2011-03-01-At Your Own Speed

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Topic: At Your Own Speed

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: Elaine



Elaine explains: The reason why I chose to begin tonight has to do with the large number of time-prompts I received today, and in fact many that I attribute to Chief Bzutu. And so, it is with a heartfelt wish that I will be allowed to hear from him tonight that I begin again a ‘once-so-familiar’ exercise.

“How do I begin Chief? Please share your wisdom with me, and if I may be of service to you, and to your Midwayer Brothers and Sisters, then may it be so.”

Bzutu: “Simply begin by putting pen to paper and it shall be so. As you write you will feel the old stirrings and the familiarity of friends.

“I thank you for receiving my prompts and acting upon them. For you see, it truly is a simple thing, too often enlarged in your mind to such fanciful proportions that in effect, the hoped for result is driven farther out of reach. Communication between us is simple in reality. You know the truth of this statement as you have enjoyed it in times past. It begins with a steadfast and determined will, a knowing that it is possible, desirable, and beneficial for your progress and for those who benefit as well from the simple lessons we are allowed to impart.

“So tonight we write in extraordinary harmony and it feels good and right to be in close communication again. Tonight’s message may seem rather personal, yet, those whose hearts identify with the words and are touched may claim this as their own.


“Your gift is to speak from your heart without fear of reprimand from your fellows. In short, your heart easily trusts those around you and so usually gives all without question, sharing those inner secrets, bearing the good and the not so good. There is no shame in honesty, in gentle regard for the humans who share your life, though the world increasingly gives you false signals. Yes, the world and your expectations of life can be a tough task master, lashing out while imparting false lessons along with the true measures of eternal wisdom. And so, how does one know the difference? How does one recognize the true from the false?

“For a moment I ask you to put aside your pen and relax in your favourite meditation posture. Breathe slowly in and out and allow your essence to drift ... deeply … see?

“As the world slows down, noises, physical senses fade and inner more accurate senses begin to take over. With each soul-felt practice your inner abilities strengthen, become dependable and accurate, as they depict the state of affairs in the ‘now’. This isn’t something you measure. You do not compare your abilities with friends and acquaintances because it comes to you in a strange and mysterious way that is unique to you alone. Why do some people easily see their Teacher, Guides and host of Spirit personalities while others accurately feel each arriving Spirit personality who graces their home? There are others who hear to perfection the slightest whisper from the veil separating worlds and dimensions, while another interprets the ‘song-language’ into art which depicts the colors of the invisible universe. And these are still just a drop in the enormous ‘celestial bucket’ as there are countless ways to share and express kinship.

“So who can truly say at what point one is progressing? Who can judge a heart? Who can lavishly bestow the essence of light onto those who ask in true faith, a faith that is built in the foundation of trust, joy and love in the Being who gives substance and life? None, can do this but the Divine.

“So I ask you to have faith in your ability to learn and progress at your own speed, to have faith in your Celestial Teachers, to be patient and persistent as you pursue your eternal objectives, and above all, to have absolute faith in the unconditional Love of your Gift of the Beloved’ to gently and perfectly lead you ever closer to your coveted goal of Divine Unity.

“See it is not so hard when it is taken step by trusting step. I say that you are beautiful in my eyes. All of you are beautiful as with shining faces you continue to try, to trust again and again, despite the hurdles that occasionally seem to block the way. I ask you to relax, to celebrate the victories of the heart, and to enjoy the unique gifts you are given. They will serve you well, and in time lead you Home.


Good night my young friend. It is good to share our intermingled thoughts again. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu.”