2011-02-11-The Child Inside

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Topic: The Child Inside



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



This is the transcription of a Voice Message by Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy through Vince, and transcribed from the recording by Sue.


Monjoronson: I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy here with my friends and I wish to address you, my dear ones.


Inside every one of you there is a child; the child you were when you were very young and hadn’t taken on the full responsibilities of adulthood. Some of you buried this child very deep within you and others are aware that the child is still a child but they hide it, for if they are at a business meeting or similar, they have to put on the shell of professionalism; and yet there are those who are perhaps in a minority and are not perturbed by the material junk in your world, and the child within burns brightly and brings a sense of fun to the proceedings.

The world is in the poor condition that you see, because most people feel they have to follow the behaviour of others, who are so-called “more senior” than them, they have to comply with a set of laws of the land they are in, which I can only describe in many cases as illegal. By illegality, I mean they do not come within the remits of Divine Law for they actually transgress it.

Money, and power, and greed, are what rule your material world, people show their professional side and they hide the child inside; for they believe they must move on to climb the ladder of responsibility within jobs, within the community, and in various other activities.

I am here to remind you that you have a best friend and that best friend is the child inside, for if you listen to that small and quiet voice of the child within, you will transform your existence into something far more worthwhile, even magical; but in so doing you run the risk of upsetting the status quo of the powers that be.

People who are politicians, criminals, businessmen, and religious officials, have much in common for it is their job to run the world, steal the resources, make illegal laws, rob you of your money, commit fraud and many other activities besides. The reason they can get away with this, and have done for so long, is because so many people believe that if a person is rich or powerful then they are leaders, they must be right, look they are so rich; they have titles, they have yachts, stables and horses, garage loads of cars, their own aircraft.

They appear on the front pages of newspapers and yet, in reality, they have nothing; for everything they have in the material sense, they cannot take it with them. They fight battles daily to keep what they have and to obtain more, and the only way that they can obtain more is to take the fair share of the world’s resources from the weak and the ordinary people, and you know; I like ordinary people, ordinary people have wisdom, they have knowledge, they have humour, they are good companions, they are not always seeking to do down the other party.

“How can we extract more money from the scum?” Oh yes, I have heard it said very recently. I go to many places; I see many things and most of them are quite dreadful. Meetings in which the future of the world’s populations are planned and those plans, let me say, are most unpleasant. They will not be able to bring about their worst ideas, but in this manufactured economic downturn millions of people are being thrown out of work, having their houses grabbed, whole families are being put out on the street and why, so that the bankers and the powerful can have yet more money.

You may have heard it said that at a certain point in the “economic cycle” such and such is what happens, and that tells you the plans have been drawn up and your increasing poverty is the main agenda, and much of that poverty is quite dreadful, particularly in areas of the world which are not as we would describe as “western civilisations”, where people scratch a subsistence living until they are overwhelmed by drought or locusts, or some other set of circumstances; and then they die and then you hear the appeals for money on your television screens from organisations who take the lion’s share of the money collected, do the minimum they can get away with, and pocket the rest; and that happens in many countries.

So I say to you; you owe it to yourself to find the child inside you, get to know it well, have it help you in your daily life, let it help you tune in to the portion of God that is within you, and take yourself back to the days of your early life when so much seemed possible, and before you went through the brainwashing of the educational system, the business system, the religious system, the so-called “democracy” system; for if you manage to find the child within and become friends again, you will begin to turn back the clock on some of this programming which has been done, and begin to see the truth of your so-called free societies.

If you have a lot of money and you have a lot of power, then the society is very free, because you can do exactly what you want; but for all those from the next level down, to the gutter; none of you are free, your press is not free, your TV news is not free, politicians don’t tell you the truth, you don’t dare ask a priest to tell you the truth, or a monk, or a vicar, or whatever. They wish you to be subdued, you must fit into the system, you must pay your taxes and why, so that money can be given to countries overseas, countries who are running a space programme; so that your money can be taken from you and put into all kinds of so-called advanced weaponry, which was obsolete before it was produced and has to be scrapped afterwards.

There is incessant waste at every level; it is public money, it is taxpayers’ money, it is licence payers’ money, and as such, well those in power will spend it. Never mind the population; they all do as they are told. The price of money, the price of gold, the price of commodities, are controlled so that children have to work long hours in sweatshops making things from clothes to chocolate. Miners in far off lands crawl down pits to extract valuable items such as metals and precious stones, and for their trouble they get a pittance. Every rich person in the material sense, is so because there is somebody in the world who isn’t rich, who is poor, who does not have enough, that is how the system works and that’s why it is going to be changed; but that is something for a time in the near future.


I have said enough for this session as I am aware that this one (Vince) is beginning to tire a little now, and so I say to you all, please for your own sake, acquaint yourselves with the child inside and find that connection to God for it will be one of the finest things you ever did.

Good night and God bless you all.