2011-02-08-More Qeustions Than Answers

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Topic: More Questions Than Answers



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



I wish to encourage as many of you as possible to search inside you and find your true God, if you haven’t already done so.

There are many different organisations, some large and some small, who will tell you that they offer the only true route to “God”. Would you believe this to be true; for countless millions of people do? What if a car manufacturer of the stature of Ford or Renault said that only they made “real” cars and every other manufacturer made “fake” ones; wouldn’t you say that was untrue? If a branch of Christianity or Islam for example said only they offered a route to the real “God” would this be any more true than what the fictitious car manufacture said?

What about the bus advertising campaign of recent years which had slogans like; “There Probably is no God”; is there any truth in that either? You could just as easily say; “There probably is a God” or “I don’t know whether there is a God or not”.

Many people think they only have one life and that reincarnation is nonsense; and that which is visible to the human eye is all that exists. Religions tell you that there is a special place you go to when you die, like Heaven for example. But can they tell you what it is like there; can they contact anyone who resides there? There are a few Christian and Islamic “Spiritualists” who go some way down that pathway, but they are in a minority and they do not necessarily go the whole way down that path. Wouldn’t you have thought that if the place was so good, then they’d want to tell you all about it, so that you could make contact with those living there yourself.

Then there is the problem with religious books written a long time ago, in that even if they are wholly true, they are never updated. You will be instructed to study them, and what their ancient text means, even though the language used may have no relevance today. Most ordinary people can’t relate to ancient texts, for they seemingly have no relevance to their daily lives where they have to earn a living to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. When they finish with their daily toil, many people don’t want to study ancient texts for relaxation. There will be those who say that because people can’t be bothered to read them; that does not make them untrue, and that is a valid point; but how is anyone to know what is true? Can the individual only decide that texts are true or untrue because a priest or imam tells them so, and he must be right, mustn’t he?

There are more things which exist in the dimensions that you cannot see than you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams, but which are not necessarily relevant to the daily lives of ordinary people here on Earth. But one thing you may be assured of is that there is most certainly a God. You do not have to worship Him; nor do you have to prostrate yourself to Him or bow or curtsey in His presence. In fact, if you had just completed a tiring journey before meeting Him, he would bathe your feet. God is not a being to be feared, for he is pure love and light. He understands the frailties of incarnate humanity, and knows what awful things some people do. But whether the individual is very good, very bad, or somewhere between the two; He loves every one of you unconditionally.

Do you love Him; would you love Him if you could find your way to Him? Would that be a journey you would wish to make at some point in the future? Some people are even embarrassed to hear the word “God” mentioned in their company, as it isn’t something to be mentioned at the football stadium, in the nightclub, or at work; are you like that? But, many people in their worst hours of need, when there is a major disaster or personal trauma perhaps, ask God for His help. Then when the crisis has passed, many of them just carry on as before, without using the opportunity of developing the link to God they had so recently discovered.

As a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, I am on God’s team; and by God I mean Christ Michael Aton, Creator God of this Universe and the one who previously incarnated as a man you ones call Jesus Christ, among other names. I tell you truthfully that if you search within you and find the link to Christ Michael, then you are a child of God who has come home at last. This is not a religion, you don’t have to wear special clothes, recite prayers from a book, and it matters not whether you were brought up as a Muslim, Jew or Christian, or any other religion, you are automatically guaranteed an audience with Christ Michael, for you are a son or daughter of His and He is your Father.

He wants you to find Him, and then you will be linked via Him to the Source of All That Is; then your real spiritual education can begin. Then you will begin to see the truth of whatever is written on the spiritual subjects, be they ancient texts, religious books, or internet pages. You will know what is right; because that connection to God inside you will allow you to “feel” the rights and wrongs; sometimes this is referred to as “gut reaction”.

Maybe you are already connected via this thought adjuster, and just don’t realise it at a conscious level. It could be the very thing which has kept you from making some decisions which would have been detrimental to you or other people. Perhaps it has been responsible for guiding you to make your best decisions in life which greatly assisted you or others. If so, then you are nearly home already, and just need to let your conscious mind into the secret.

There is no standard way to find this piece of God within you, for it is a personal search which will bring many benefits along the way, as you build a personal spiritual philosophy; you have to find your own way there. But, unlike money and power, you CAN take a personal spiritual philosophy with you when this life comes to a conclusion and you pass over into the realms you cannot currently see.

Nobody can do this for you, for it is your spiritual journey and there are no quick fix solutions; no “Instant Spiritual Philosophy in a Box”, just add water. There is no ready made solution, and it is more important to you than the News at Nine, and the next glass of amber nectar, for finding this God-spark will beneficially affect every one of your future incarnations, and all of the time spent in between them.


My purpose today has been to ask you questions, in the hope that it will cause you to want to answer them for yourself, and then go and uncover the answers; then build yourself a solid spiritual philosophy, and that’s a very desirable thing to achieve. I wish you success if you decide to proceed with this.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this message through Vince. 8th February 2011