2011-01-02-True Inner Peace and the Golden Rule

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Topic: True Inner Peace and the Golden Rule

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson

TR: Lytske



Mentor: “At the beginning of a brand new year, it behooves you to take ‘inner stock’ to determine in which direction this year is going to take you. Are you truly interested in a closer walk with your God within, and will you endeavor to attain more control over your thoughts? You see, child, it is the inner world which reflects into the outer world your sincerity and integrity.

“The inner world does then direct and reflect your outer actions, and thus your inner peace and love would be observable by those who have eyes to see.

“The outer world is fully possessed of material matters and concerns, with nary a thought given to the inner manifestation of life itself. The inner world ought to direct the outer, but all too often the outer world with its clamor and diversions takes over, so people are getting too weary to give their inner world some thought, where, indeed, all solace for their troubles can be found.

“True inner peace can so easily be found, especially if the day would start with some reflection in prayer and meditation, rather than the customary rushing around to get ready for another day on the treadmill of life. Without inner peace, the days become grey and monotonous, because the innate wealth is not being discovered in peace and quiet of the soul, and the soul, not being fed with substantial thoughts stands in danger of withering and dying.

“Truly, what is the use of living if the true purpose of life is not that of establishing a living connection with the Creator of all? The soul must be given a chance to develop and grow.

“Forget about going to places of worship, if you cannot take the time to worship God in your physical temple. Many teachers, preachers and priests are themselves seekers -- having gathered a lot of book knowledge, which has not sunk into their hearts. Books can educate but do not enlighten you. Insights come in close communion with God, and then your heart becomes involved in daily living.

“Pray for more love in your heart, so this love may reflect outward towards all you meet. God’s unconditional love is endless and eternal, and once you have established that living connection with your God and keep it open by daily, hourly reflection. You can tap into that fount of endless love and wisdom to enrich your own life and those of others. This makes it so very easy to practice the golden rule of doing unto others, as you, yourself would like to be treated.”