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Topic: Pioneering

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Teacher: “Here we are at the start of a new day -- another unwritten page in the book of life. It is a marvelous beginning to start the day with your Spark from God within. After adequate rest the mind will be clear enough and hopefully not bogged down with all sorts of things clamoring for immediate attention.

“Even so, you are still placing your fingers on the keyboard very hesitantly as you truly don’t know what to expect. Actually, is that not the same as when you start out on an uncharted course, and you don’t know what you are to expect around the next corner?

“Life is such that when you begin to pay more attention to your surroundings, you may finally notice something that was always there, but now you can see it with new eyes. Your attention is ever so subtly growing sharper, which is very much the result of your paying more heed to your inner life.

“It is not only in the physical world that one can become a pioneer, but very much the inner life is like uncharted waters -- a brand-new dimension which for ages to come will bring you more wonderful surprises than you could ever have thought possible.

“This is the area I desire to lead you towards, because the more you walk the uncharted terrain in the inner life, the more interesting connections you will find, which help enrich the though-processes in the everyday outer life. Life itself becomes far more interesting, because you have that inner pool of untold wealth to draw upon. Nothing will remain mundane as a feeling of owning great riches that no one can take away from you will envelop you.

“New energies are becoming known to you, and even though they are free for the taking, they need to be experienced by each individual mortal in turn. This is a foretaste of what will become more familiar to you in the next stage of existence on the first Mansion world where one will come in contact with a great many new things. And yet, when in this mortal estate more attention is being paid to the inner life, one will already be able to enjoy a foretaste of the wonders of heaven and of eternity to come.

“However, it takes dedication and perseverance to daily set aside the time for this to become a habit, and for one to become a pioneer in the Silence where your Pilot is waiting to unfold more wonders than ever would have entered your mind. This is the promise I give to each one who shall endeavor through sheer effort and struggle to set out upon these uncharted waters within their selves, and discover those riches first hand, as new circuits are continuing to open up as the capacity therefore enlarges through your efforts.

“Remember, each day is filled with potentials, which can be turned into actuals.”