2011-03-06-Champagne Dinner

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Topic: Acceptance



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Hello my dear ones, have you ever had a day when things have gone from bad to worse; and when you thought you had reached the worst of the turbulence, what unfolded next was even worse?

I’m sure that many of you have been in that position at some time in your lives, and even on a daily basis there are problems of a more minor nature which seem to keep happening, however hard you try to avoid them. That is the normal situation for many people, and although is doesn’t necessarily happen every day, it is a regular feature of life. Well, nobody’s perfect in your world and “shit happens” is how I’ve heard many people describe these difficulties; and worse, as I’m sure you can imagine.


Free will

When you were given free-will, it was understood that this would give everyone the ability to learn much more in any given lifetime than if you had been given a strictly curtailed list of freedoms, with secure boundaries. But there was a cost; for in societies in other dimensions and on other inhabited planets, those limited parameters ensure that evolution of beings goes on in a framework where no harm is done to anyone and only the right outcome is possible, as dictated by Divine Law. Those beings are more or less guaranteed to go from “A” to “B” in terms of spiritual development without getting trapped in the “X, Y & Z” mess right down there in the Dark Zone.

With the free will you have, there have been some stupendous results, with individuals exceeding all of our expectations of them, and not only has your society benefitted, so have many other places and dimensions in Creation. But, there is a cost to all of this which we can see immediately by looking at the greedy and corrupt Dark Ones who run things in your dimension. This has an adverse effect on all of you at some point in your lives, and for many this is a daily occurrence. Many of the people on Earth are very badly affected and as a result have a great lack of the spiritual growth which we of the Spiritual Hierarchy would expect to see in a civilisation at the current point in its’ development.

Many of you can’t see the wood for the trees, as your saying goes, when dealing with many daily tasks. Your world is bedevilled by irritations of one kind or another and seemingly simple tasks which should be easy for you to deal with, are in fact made more difficult than need be. What passes for modern technology is hopelessly backward and designed not for your ease of operation, but to maximise the complexity and ensure a constant income stream for those who run the system. For most problems there is a solution offered to you; at a price. Everything is about fleecing you of as much of your resources as possible, and my word, don’t they do a good job of it too.


There are many cases where scientific developments are used for negative purposes and you need look no further than the atomic industry as an example. What chief benefits have there been from atomic energy? Mainly atomic weapons of mass destruction, and the generation of electricity; well, obviously, nuclear weapons are a big negative and are against Divine Law, but let’s take a look at atomic electricity generation. What you’ve got in effect is atomic kettles which produce steam to drive turbines which generate electrical power; good old Victorian steam technology tied to atomic energy which is exceptionally toxic and damaging to humanity and the waste has to be buried in the ground for thousands of years, and I have to tell you that is very bad for Mama Earth, or Gaia as some of you call her. It’s bad, mad and sad; but there are a few people who have got very rich as a result.

You drive cars and truck your commodities all over the place, and then you have to breathe in all of the toxins produced, and it’s crazy. There have been many advanced technologies made available in your world, but they have been ruthlessly suppressed and remain secret from public gaze. These were given for your benefit, but those Dark Ones with vested interests in energy, banking, the automotive industry, government, science and the military; to name just a few of the arenas they are in, bought the technology and suppressed it, to make themselves even richer and your lives less pleasant than they were supposed to be. Even now, most people don’t know this and because they live in a “democracy” or similar, they think the system is for their benefit; how tragically sad.


Let’s come back to the daily irritations though, where something is more difficult than is need be. Often people miss out on important clues as to how to extricate themselves from a rather knotty problem; or avoid getting there in the first place. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase: “Well, it isn’t rocket science!” when somebody gets in a pickle with something, and in many instances they just don’t have a “feel” for the matter they are dealing with. I am not talking about a refrigeration engineer dealing with cryogenics, but say some of those awful computer problems people get into which are caused by ill designed systems which lock-up or break down; or when you are cooking your favourite sauce and it separates; or your first attempt at plastering a wall. You know; all those kind of things the majority get hooked up in when they try to do these tasks themselves.

If an individual has developed themselves spiritually in their present lifetime, then they are better equipped to deal with these issues. I don’t mean they can take up cardio-vascular surgery on the kitchen table without qualifying, but that in their everyday lives they will get insights into how to proceed in many difficult situations. They will have inside them this fount of knowledge to refer to when in difficulty.

By spiritual growth, I don’t mean belonging to a religion, because adherence to a doctrine of that kind is designed to trap people in a closed circuit; whereas true spiritual growth brings with it freedom to learn more and develop to become the being you were destined to be, not just a shadow of it. I am encouraging you to look inside yourself and find out who you really are; find that God particle which means you are divine, and can reach spiritual heights you never though possible. Even though you live in a world full of dirt and noise, you are divine in origin and your God loves every one of you unconditionally, for you are one of his sons or daughters and therefore you are a brother or sister of every other human being on your planet. Not only that, but you are also related to every animal on your planet, for every one of them is on an evolutionary path of multiple animal incarnations, before eventually they are ready their first human incarnation; just as you once were.

Most people don’t believe in life after death, reincarnation or the fact that one day in the future every animal has the potential to enter their first life as a human. These subjects are regarded as being controversial, and people who do understand and speak of them are regarded by many as being crazy. But, I say to you that if you don’t research and find out the truth of these issues, then you will fail to understand what you really are, and the potential you have within you.

The Dark Ones have developed all manner of material diversions to distract you from finding out the truth and they have been very successful indeed; and if anybody shuns the mainstream material distractions and ventures into “spiritual” matters, then the chances are that they will be sucked into a religion whose main purpose is to divert them from the true spiritual path into a formalised closed circuit where the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth are not revealed.

To reach the goal of true spiritual growth, and of finding your true God; you have to break out of the mould and search for yourselves, for the likelihood of finding a mainstream organisation which will truly help you to find what you are looking for is remote. You have to search within you and ask your God for help, and it takes time to reach the goal, but the satisfaction you will achieve cannot be experienced in any other way, and you will become truly enlightened in various degrees as you tread the upward path of spiritual progression. It’s well worth the effort.


That is my message to you today; to perhaps spark off a search for truth, if that is what interests you. For I know only too well that a meal for two, with a bottle of Champagne and a five star hotel room afterwards are infinitely more attractive to many of you than ongoing spiritual evolution and knowledge is. But in the final analysis, old Monjoronson knows very well that spurning attractive material diversions, and treading the sometimes very stony path of spiritual progression, is a far more worthwhile enterprise in the long run, as you will recognise when this present life is over, and just before the next one begins.

At that point I will bring this message to a conclusion, to give you an opportunity for some thought, or alternatively to go out for your Champagne dinner.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy communicating with you through my friend and scribe Vince. 6th March 2011