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Topic: Guidance

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Charles, LIGHT, WAVE

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we gather at this time after having pursued hooking ourselves up, joining our forces here together, making our connections. Now we come to make our connection with you, to be hooked up to you our Divine Parents through your emissaries of light and your volunteers of grace. We welcome you into our circle, into our experience at this time so that we may be close to you and share with you for that is our desire. Let it be so. Let these words be signals of our intention to make it so, even now. So be it.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello my friends, some old and some new, I come to you by invitation this evening. I am this one's Inner Voice known by many names and sensed by all in a slightly different way. It brings me great pleasure to be invited into this arena and so I step forward at this time to offer voice to the Voice, as it were.



When you consider what this Inner Voice is to you, you may draw a certain parallel to the compass that a good captain relies on when navigating a vessel. There may be great storms around that would blow you off course. There may be great [darkness] that must be traversed but through all if you will but adhere to the direction your compass provides then you will always safely navigate your course and not be disoriented by the winds of change or the waves of instability. If you are buffeted about in the course of life it is easy to go within and seek the direction of this Inner Compass, this Inner Guide. All you ever need do is ask for directions, is this the way? And you will be given the guidance, you will be provided the direction.

But if one refuses to accept the guidance that a compass provides, they may wander back and forth in an attempt to stumble across the right direction by happenstance. But this is not your purpose in your spiritual journey. The more you become able to look to your Inner Guide, the steadier your course, the more assured you are of your journey, the easier it all becomes. There is less stress and worry and doubt. These are tempered by your assurance that you are on the right course heading and indeed you will encounter the storm and there will be obstacles that are inherent in your route but always will you maintain a proper heading if you will take the time to check with your Inner Compass.

In doing this it may be beneficial for you to bring to the forefront of your awareness, that when you petition for an answer from your Inner Guide, it is most often the very first response you get, the very first inclination; it then is substantiated by your feelings about it, your sense of the trueness of the answer. This initial first response is your Inner Compass flashing you the way. Then you may notice that your mind instantly invades the territory and brings with it analysis and projection and desire and this initial first response that you receive may very well be diluted by this secondary analyzing that the mind prefers to do. This may be the storm which helps to blow you off course, the inner storm of indecision and doubt and uncertainty. But that too shall pass and if you return to verify the direction your compass presents, then you will once again set your course true.

It is a delight to be invited in to this forum to share these words of encouragement with you today. Remember, you have access to all that you could ever envision or comprehend. [This] may be accessed through your "Portal Within," your entry way to the Divine, your access to infinity. So as much as you look outward of yourselves for greatness and meaning and value, these things are connected to you directly, to your Divine Component which is a part of you and to which you have access. This is joyful news, this is great awakening, this is my pleasure and privilege to remind you. Thank you, I withdraw and allow this forum for use by others, good day.

Prayer: [Henry] Mother and Father God, we are thankful to be here this evening connected within this circle of interest and intention to be a part of your greater expression of love here today. Thank you.


Inner Voice: [Henry: This evening I will continue in the vein which has already been established.] Greetings to you this evening and welcome. I am the Inner Voice presence of this t/r. There is a saying in one of your texts which alludes directly to my presence and it says: "Be still and know that I am God." What does this mean? First off, the attempt and intention to contact God within requires that one separates themselves from the external world, therefore the injunction, be still. It means to retire yourself to a safe and quiet place where you can explore the inner workings of your mind.

The attempt and intention to discover the Presence Within is a practice which yields results, usually in an extremely subtle manner. One therefore must use discernment, one must be on the lookout for an indication both within ones awareness in your daily and private activities, for an indication, a sign of my presence. The discovery of the Presence Within is not a tremendous dramatic affair though the first hints are filled with extreme joy and satisfaction, a sense of knowingness, a sense of surety and a greater sense of clarity and awareness.

It is sort of like hearing a pin drop amongst a herd of running horses. If you are focused on the pin dropping you will not be distracted. I invite everyone to discover the Presence which resides inside of your mind which is hidden behind every thought, which is purposeful in all intention and which is supreme as a result of each decision which is affirmed. The practice of stillness helps in balancing the mind, in training it to get out of its static inner chatter. It helps you [in] controlling the quality of your mind, the quality of your thoughts, the focus of your intention and desire. Like all things spiritual, they are a part within the human experience of life. It is not necessary to separate yourself from life to have spirituality, it is just the opposite. It is bringing this Inner Presence to bear in all situations you may be in, especially the most difficult situations, the most complex, the most challenging, especially those which are dark and you cannot quite find your way through them. It is my guiding light which illuminates the delicate pathway through the negotiating of life's complexities.

Also, in your happy moments, the moments you share with your loved ones, your family and friends, your worker colleagues, include me, not in a dogmatic or ritualistic sense but in a friendly way by acknowledging my presence within yourself. My friends, you live in a time which is upon you which will demand clearer thinking, firmer standing, better decisions, and help negotiating your way through these turbulent times ahead. Know that I have the capacity to solve any problem in any situation when and wherever it happens to occur. Begin to personalize me. I am not he First Source and Center though I hail from the First Source and Center; I am the personal aspect which has been loaned to you as a guiding light. Do not think that we are so far removed from each other as is the First Source and Center. This is why I reside in your mind, so that your thinking will guide you to the awareness that there is something greater which is operating within yourselves.

Have you ever wondered why it is that as a human you can see things and understand things perfectly in your mind but outside of yourself in reality, it never matches up to what's inside. This is the beginning of an awareness of my presence, in understanding a little about me. I have the ability to help you see what is not there now. With you, I have the ability to bring in a greater potential for your future, for how you see life, how you intend and desire it, and how you wish to maneuver and negotiate toward this end. You, my friends are the key. You make the decisions, you are given that right. It is a sacred right which no personality in the spiritual universe will attempt to violate, least of all the Inner Presence.

So back to the beginning; "Be still and know that I am God." The knowing part comes through experience and awareness. Once you begin to experience my presence however you experience it, because I cannot define how one experiences me [and] I am personal to each and every one of you, each and every one will experience me in their own way. Begin with acknowledgement. This my friends will go a long way, just simple acknowledgement. Acknowledge my presence and I will begin to show you yours. I thank you this evening for this opportunity to share a little of my presence amongst you. Thank you and good evening.


Charles: [Mark] Greetings to all, I am Charles and I have been granted the opportunity to bring you some imagery to invite you to the game. Imagine if you would, a gigantic stadium and all the participants are surrounded by many many observers all around in the stands. Most people maintain this sort of relationship as an observer to a game that is going on outside of themselves, out before them on the field. I am here to invite you to create a new vision, one that encompasses all of the participants to be on the field, to be active in the game together, no observers on the sidelines only wishing they were playing a part but all playing a part and in awareness that they are playing a part because you are, you do.

Every opportunity before you is as though you had a ball passed to you and now have the opportunity to put it in play. You may choose to pass it off to another and so forth until all those out on the field in the game of life are actively participating. So be prepared when the ball comes into your court. Be prepared to make a swift decision as to how you will react and be willing to be a player among players, not reserving your role as an observer to see how others would act or to see what others would do but rather seize this opportunity of having been given the ball, to choose your direction and to execute your moves out on the field.

This is how you contribute to the tapestry of life by simply being in play, being in motion, being willing to take the opportunities before you and be expressive of your nature as they pass through you. All things are in flux and in change. All things come to you and pass through you as you relate to them and as you put them in play. In this way you affect the very fabric of existence. In this way you are indeed powerful creators. So what would you create, what move would you make, what direction would you suggest? Think on these things and be prepared to play when you receive the next pass. Be prepared to demonstrate the direction of your choosing boldly and with conviction and this will bring about the change that you seek, the change that is upon us.

It is a pleasure to be among those who would take the field and the role as participant. I bid you all a productive week as you consider your role in the game. Thank you for your attention. Go in peace, farewell.


LIght/Wave: [Henry] Greetings to you this evening, I am LIght and greetings to you also, I am Wave. We are brothers in arms. Yes, we both serve the spiritual agenda, the growing human effort on your world. Know that all reality begins as light. The First Source and Center started as Light, brilliant buoyant all pervasive LIght, transformative Light which becomes potential energy and gravity which extends out into the Superuniverse and has defined Itself as physical, mental, and spiritual reality. Yes, and as the frequency of this light is modulated into wave patterns it becomes defined in physical reality and presence, it becomes a solid matter, it becomes the stuff of which the Superuniverses are made, of which all the suns and all the planets which revolve around the suns are made. It becomes all of the minerals and materials within the crust of the planets. All life is a product of light. The physical organism, the electrochemical organism and the mind circuits of life, all start out as pure light. Even thought comes from light, light which illumines the mind.

And here you are, on a world in space, a planet circling a sun in an orderly manner. Here you are on a world which has its full measure of everything, all the materials, the minerals, the life, the mind circuits. It has everything to make it a virtual paradise yet there is a catch. The catch is human beings are not designed to be perfect. Human beings are designed to mimic each other. In that sense you are nothing more than animals. What is it which separates you, which gives you co-creative possibilities to be greater than an animal? Is it light, is it awareness? As you discover these things, trust your inner sense, your inner guidance. Know that the universe is friendly. Know that within all hearts, people are friendly although on the exterior they are tremendously fear based and seem to be all isolated. Begin to learn what it is that brings men and women together for a greater potential so that all may enjoy the light which is given to this world.


I thank you, we thank you this evening.