2011-02-04-A Sign of the Times

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Topic: A Sign of the Times



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: As you sit here you must surely be aware of the wind buffeting the house and the fences, but not as bad as the people have had recently in Queensland, Australia. Is it any coincidence then that there is bad weather across a very large section of the United States of America and in Australia, and in other places which are less well reported?

It would be a normal remark for people to say that these are just pure coincidences, not coordinated events in any way. There are those who would say such events are caused by weather manipulation by the authorities who run your dimension. Both those views are said, we have heard them very recently indeed; but in truth, these are coordinated and they are what happens when there are major planetary changes and these are, shall we say, just the foothills of the mountains of change.

First of all the weather becomes unstable; at about the same time there are tectonic plate movements and storm surges and floods; and in various parts of the world the levees are broken, torrential rain streams down the mountains, washing villages, towns and cities away. Cracks appear in land where they have not been seen before. Isn’t this all part of routine geological life and the normal weather patterns that thrust and parry over the millennia, surely nothing to be worried about. Well I hope you won’t worry, but I am here to make it perfectly clear that there are events happening on and off most days in your world, where it is becoming very clear that life on your planet is no longer as hospitable as it once was.

Already there are food price increases because of crop damage by some of these events and there will inevitably be more of these, so that in time, and in not very much time, there will be serious concerns about the global food supply and the security of it in particular. As usual there will be people who think that by throwing money at an issue it no longer exists in that if there are food shortages, top dollar buys what people want and “the devil take the hindmost”; as I am sure you have heard say.

There will be circumstances where even money will not tempt countries to part with quantities of their foodstuffs and so before major geological changes, there are likely to be some very serious food shortages, and it is something you will need to become used to. Be prepared to see waist sizes slim down in the fat western countries; and waist sizes increase in China and Africa, and parts of India; at least for those who have the money in the producing countries I have mentioned.

It may not dawn on most people that this really is global instability and I exclude from this the various day to day instabilities caused by the Illuminati. I am talking about events which are in connection with the ascension of planet Earth. As I said before it is in train and ongoing and cannot be stopped. In the coming weeks you will see more so-called natural disasters and I want you to take note of them in the context of what I have said this evening; for if you do, you will automatically know where you are in the process of achieving planetary ascension.


I hope I have made myself clear and you fully understand my message. Now it is time for me to depart this humble dwelling where there is so much love and light in store, and radiating out into the world at large.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy, bringing you this message through Vince and his voice is speaking my words, recorded by his voice recorder. God bless you all.