2011-02-20-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Gratitude

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Siraya

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy



Michael: [Mark] I greet you my children, I do in fact walk with you and it is in fact, my pleasure to talk with you as well. This is something I cherish about a group such as this, is this unique opportunity that your willingness affords me. Many of my conversations that I have with my children are not near so easy or readily exchanged. I must settle for small tidbits here and there that may be grasped and so it is with great joy that I welcome and utilize this process that you all have helped me to create. It is a direct result of my will and of yours. It was my desire to open up a line of communication to my children, to my brothers and sisters, to my friends, and though I have these relationships, I do not always break through in my individual communication but it is so much my pleasure to bring you my words of comfort and peace and assurance that I do walk with you, I can talk with you. I do join you in your triumphs and I am closest to you in your hardships.



So many times it is part of the human condition that relationships are taken for granted and not cherished and respected for their true value while they are in process. It all seems to just happen so naturally and normally that it is easy to build up an immunity, a tolerance for just how special each and every moment of each and every relationship is that it brings my heart such great joy to see such moments occurring more and more frequently. Such moments of great gratitude of cherishing the moment, the relationship, the once in an eternity experience for what it is, seeing the beauty, the truth, and the goodness as they are transpiring. This is the grace of spiritual awareness which you are experiencing and which you have brought to yourselves with your diligence of study in this realm. These are truly the fruits of your labor, the rewards for your effort. This change in perspective is what is granted as the result of your increased capacity and I hope you embrace it for all the value that it contains, both the grace that it represents and the growth and the effort that it represents as well.

It is my supreme pleasure to be with you here in a moment such as this and to be together in gratitude to the Father for these layers of grace that you refer to, that we are experiencing. I appreciate that you invite me to share them with you so that I may fully appreciate them with you. And so we join together, and I as well bask in the glow of your coming together and forming your unique energy grid. I assure you it meets with my approval and my support and I represent the support of the Father as well. Truly, we all stand together around such a magnificent accomplishment. Thank you for your efforts and your inviting me and welcoming me in this process. As always I bring my peace to our relationship, farewell.


Siraya: [Cathy] I am pleased to address the group today. It is most appropriate that we gather to play with light as I am throwing light around the world to bring out the shadows, the error on the planet. We can work together to spotlight those who are acting in evil on this world, at the same time this light embraces the good, beauty, and truth that exists. We on the project team are experiencing the addition of light workers as a blessing to enhance and speed the process of disseminating the darkness here. You are aware of my presence but others are becoming increasingly aware of the movement toward goodness and light amid the turmoil of the planet. In the chaos on this planet is the seed of the peace that will grow into Light and Life. As small areas of light expand, the process will enhance and accelerate the diminishing darkness. Continue to participate in all aspects of bringing forth the light.

Cathy: I got a very interesting graphic. I feel like it was a new 'somebody' trying to communicate. I was visualizing our circle of light and all of sudden this increasing rays of light were coming out of it, spreading all over. It was getting faster and faster and more light and then there was a message that said: It is all light, everything is light, faster, brighter, farther. You bring the light, we can only help. We count on you.