2011-02-17-Michael's Challenge

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Topic: Michael's Challenge

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Jerry: I invite our parents to join us in a moment of stillness. (pause)

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Welcome. We welcome you with open minds and open hearts to hear, understand, and feel what you have for us this evening. We do appreciate the way you reach out to us even before we think to reach back to the two of you. But we ask you tonight to help us feel your presence within us. Help us be aware that you are part of us--literally part of our minds, part of our longing, part of our desire to embrace this adventure of discovering what is true. Help us be aware of our Father’s influence in our lives and appreciative of his presence too—he who is literally writing, in his hand, all the chapters of our souls. This we ask in your names and in his. Amen.



MICHAEL: Good evening, my children, this is Michael. Mother Spirit and I are pleased to be communicating with you this way. It is a marvelous use of your technology--technology that, as you have been witnessing these last few weeks, is transforming the world in which you live. This is an intrinsic part of the human mind, this desire to manifest itself in physical things. All these electronic gadgets and all the telecommunications that are instantaneously tying the whole earth together: this is part of your nature. It is as natural to you as a nest is to a bird. And this, of course, is always: only the beginning. There is no end to this physical manifestation that your minds delight in creating. And it will transform your lives. How it transforms your lives is always up to you. This is where your free will comes in. This is where your creative spirit plays its part.

You are spiritual beings. You are creative beings. You are literally co-creating what you know of as life itself. Your life is in large part your doing, as well as Mother Spirit’s, mine, and our Father’s, in both the creation of your world and the creation of the universe that is there for your exploration.


  • Michael’s challenge

Tonight I would like to challenge you. I would like to challenge you to imagine if you cannot yet feel it; just imagine what it is to be a spiritual, creative being and how to be able to respond then to this life you know. This life, that is partly your doing, I would invite you to imagine. Use all your creative abilities to imagine the best that could happen to your Urantia, your beloved world--and my beloved world! Stretch yourselves to realize the spiritual creativity of every other human being all over your world. I have already teased you with the notion of being in the middle of a Renaissance and all the topsy-turvy happenings that are a part of that.

There is a general spiritual Renaissance happening all over your world. Challenge yourselves to imagine what this means. What does it mean for more and more individuals to realize their own spiritual natures, their own creative natures, and to take responsibility for their own lives?


  • The decentralization of authority

I have spoken before about a coming decentralization of authority where more and more individuals take it upon themselves to be the masters of their own individual lives. What does this mean in terms of societies, political structures, and religious organizations?--all the ways with which people have heretofore unconsciously identified themselves. What does it mean for these collective identifications to become conscious in a matter of: what to support? What does it mean to withdraw your identification with some group and become truly independently-minded, truly your own person? It is kind-of scary is it not? You are standing only on your own two feet. How can you respond to this enormity suddenly thrust upon you when you disassociate yourself from a certain group? What does it mean to stand alone with only your Father, and Mother Spirit, and me for company? In one word, it can be: glorious.

You need never feel alone as long as you can feel us. We are here. We are spirit and we speak directly to your spirit. You are our children, yet you do not belong to us. You belong to yourselves, my dears. It is to yourselves, always, that you will answer. So think about this decentralization of authority simply because individuals no longer require someone else to tell them what to do, what to think, how to behave and how to respond.

To what you call control freaks, those poor individuals who only feel secure when they have some unquestionable control over others, and who have no inner feeling, no inner realization of their own spiritual nature--let alone the spirit of the others upon whom they may be committing some truly obscene acts; for them this genuine freedom, this genuine individual response with all the wild unbounded creativity implied in that; to them this might appear as some kind of chaos. But for those who know deep inside themselves that they are creative spirit, and can see this, and recognize this in all their brothers and sisters: there needn’t be any fear of this liberation and this enormous spiritual glow spreading across your world.

It is all based upon true information. Some decry this explosion of information from now dozens--hundreds of dozens of points of view, of so many individuals everywhere. Some decry this as just a way for people to tune in to what they already believe in. Still, there is no gainsaying the need for this, for the freedom to publish and broadcast all these different points of view. At least they are available--for everyone. This proliferation is the necessary first step even if it leads, as we have cautioned, to the polarization of viewpoints. This is necessary for a clarification of choices.

So be not afraid of this outburst of individuality, this de-centralization of authority, for it is only a sure sign of a growing maturity on the part of individuals to want to stand on their own two feet, to want to know what they themselves are capable of creating, what they themselves can think, and realize, tuning into the spiritual presences within them of their Father, Mother Spirit, and myself. Ironically, there is nothing groups--collectives of individuals, nothing these groups need so desperately than to have truly independent members wherein the creativity of everyone, every individual can find expression.


  • The wealth of personality

This is the wealth, the God-given wealth of personality itself. This is the uniqueness of each personality coming forth and finding expression, and finding response. This is what you have to offer each other. This then becomes the true wealth in your souls. This is God’s greatest gift, my children: that you have yourselves, that you can have your own unique lives, and this most precious of possessions you are capable of sharing with each other. So be not afraid of the topsy-turvy nature of this Renaissance that is now upon you, for it is part of you; it is part of the unstoppable evolution of your planet. But even then: this inexorable evolution that is literally part of God’s plan for the whole universe, still depends upon, and is founded upon, personal beings of all the hundreds of orders scattered across the stars, and across the lands of Urantia.

Personality/Creative Spirit: that is the Fundamental Reality. As your Urantia book puts it so poetically: this is how our Father “escapes the fetters of Infinity”--by being part of us, and enjoying each of our free will choices. For we can choose to deny even him, and even his reality, else our worship, our thanks, our appreciation for our own lives would not be the free thing it is: else we would not have a true gift to give him.

So rejoice and be exceedingly glad in this new spring that is upon us. The spiritual glow of this planet is amazing; and it is growing. Mother Spirit and I thank you. We thank you, dear children, for the love you have for us, and the way you take time out of your busy lives, from time to time, just to say hello.

And we thank you, dear Father, for the personalities of these our children. They may not surprise you, but they certainly surprise us, from time to time; and what a delight that is.

Now if you have any questions or comments about this or anything else on your minds, feel free to share it with us.


Questioner #1: Hello Michael, how are you tonight?

MICHAEL (pause): I was about ready to say, I’m always fine…because I am. I am always especially fine, thank you. (chuckle)

Questioner #1: I had a question that was actually from the last time that Nebadonia had come through. It is interesting some of the things that are happening on earth, and what a person believes about the afterlife. I have some friends that are believers in reincarnation, and they have felt that their child, who has gone to the next world, had lived many lives. They believe this very strongly. I’m very good friends with them and we are able to talk and encourage one another because of our own losses.

I’m just wondering: sometimes it conflicts with the Urantia book when it speaks about things of that nature, even to the point where it says that contact is forbidden from the Mansion worlds to our world. In my estimation there is quite a bit of contact from the other side going on all the time, in contradiction of that. I’m wondering if you could speak a little about the issue of reincarnation and the reality of what is going on. I would like to hear what you have to say about that.


  • Reincarnation, again

MICHAEL: Yes, my son. I am not sure I can dissuade any doubts you may have for, except for a few rare exceptions Mother Spirit already spoke to once, and terms--sometimes the exact wording of some passage in the Urantia book, what it says is pretty comprehensive. We have addressed this question so many times before to reassure folks that so many truths contained in various theories and feelings, whole systems of belief about reincarnation are very prescient insofar as they have a certain validity, shall we say: life does not end with physical death. You do go on to world after world after world, change after change becoming ever more spiritual along the way, and all this is by certain laws that you could call a kind of Karma.

We say you earn your souls, and you earn every transformation you go through. It is simply that you are starting here; you had no previous existence. God in not only his omnipotence--his power, but also his omnipresence and his ubiquity within time and space, does not have to send a personality out from Paradise. That personality simply appears at the moment of conception. So you have to stretch your imagination to realize God is all around you with all of his omnipotence and omniscience. The personality he creates is his perfect response to that identity of a new living creature. When a sperm and an egg get together: that has identity. So personality simply starts here, but then continues on literally forever. That is your choice.

The communication that we say is prohibited would also be only in those instances where we are not speaking of sleeping survivors. It would only be possible with those who cross over within a few days, who have achieved a level of realization and accomplishment in what we call the Psychic Circles—i.e. they have achieved a certain relationship with the fragment of God within them that allows them to be reborn on the Mansion Worlds within a very short period of time. As you can imagine, that is not the fate, that is not the result for most folks living, most of whom will join the ranks of the sleeping survivors until another roll call. For these individuals there would be no opportunity for their personality to achieve any kind of consciousness, let alone any communication.

These are simply cosmic facts, my son, established endless hundreds of billions of years ago, that since reign over all of creation. They aren’t just some arbitrary rules that Mother Spirit and I thought up once upon a time. I don’t know if this helps or not to answer this question, but you may rest assured that all your beloved ones are safe in God’s keeping.

Questioner #1: I appreciate that very much, Michael. It is always a pleasure talking with you, and it does clear up a lot of things. It wasn’t something that I really didn’t have too many doubts about. I know my friends have some of these beliefs and I was just wondering about that issue.

One more question, if you could just briefly talk about the new dispensation that I heard was coming, when Monjoronson comes to our world and he actually comes in the flesh. You talked about the sleeping survivors, and from what I understand, there was a dispensation when you were raised back in the first century, and the sleeping survivors at that time were awoken. Is that also in the offing? Is there going to be another rising of the sleeping survivors when Monjoronson incarnates?

Magisterial Mission

  • Monjoronson’s purpose

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, that is true. Then again, we cannot put any specific date on such an occasion. Millennial roll calls do occur though at regular sequences. Keep in mind that for the individual this sleep is instantaneous as it is experienced. In other words, for an individual who dies highly consciously there will only be the slightest pause between his last breath here and his next breath over there. This indeed is something to aspire to. This is unbroken consciousness from one phase of your eternal life to the next. Monjoronson has his own schedule, his own set of conditions within which he can incarnate. Keep in mind his basic mission is one of mercy, which, for a human being, is best to override even your own feelings of justice, just as the Father’s mercy overrides the Trinity’s impersonal judgment of individuals. It is this sense of mercy, that must be cultivated with his help, that will inaugurate the conditions for him to appear among you.

Questioner #1: If I understand correctly, Michael, is: what you are saying is that we have to prepare a way for Monjoronson to come here, through our efforts to bring mercy here to our own human family, so that he can incarnate?

MICHAEL: Yes, and that is his purpose for being here, now: as he is. It is with his help, with his guidance, by appealing to him, that you are more capable of doing this. This is his function as a Divine Son--to help you in this most essential way of, in a sense: letting the past be the past; letting the dead bury the dead, as you say. Only with mercy can you begin again, and forgive all the accumulated terrible things that people have done to each other all through the ages. Sooner or later it has to stop. There has to be a new beginning. This is the function, the purpose of mercy. It is a wonderful realization, a liberating realization within you: you actually don’t have the wherewithal to judge another. So you grant them mercy out of a sense of spiritual generosity. Ironically it often does you more good than them.

Questioner #1: Yes, I definitely understand what you are saying, Michael, and I do appreciate your help, and Nebadonia’s, and Monjoronson’s, and all my celestial friends unseen to me. Thank you for definitely helping me get a stronger feeling of mercy. It has been difficult for me, but it is definitely coming along. As you said, you are never going to be able to start anew unless you can forgive and show mercy towards all those who may have done something against you, or just in general, of the heinous acts that have been going on for thousands of years. If you don’t put out that mercy and forgiveness you are never going to be able to start anew and start fresh. Those old wounds will just be coming back and never… Nothing will ever be solved.

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, you have the essence of it. You must think of your children. You must think of those being born and those growing up and what they are growing up into. You have to have mercy to give them a chance to have their own lives. So, thank you.

Questioner #1: Thank you so much, Michael. I appreciate it very much. It was very illuminating.

MICHAEL: You are very welcome. Be in my peace.

Questioner #2: Michael, thank you. I was listening to you to speak about how important it is for all of us to forgive. I was remembering something that resonated with me along those lines. If someone grieves, their pain is easier to let go and forgive for what they are feeling. When they are having a hard time not feeling that pain; when they see someone that has hurt them; the little child in them still needs the grieving process to go on. Maybe with a support group it might be easier for that person.

But I wanted to tell you, Michael, when you spoke of decentralizing authority directly to my spirit, it resonates in my spirit. Your words are very empowering and loving and right on target. As a matter of fact I have been looking into how people follow blindly. If there is no authority… There is no creativity in following blindly and that was something I was writing about today. It is so liberating to know you don’t have to go that route. But it is so comfortable for everyone to follow the leader. It doesn’t bring any good. It is just that many times people commit atrocities when they do that, as we all know.

Can we use our individual creativity that you spoke of, and our love, to do what authority claims they can do with medicine? And can we bring it as a gift to God by focusing that strong individual healing energy to heal cancer, dyslexia, and schizophrenia; to heal? There is at least one man I know of in Brazil who calls himself John-of-God who is doing that. Can you show us how to connect if we are able to? And thank you again for being with us, Michael, and returning our hellos.


  • Spiritual healing

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter, there can truly be no limit put upon the ability of your spirit and your spiritual creativity to directly influence your physical and mental wellbeing. That being said; because it is of spirit, it is hard or almost impossible to quantitize, to empirically demonstrate as some more relativity simple physical fact. But it does happen. These are true occurrences where by the very power of faith, belief, and trust, a person is able to directly influence something that is happening within them, something physical--shall I say the reduction and elimination of a tumor?

On a slightly less serious scale, your daily meditation, your daily stillness, especially in times of stress or illness; this is such a self-diagnostic tool. There is so much that your Thought Adjuster wants to communicate, along with Mother Spirit’s augmentations of your powers of reasoning and understanding--all of this by just opening yourself. Open your mind to entertain any thoughts that may come. Open your hearts to feel, to get right down into your cells. Feel what is happening to you and don’t be chased out by fear, or the pain in the grieving of someone you have lost. That very grieving is the celebration of them in your soul.

There is no limit that can be put upon this ability of yours, but it is unavoidably--actually by God’s sense of justice--a function of your faith, your open- mindedness, and your free-will, to humble yourself in the presence of those very spiritual beings who can give you what you need. This sense of humility is a spiritual blessing. It is a recognition of something enormous. In the presence of something that enormous you can feel tiny and humiliated, or you can feel blessed with that very perception, that very feeling, that inner security in knowledge that: this is true. These beings are part of you. From our side we are always doing all we can to help. But we need your invitation.

Questioner #2: Thank you, Michael. Well: I invite you. (laughter)

MICHAEL: And we treasure that invitation most dearly. This is our delight. This is what is truly, deeply joyous for us--when you say hello and reach out. That is that marvelous touch, that wonderful love we share. So be in my peace, daughter.

Questioner #2: Thank you. (A long pause)

MICHAEL: This is a marvelous stillness, is it not, that we can share like this? It can suddenly seem very big all around.

Questioner #2: Michael, can I ask one more question please?

MICHAEL: Certainly.

Questioner #2: We know you as the most merciful of all, yet there were times in your life here, two thousand years ago; when you spoke to the Sanhedrin, you began with, “Woe is … Woe are…” to admonish them so severely, to make them afraid. I was wondering, knowing that there is no hell to speak of: how was it you meant them to interpret your words? Was it meant to eradicate their sense of authority or their sense of righteousness? Did you mean to strike a blow to the fact they were, the voice of righteousness? Because I know that you would not harm even those. You proved that point when you forgave those that were killing you. How did you mean that when you said that they would not…that they would see the wrath of God? Perhaps you didn’t put it in those words, but it wasn’t going to go well for them. How did you mean for them to see that?

Justice, Mercy

  • Justice and mercy

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter. I was pointing out the simple fact that justice does call for…it implies: it is part of justice that there are inevitable consequences that flow from certain actions just as surely, you have been informed, in a spiritual sense that you can demonstrate. You can demonstrate over and over again in a scientific way, say, this telephone that we are using to communicate is an example of certain physical laws; so it is in the spiritual realm as well.

This may be hard for you to grasp, but this is for the sake of the personality and the soul that you can have true experiments in living. You can try to live in a certain way and then there are consequences that follow from that. If there were not, if there were no justice, if there were no continuity and assurance of God’s law in a spiritual sense, then there would be no opportunity to learn these very laws. I was merely pointing out to those who lived by a kind of unconscious, but still deliberate cynicism, that this has a price. There are consequences that flow by spiritual law directly from this attitude towards their followers, if you will. Leadership requires a certain responsibility to one’s followers. If one simply, cynically ignores this and pretends to be a spiritual leader demonstrating to his people spiritual truth, yet in essence is merely a politician interested in worldly power and wealth; there are consequences that have to flow from that in order for that person to learn.

Questioner #2: So the consequences would be…continued darkness for this person?

MICHAEL: As I have said before, there will come in time, if not in this life then in some of those to come, when they will also come to judge themselves just as you in your increasing maturity can look back upon some previous mistakes of a younger you and realize: that might not have been the best thing to do. (laughter)

Questioner #2: Yes, we all can--absolutely. That is one of the most amazing things in my growth, my spiritual growth. It’s exciting.

MICHAEL: And God would not deprive you of that realization. It is not exactly correct to say that this is how mercy is, in its own terms, in its own way, circumscribed--of necessity—by judgment, for mercy will always supersede that. But given that, it may be difficult to see that an aspect of God’s mercy is to allow a certain judgment, a certain consequence of choices, to follow through. This is actually a great mercy. Think of it as the respect that Gods pays your free will--to allow you to make your mistakes and suffer the consequences. That is how he himself is actually riding along with you in every decision you make.

Questioner #2: Thank you. I will remember that we judge ourselves. That is very powerful. Thank you very much. I love you, Michael.

MICHAEL: Thank you very much for that. This is our deepest joy, this love we receive from our children, especially because it comes from that God-given freedom that you have. Be in my Peace.

Questioner #2: Thank you very much



The voice of spirit

MICHAEL: Well, my children, another wonderful evening has come to past, and has come to an end. Keep in mind we are always with you. We are the other side of that conversation you carry on as you sit in your stillness, or as you take your walks, or drive back and forth to work in your car. The most difficult thing sometimes in realizing God’s presence within you is because it has always been here. Your Thought Adjuster, your Mystery Monitor has literally been a part of your life, and your thinking, and your realization, and your choices. So it is hard sometimes to isolate this other voice that is carrying on the conversations within you. It is a matter of faith, a matter of trust in yourselves that this voice that speaks to you, that encourages you to open yourselves, and be unafraid, and embrace all you can: it is your trust that this is the voice of your Father, along with Mother Spirit, and me. We hope you can feel our company, for you are definitely good company for us. We cherish your lives very, very much.

Mother Spirit sends her love and I bid you be in my peace. Good Evening.