2011-01-30-Some Basics Again

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Topic: Some Basics Again



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Hello my Dear Ones, I want to go right back to basics, for those people who think you only have one life and what you see is only what there is. I make no apology for mentioning this again, for there are so many people in the world who only understand their present material life to the exclusion of reality, so part of my remit is to keep repeating this from time to time with the hope of picking up a few more people along the way.

Michael (Christ Michael Aton) and I have to cover all bases from the elementary to the advanced, according to the individuals’ level of understanding and their intellect. The overall numbers of people in the world population who understand that you survive the death of the physical body is far too low, and is an area we are very keen to rectify wherever possible, even if the received understanding is fairly rudimental.

I will not go into all the whys and wherefores, because the very worst thing to do is to overload individuals who show a spark of interest with the great complexities of the subject matter. Young children are educated starting off with the alphabet and numbers which they must master before they go on to learn more complex matters. If you give a starving man too many cups of rice he may choke in the process, so a smaller amount and a plainer flavour needs to be offered at first to tempt the appetite.

You who read this may have been a chimpanzee in a distant past life, or a dog or a cow; for they all have a spiritual basis, just like humans, but they are not set up for speech. That doesn’t mean they cannot understand concepts, nor learn how to perform various tasks associated with their level of development. Sooner or later the being commences their first life in human form, and this can be as long or short a series of individual incarnations as is required, to shape and form the individual soul or spirit into a finer being with a higher level of understanding and spirituality.

Inevitably as the individual passes through a series of different human lives, they aren’t all going to be successful and there are bound to be some adverse ones, for these all provide different ways of learning by experience. If in one or more previous lives you have harmed individuals in some way, then at some point you are likely to face adverse situations until you learn by practical experience what it is like to be on the receiving end of such adversity. Being blasted in the face with a shotgun and having money stolen from you would in many ways be a suitable experience for a person who has previously been involved with armed robbery, and I give this as just one example of how the system works.

On the other hand, an individual can make real progress up the spiritual ladder by being kind and helping fellow beings as they face their own opportunity for soul growth. You are of God and thus you share the planet with a vast number of beings who are also children of God. From the butterfly up to royalty, you are all children of God, even if you don’t believe it.

You live in a world which is very deceptive, and not unlike a prison, where the equivalent of the tobacco and drug barons are well known politicians and bankers, but because people can’t see any bars or steel doors, they think they live in a free society. It was never meant to be this way where a small elite control and rob all of the others, but there were individuals who turned away from the light and became what I call the Dark Ones. They control the world commodity supply and the global financial system and most of the governments and large businesses.

If you live in a so-called “democracy” I am here to tell you that all of the politicians who you vote for have only been selected as candidates by processes which are controlled by the Dark Elite; and whatever the election result their people are the ones in power and have to do as they are told. The media is also operated by this “illuminati” and only news which has been approved is screened or printed and by restricting your knowledge of true current events you are easier to control.

When you “die” your body will be returned to the elements from which it was made, but you will still be “alive” in another dimension which is currently out of view for those still in the material body, and some individuals have learned how to get in contact with people who have passed over.

As I give these words to Vince for him to transcribe, he cannot see me but he knows I am around him, because these words do not come from his imagination, nor is he a writer of fiction. If I did not give him these words he would go and play Scrabble or something; but I asked him to serve and he does by receiving, transcribing and publishing my words as I give them to him. There are a goodly number of people around the world who have developed this ability or “gift” as it is sometimes known, but they are very much in a small minority as a percentage of the population.

In the realms which are invisible to you life goes on; people are recognisable as people and they still have the same likes and dislikes an hour after they have passed over, as they had an hour before the event. Life goes on, and like the iceberg where the greater part of its mass is below the waterline and thus out of sight; so the invisible realms are even more vast and contain so very many kinds of life forms, including humans.

I hope my words make at least one person curious enough to keep an open mind and seek to find out more. If you get involved with religion you won’t get very far in your search, and you should not look in only one place for the information, but however long it takes, it could turn out to be the best thing you ever did.

As a suggestion, why not enter the search term life after death in your favourite internet search engine and start reading some of the results and see what you find credible? You see, unlike readymade meals, true spiritual knowledge which you will benefit from comes through searching, reading and experiencing a whole range of options which will lead you to finding your own particular understanding of the facts which you find. You have to do it for yourself, because it is an experiential journey and ready made solutions may not be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That would be my recommendation to you if I have aroused your curiosity, to search round and find out what resonates with you deep inside, and then get yourself on the ladder of spiritual development. To the question; “Is there death after life?” my truthful answer is ”definitely not!!!” Check it out for yourself, why don’t you?

I wish you a fruitful journey.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this through my friend Vince. 29th January 2011