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Topic: Simplicity



Teacher: Mary

TR: Diana



Mary Magdalena: Good evening my children, my beloved ones.


Earlier you expressed concern and wished healing and help for those with nothing, those who have no food, those that have no homes, those without; this is good, but I would like point out to you that there is another side to this coin. In your civilization it is the norm to amass quantities of possessions. I ask you to consider how many pairs of shoes can you wear at a time, how many clothes can you wear? You have in your homes vast quantities of goods that do vast amounts of different things and whilst you work hard for these things and they play a part in your life, they take you away from the simpler things, the simplicity.

When I walked this Earth I had the robe that I wore and maybe another. We had the food for the day, and if we were lucky a small amount of food for the next day’s breakfast, as you call it. We did not have cupboards full of food; we did not have cupboards full of clothes. We did not always have a roof over our heads, we traveled; we shared our camp fire with others. With other travelers we would share our meals, one would bring bread, another maybe fish; maybe someone else would bring some meat to the camp site, but we shared our time and our love. We would exchange stories, we would exchange news; we exchanged and lived in simpler times. The simplicity of the times that we had I feel great sympathy for you all, because you do not know this simplicity. Your lives are full of rushing hither and thither, making enough money, which: yes we know you have to eat, and you have to clothe yourselves, and you have to have a roof over your head, but all of this time is lost in rushing to achieve these things. The simplicity of life is something that is sadly lacking in your being.

Again I ask you, how many handbags can you have? It is a good thing if in your busy lives you can find the time to look at the simpler things in life, to spare the time to have a conversation. Many people in your civilization have many properties. How many properties can you live in at a time? How many cars can you drive at a time? It is heartbreaking; there are people with nothing, there are people with not enough food on their plate. If everybody gave just a little to the many, everybody would have some.

The people who make the so-called megabucks in your society, the ones that squirrel this wealth away; they do not know what the simplicity of life is. The simplicity of life is the fireside, the exchange of stories, the love, the understanding, the time for prayer, the quiet moments, the walking through the countryside, be it rugged or beautiful, to watch the birds in the trees, to listen to their song, to listen to the brook flowing, to take the time and just be. But what I want to come to and I come back to again, is that life for you my dear souls is so busy and so full of possessions, that a lot of you have lost your way and I urge you to try to find a little time for the simple things. It is so easy to turn the television on and sit there and become absorbed in it and this is not necessarily wrong, but when you become engrossed in something that is perhaps detrimental to another person, this is not necessarily good.

Again I ask you to look for the simple things in life. The next time you go shopping in your big vast shops and you look to buy a new wardrobe for it is Spring, or for it is Summer or for it is Winter; remember that a lot of people will never have the opportunity to do this because they do not have the resources, but what perhaps they have that you do not have is the simple side of life, the time to stop, the time to share with each other. They may only have a small amount of food, but these people with the simple understanding of life are the ones that are more likely to say “I do not have much, but you are welcome to share what I do have, sit down stranger, take a seat, make yourself at home, share my fire”. These are the people that have great love to give, because they have an understanding of what life is about. In your lives where you rush backwards and forwards and you are always doing and you are always looking to accumulate things, you do not always have time for this, you do not always appreciate your life is so full of hustle and bustle that you often lose the meaning of what life was intended to be. Many of you look for houses that are bigger, for cars that are bigger, you have several houses but you do not have the things in life that are simple, the things in life that are meant to be.

You need to look inside you for the truth. It is all very well to have many things, but as I said earlier, how many clothes can you wear at one time, how many books can you read at one time? I ask you just to think about this my children because it is not right for so many to have so much and the rest of you to have nothing or so little. What you have, the resources of the world, should be shared; the so-called fat cats should not have it all, they hold it, they squirrel it away, this is not necessarily right, this not what we intended initially, this is not as you call it, what Divine Law was supposed to be about.


When you have your quiet times my loves, please think of those with less, send them your love, try to understand that although they have very little, they are very poor, they are also very rich because they have in them love, and simplicity, and the understanding of so very, very much.

On that note my beloved ones I withdraw and I give you my blessing until the next time.