2011-01-07-The Guru Within

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Topic: The Guru Within

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mentori

TR: Lytske



Mentor: “Once more we shall set ourselves to the task of letting some words of hope and comfort come through this means of communication. It is a means of surrendering the self, and to allow the words of a Teacher from ‘beyond the veil’ to come through. Let me assure you that each mortal has the capacity to listen to the still Voice within. This is the God-given Gift of a personal Guide from mortal life into eternal life. Sadly to record, not very many take advantage of this most wonderful opportunity to cultivate this direct link to God.

“Too many there are who think they need a guru of some sort they must go to and listen to, whilst the greatest Guru lives right within them.

“They will question, ‘Where is this guru located?’ I tell you right now to look into your heart, where an important part of the mind is located. Your scientists are still not sure where the mind is, or what the mind does. Your mind, when it is sufficiently disciplined, rules your thoughts, and there is a special link between the heart and the head. However, too many mortals still live in the head and not from the heart, so this precious connection is neglected. If more people would indulge in the self-discipline of meditation, they would find richness within they would not have thought possible.

“It is of the utmost importance to connect the head with the heart, and then connect with your precious Tutor within, who has volunteered to indwell you during your life’s journey. And when you decide to love one another and do God’s will, you will be able to truly become the co-partner of your Tutor, and eventually fuse together as one.

“This in reality is the purpose of your Indweller, so you have an easier time of becoming perfect in eternity during you ascension journey to Paradise. There you will be presented to God by the once-time Spark from God, which came to indwell you when you made your first moral decision.

“This ascension journey is open to each and every thinking mind willing to be guided in God’s way, and willing in honesty and sincerity endeavor to practice the golden rule of doing onto others as the self would like to be treated. As has been mentioned before, this would end all wars, as the question would remain in each heart, why do harm to any other living being on the planet?

“In this way you would learn that you are all kin, and share the same Root Source from which all life springs. This you cannot too often be reminded of, as humans are so very much prone to selective forgetting.”