2011-02-06-Urantia Poses Challenge and Difficulty

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Topic: Urantia, Challenge and Difficulty

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Thought Adjuster

TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers



Prior to the session there was a brisk discussion regarding some information received from the Abundanthope.com website and tml referring to a possible 'dominant role' by a Master Spirit in the affairs of Urantia and the fate of the inhabitants. Thee following is a response to the many viewpoints and concerns offered.]


Correcting Time

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to all, this is Michael your Father/brother, your friend. As concerns this topic of discussion I am also one that is also tremendously interested in available options. Your planet has always posed a challenging and difficult situation in trying to bring it into some form of resemblance to fit into the spiritual universe order of things. It is not that this has never been brought to the Universal Father for the Universal Father is aware of all things. There have been efforts made to gracefully, by applying a minimal amount of spiritual pressure, to try to bring order to this wayward planet and so it is far from reaching a satisfactory working order, it is gravitating in the correct direction.

To reign in tremendously divergent and varying factors as exists on your planet in terms of race, language, government, political and spiritual ideologies, economics, presents a problem which does not exist on very many other planets in our little universe. There have always been somewhat of a pressure from Paradise to bring Urantia into a greater awareness of its potential and many many options have been discussed in terms of dealing with this situation. It is kind of like brain surgery. It is a very delicate operation. You have to be tremendously careful that you don't sever any nerves or miniscule capillaries yet you have to have the persistence, the awareness, and the ability to go in and strategically remove the tumorous tissue.

This is about where we are at in dealing with your planet. There has been a long standing recognition of the social and personal status of the individuals on the planet, the fact that all of you are Adjuster indwelt and all of you are in Agondonter status. The status of the Thought Adjusters immediately places you in a particular category. Usually that status is a hands off. The Life Carriers are restricted from many experiments at that point, many things are restricted from the planet at that point in terms of interference.


Also the status of Agondonter places you in an extremely small category status which also carries another set of regulations in terms of allowing social evolution to transpire as it has on your planet. It is not for lack of humility or compassion that we do not step in and interfere on your world. It is with respect with what is already established on your world and this poses a tremendous problem and situation which from a human standpoint is a dire situation. But from a spiritual standpoint it is a situation which is ever slowly righting itself. I guess what I want to say is at this time we have no plans to change anything. We will continue to allow the expression of social evolution to develop on your world.

Magisterial Mission

As far as the Magisterial Mission is concerned, there is that little detail concerning a change in command on your planet in terms of dispensational particulars. There has already been placed in motion a tremendous amount of changes which are due to unfold on your world, some of which are beginning to unfold as I speak. It is my sense and my prayer that these changes will further augment the social evolution of mankind into a greater spiritual brotherhood and at this time that option seems to be the most viable one.

I do thank you for your diligence in persevering with the tasks at hand of keeping an open ear to spirit and keeping abreast with balancing spiritual ideology and human endeavor. You truly exhibit what I intend for the whole human race. In as much as we can, we try to respect and support the loyalty which does exist on this planet and we look for an increased loyalty. Open your hearts at this moment and allow the energy of Nebadonia and I to come into you at this time and receive the gift of our presence as an acknowledgement for the gifts we receive from your presence. Thank you this morning for allowing me these words. Go in peace.

Cathy: I was making some comments but I realized I had put my phone on mute and you were not receiving any of the comments. I was also getting a message from Michael earlier before He began to talk through Henry so I will read my comments at this time also.

Seven Master Spirits

Michael: [Cathy] My brothers and sisters, I join you to celebrate the news of Siraya in our midst. I am here to confirm the arrival in this realm of guidance from My Father. This is an enhancement to a continuing project of rehabilitation of Urantia from the default and rebellion. I have formed a plan and Siraya is here to help with the coordination of the process to encode action with the ultimate will and vision of God HImself. As was mentioned earlier, your primary connection to this continuing process is through that divine connection of the Thought Adjuster, the piece of our guidance, the gift from the First Source and Center. Be assured that all is progressing magnificently and I am pleased with the current development.

As you are aware, the world you know is in turmoil and confusion and the inhabitants are operating at an instinctual level, an animal level. Within this conflict is an opportunity for a shift in consciousness, an opportunity for a movement toward a new vision of society, a movement towards a closer connection of brotherhood between all peoples in Urantia. At this time I am uplifting all in the attempt to form a platform that can be used to gather the sheep into the fold. Your part of this gathering is to be love in your every day activities and hold fast to the vision of Light and Life. Your assignment is to be the light you want, to live in the light and love that would create a true kingdom on this world. I am with you always in this project. I am available to you at all times, you only need to ask. Continue in my love my children. A joyous world is coming to us all.


Inner Voice: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am this ones Inner Voice as he refers to me and I am pleased to be granted this graceful opportunity to join you at this time. In an effort, one more among your many of circuit building, we have just enjoyed the grace of communication with your Divine Parent and there is a recognition of connection, of association, and what we are going to attempt in our association here together and as we move forward in this exercise, is to reflect on and build, even generate this circuitry or rather this awareness of circuitry. That is what we truly are building, in fact, the circuit exists regardless of your relative degree of awareness. When we can bring your awareness into the equation, we can the better access the existing circuitry and in this process we in fact build an approach, we create a means whereby we then exercise our choosing to be in the realm of spirit. In this realm it is the better we may communicate and enjoy each others presence and feel each others energies and fellowship with each other as we are indeed partners in the journey.

It is impressive that you have made such associations and established such connections already in your consciousness of the how, the where, the possibility, and the potential inherent in your position of having the circuitry of the Adjuster and the circuitry of your spiritual exploration. You have these methods which may be utilized and employed in the process which we look forward to undertaking as we engage in the bringing life to potential. More than anything, that is what has just transpired recently. You are experiencing the enhancement of potential in the equation, the increase of spiritual force that may be brought to bear to rather exponential compounding of universal spiritual focus, as if you here on Urantia are under great scrutiny, as if under the microscope.


I bring you these words of confirmation that you may the better assume your role and be comfortable with your position. The time has passed in which those who are in such position retreat in modesty. Now will be the time to stand firm in your conviction and to simply be. Standing firm in your conviction is representative of divine will and will provide that stability that is being sought in times of great flux. As you have said, hold fast to your compass setting, stay true to your course. I bring these words of assurance because it is our course and as such, I am privileged the conviction of certainty to our equation. Please accept this as my contribution to our journey together, that it may bring you and us peace to have such assurance and conviction. The direction is proper, the intention is your gift, the leading is mine and together we will make the most of this gift of grace that we share. I stand with you in gratitude for this gift, for this journey we share and I am most pleased to join you in this fashion to share this space together that we may co-mingle our presences to gain further assurance of our association. So be it, let us make it so. As your Father has stated, go now in peace and we in this case go now together in peace. So be it.