions to this forum. Thank you.

Prayer: [Henry] Father/Mother God we ask for the continued support and connection which we receive from the spiritual universe in these times. Thank you.

Archangel: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, I am an archangel stationed nearby your planet. A little bit about the history of this outpost: We are representatives of the universe of Nebadon established during the isolation curfew of the rebellion so that there would be some connection to the Michael bestowal which took place on this sphere a while back. We are still here. We do not interfere in the local affairs or of your worlds administration in any way except that since we are here we are mainly used as a dispatch to the local agencies on your world.


A few words about what humans are experiencing on the world today: All life on your world, human, animal, plant, all organisms comes from mind. There is a relationship between the live organism and the sphere upon which this organism manifests its life. What you do not totally comprehend is that the human part attached to mind affects the mass consciousness of mind within the mind of this living organism. There is a relationship between the quality of mind and the quality and balance of life within the organism and its domain. It does not take very much thought to take this one step further.

A lot of the unbalanced patterns of the earth reflect the unbalanced pattern within the mind consciousness. If you think about it, the stress produced by the animal and plant mind is a reaction to human presence. The affect that thought has is tremendously profound, it truly does reverberate whether it be harmony, discord, chaos, or tragedy. It all echoes and reverberates. As guardians of our safe haven, we do hold in consciousness all that is good and a well being for everything which transpires on this world. We are aware of the effort, the conflict, the challenge, yet remember the ancient story of David and Goliath, how something which is mismatched through clever observation and correct decision can land a fatal blow to the seeming oppressive nature of what has been transpiring here on your world. In all your efforts know that you are truly loved and that the answer lies within, the correct observation, the correct choice, the correct outcome lies within. Peace be to you. Thank you.


Light: [Mark] Hello fellow sojourners, I am Light. It is my pleasure and privilege to join this circle here tonight to discuss more about the significance and impact of thought. I would reference you to your knowledge and awareness of the phenomenon of light itself. You all know that light may be focused and beamed and that it shines out indefinitely. You have referenced that there is such a phenomenon as the speed at which it takes light to travel and this calculation is astronomical to consider for you that such a thing that can be generated from a simple source can be beamed out and travel at an unimaginable speed, indefinitely, as lightly and easily as you can possibly fathom as a creature bound on the material plane.

Yet you do accept that this phenomenon is real and exists and that light may be beamed out rather effortlessly after its generation to go on at an incredible speed to an unimaginable length. Now, I invite you to envision your thoughts are as these beams of light projected out. Your generator, your flashlight that you hold and shine out into the heavens, is yours to control and point and switch on and off with your thoughts. The direction that you point it means that when a thought is shot out in that direction as a beam of light, a flash, that thought will go out and find its destination eventually.

Similarly, effortlessly as you perceive light to flow out from your light source, and so you go about being this generator who shines light out as you so desire, focuses this beam of intention and with your thoughts as the carrier wave, as the light beam which is undecipherable by you as an element yet observable to you as a phenomenon, so are your thoughts, undecipherable by you as having any significant impact and yet they are similar .... to this beam of light that may be directed, pointed, focused, and shined upon will to do so. This realm that your thoughts occupy is not observable as the light beam appears and yet you know it to be real, you have experienced being able to ride this carrier wave of thought as it were, out to distant trajectories of this thought while never having observed yourself leave the comfort of your vehicle or your thought generator.

I hope this attempt to bring in these visualizations are in any way able to assist you to visualize that which is un-visualizable by mortal eyes; it must be considered in the mind, it must be activated through the intelligent application. In this way you can bridge the gap of non-understanding and cross over on the solid circuitry of awareness and rest on this foundation. This is how we venture into areas that we do not currently know, that are not currently in our awareness. We reach out in faith that there is a way to know, to have this as part of our experience. We show our willingness to build this circuit, to grow this avenue of experience and then as if by miracle, we are shown the way as is evident even in this moment.

It is such a pleasure to be granted this time with you, not only on my side as there are many others who are in attendance and would certainly take the baton if it was passed to them, but likewise to be granted this opportunity by you who build this avenue of connection, even now. I extend my gratitude and look forward to the journey together as fellow sojourners in spirit. Peace and grace be with you now and always. Thank you.


Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, this is Charles and it is a pleasure to be here in the capacity to address this audience of friends this evening. I would like to take this thought idea(s) and go with it a little bit. The aspect of the thought coming from the source of mind is a tremendously perfectly balanced energy. All of the circuitry of the Mother Spirit is perfect. There tends to be a discrepancy in the ability to use this circuitry, to be aware of this circuitry, and to allow the power which is inherent in the universe thought to influence and motivate you.

So much of human thought centers around the activity of the senses, what one perceives through what senses. Of course it is completely natural to experience all that the senses have to offer. The senses allow you access to the world outside of yourself, to a world in which you as a unique individual, can be a part of, a world in which you can contribute as well as receive from. Most of the thought of the senses has to do with the daily maintenance of your vehicle, the food you eat, the people you are involved with, in relationship with, the sounds that you hear, the texture of life as you feel it, the quality of taste. All of these things are truly a part of the conscious thought pattern. The quality of the universal thought pattern is to augment, to help you become aware from an inside point of view how to relate to the external part of yourself, your behavior, your speech, what it is you contribute to society.

In being here I am aware of the great effort, the tremendous effort that is being made at this time by most everyone on this planet. No one is directly accountable for the way things are when the vast majority of differences and variables on the planet account for the assumptions, the misconceptions, and the personalizing of things. Again, this is why the brotherhood of man paradigm is meant as a guiding way of life on a world such as this where a misconception and sheer numbers assure chaos. Begin to allow the inner thought within your consciousness to begin to have a place within your mind. Begin to make an attempt to walk your talk, to do what you say, to pay attention to the details and the variables. Make an effort to become a good steward, a lover of all, an enemy to none. Become the first to serve and begin to accept who and what you are. Accept that you are not perfect yet, accept your humanness, accept your fallibility.

You are moving into times where it behooves you to be comfortable with a little less, not quite exactly what you wanted but to suffice nonetheless. The power of thought is like the sound of music, it goes on and on; it does not experience tremendously abrupt changes. Work towards bringing your mental abilities to balance and learn to see that the difference between the morning and the night is just a quality of light. Begin to see how everything is the same; it is not quite as obvious as the differences.


Thank you for allowing me to give voice to this group this evening. I look forward to more visits in the future. Thank you and good evening.