2011-01-11-Credentials of Eternity

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Topic: Credentials of Eternity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “When you focus on spirituality, on your Father, you always receive what you need. The Father is always transmitting to His children everything they need to grow and to reach their eternal destiny, but if the child does not tune her frequency to the right channel she will not receive what she needs. The search for God, the desire to be better and to know more, are the ways in which you mentally tune yourself to receive these transmissions and then your soul begins to be nourished and grow. This could also be referred to as ‘connecting to the love circuits’ or ‘raising the vibration of the self.’

“The most wonderful thing of all this is that there is no place in creation where you can hide to not receive the transmissions of the Father. There is no being or method that could prevent a creature from having access to her Creator, when she searches for God. Even in the isolated worlds, as was your world some decades ago, all mortals enjoy the same opportunity to listen to God, as do other mortals in normal worlds. Of course, on the isolated and confused worlds this communication may be hindered, but these limitations are compensated for by universal compassion and divine wisdom, because in worlds such as yours, every inclination toward spirituality bears more weight than is the case on regular worlds.

“On a normal world the majority can establish celestial communication and have the advantage of being able to hear and see teachers at different levels without much difficulty. The mortals on these worlds are considered spiritual. However, a mortal on your world who simply sends a prayer asking for help to be better, to find God, or to help her peers, doing this blindly without knowing if she is being heard, just guided by a pinch of faith, is considered as spiritual as those on regular worlds who daily converse with their teachers in higher realms.

“There is justice in the universe. There are many who wish to have had the opportunity of growing up in a world such as yours, because their spiritual achievements would have been greater, even though the efforts and the struggles would have been more intense. What a great opportunity for the inhabitants of this world! Those of this world who grow spiritually are counted among the most trustworthy, experienced, wise and compassionate in the universe, and they are assigned the most important and delicate matters. Your struggles of today are your credentials of eternity that make you more useful laborers in the mission of making the will of the Father a reality in His creation.”