2011-02-11-Moments in Time

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Topic: Moments in Time (a personal admonition)

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mentori

TR: Lytske



Mentori Spokesperson: “At the start of a brand-new day, we suggest, contemplate for a moment how shall you use this day? Will there be a moment or two dedicated to the Giver of this day, or will it be business as usual, because every day is just like another day, as nothing ever changes. Have you become so used to the hamster-wheel of life that no new thoughts arrive, as things have become so routine that there simply is nothing new?

“Truly, it is not necessary to look outside yourself for new and different thoughts? Give some thought to how you can get out of this rut, as reliably, the next moment is presented to you. Think of how you will use the next moment, and make it count, because sometimes there are no next moments, as life can be drastically changed from one moment to the next.

“What I am alluding to here is that humanity often needs a wake-up call to realize how they are truly misusing their time. It is so very necessary to delve into the unknown inner life, and note how alive you really are. Is it a life bound by habitual thoughts and actions? Of course, you will then have a nondescript life, but on looking back into the past, would there be something you would have liked to change? Moments lived thoughtlessly cannot be relived, only in memory.

“That's why I stated, ‘How shall you use this day?’ A time of quiet contemplation will elevate that day to a whole new level, as you will experience those moments differently. A newness will come into play. The day will seem to flow easier, simply because you have changed your thoughts by ‘hooking up’ to a higher level of existence, closer to where real life is lived.

“The mundane outer world with its false glitter and glamour will take on a somber hue, as you move more into the inner world within yourself where uncountable and unrealized abundance of potential exists, and are practically laying dormant, awaiting your awakening to spend some time in the Silence with the Spark from the Creator.

“Each moment carries a richness of living within itself that you may begin to realize. How come you did not discover this wealth of riches sooner? The peace of mind you will experience is utterly calming to your nervous system. No manufactured pill can achieve this.

“Consider how you can make your life more meaningful in making the moments count. Needless to say, this can and will be achieved by your effort and struggle to maintain a regular time for prayer and meditation. These will be your best moments spent, having their greatly positive outcome in eternal life.”