2011-02-24-Ripple Effect

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Topic: Ripple Effect



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Hello my Dear Ones, this is Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy speaking with you today.


If you stand by a lake or any other body of water, and you throw a stone into that water, the rings will go outwards and cover some distance until eventually they are absorbed into the surface of the water. It’s not rocket science, but I think everybody understands the principle of the radiation of these ripples from the centre outwards.

There are many of you who are helping the Spiritual Hierarchy and who are in your dimension, and with each and every one of them, these are the movers who throw the stone into the pond and send these ripples out. You are having an effect on the whole of your planet and in turn this has an effect on the whole of Creation; for your beautiful planet is very young and is in the process of being restored to her former glory. You won’t necessarily see this as it happens, for some of these issues can be drawn out over time, but I can assure you that the process is ongoing.

Your efforts are very much appreciated and they are essential to enable the ongoing project of returning Earth to operating in the light of Divine Law, which in turn will overturn many of the laws in operation in countries across the world, which are in fact illegal. They are illegal in the jurisdiction of Divine Law and they succeed in robbing people of a number of their rights. These operate in a whole variety of scenarios from money through to healthcare and much more besides.

If you have been reading my words here and in other places, you will be aware that these illegal laws have been in operation far too long, and they are due to be overturned in due course. All of you who crave knowledge of the Spiritual Hierarchy; of spiritual understanding and philosophy; of understanding why the Dark Ones enrich themselves and impoverish the rest of society, for this was not the way it was meant to be and things must be changed as part of the ongoing process; every one of you who understands unconditional love; the power of light and of positive thought, and the understanding of your own true God, then your thoughts create positive ripples which permeate throughout your world and into the universe beyond; I wish to encourage you to carry on in the knowledge that everyone who turns toward the light and away from darkness adds to the weight of the power of light which will overcome the Dark Ones and sweep them all from every corner of your domain.

Unless they repent and ask to be forgiven by their Father God and only work for the light in future, they will have great difficulty in proceeding with their evil plans of total domination in every way of the global population. Let it be said that this will not be allowed to happen. The outcome is assured and the power that is unconditional love will succeed in every way.


And so I bring my short message to a conclusion, for I wanted to say to you ones who will read here, that you are doing a very good job by reading and understanding, after due analysis of my words. Please keep it up for there are far, far better times for humanity than you could possibly understand at this time.

Thank you my dear ones and now I must take my leave of you, but I ask that you may be blessed by God. Au revoir my Dear Ones.