2011-03-16-Economic Realities

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Topic: Economic Realities



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



When you were born into your present incarnation, you had to accept the world as you found it, for that is how things are. If you later decided to change certain aspects of how the world system is run, that was a matter for a future time, but as a babe in arms there was the world and it was as you found it.

It suited the rich dark ones very well, because you knew nothing of how their system worked and how many of you would be working most of your lives to keep them in riches, while you were permitted to retain a small amount of what was left. Many people took money from the dark ones to help run the system, but what many of them didn’t know was that this came with strings attached and involved a life of criminal activity and downright dishonesty, which is not good for the soul.

For the vast majority of people in what you call the “developed countries” you are wage slaves, or you may run a business, and if so the dark ones have their sticky fingers around your throat restricting your activities in a myriad of ways as they suck some of the resources from you like a parasitic insect. Whatever you do, they still maintain their riches at your expense, for there is very little chance of escaping their unpleasant clutches.

Did you ever wonder what life was really about, or just knuckle down and make the best of the situation you found yourselves in? It’s what most people do; they don’t rock the boat and knuckle down to a life of economic slavery, for they are a crop ripe for the picking on a “cut and come again” basis. Life is therefore about earning a living, feeding, housing and clothing yourselves and in partnership with another bringing up your two point four children.

In the system operated in most “developed” countries, people are encouraged to have children, and mass immigration is also encouraged, while the authorities are denying the fact. You see, if the population of your country keeps on increasing through these policies, then the rich get even richer. It does not matter whether enough people have jobs, for even without an income, people still have to spend money to live, and that makes endemic crime a major factor in the economic system run by the dark ones. Profit margins and taxation are the main tools of enrichment which are employed, but theft and trickery of one kind or another are also important facets.

The system catches out most of you, and it is regarded as being normal. There is nothing much you can do about it because you do not belong to the right club and you surely will continue to be excluded from it unless you are able to bring them something new or different to their schemes. If you can find a way of bringing vast wealth to them in a way they have not previously considered, then you will be welcomed into the outer circles of their club, but not the inner ones, because they are reserved for members of particular family blood lines.

Internet auctions have been a phenomenal success for them in recent times, for even in a recession people want to earn money by selling things and even if their items don’t sell, income is generated by items simply being listed. Then if an international payment system is also run alongside, there is all manner of commissions to be made. Normally people only see a small portion of what auctions they are interested in, and never consider the broader picture which can be shown as some vast sums of money on a single sheet of paper, and as the overheads are very low, the profits are vast. What started out as a system for people selling a few surplus items to other people on a fairly small scale eventually became owned by some very big players who are all part of the club the dark ones belong to.

So, having drawn you a sketch of the system which some of you knew about already, what is the alternative to life as you know it? Well, you really have to go back to basics, to what life is meant to be. All life, whether in a series of incarnations on a planet like yours or continuing life in a dimension currently invisible to you, is about existing as part of a community which looks after each of its’ members where love is the main focus and spiritual growth the reason behind it. Most of you don’t have the experience in your present incarnation of how wonderful things are in the higher reaches of Creation, even though some of you originate from such locations, and when this cycle ends and you once again become “One”, you shall remember how wonderful things are.

For the rest of you who have been working your way up from the bottom over many lives, in all manner of lives and dimensions, the love for your fellow beings is all embracing and you truly have the feeling of belonging to the same club as everyone else, God included. The community is all and everyone strives to help it grow and see that their fellows are looked after the same as everyone else. There is no greed and criminality, only love, light, compassion and healing, good fellowship and more; just about everything your world system operators despise.

From my perspective as one who can take an overview of what happens on Earth, it is really quite appalling to watch children of God thinking they are rich if they have a large sum of money in the bank, especially if it is more than the next person, for what have the rich really got; nothing!!!

Well, actually, they have less than nothing in reality; for all the time they were striving to enrich themselves they attracted negative karma, and that is a spiritual debt which has to be worked off at some future period, and it is quite hard work for beings who do not care one jot for their brothers and sisters of God.

In an advanced society, money has no place and people give to the whole community. If somebody gives a very large gift to the community, then that is seen as a good thing to do, for why would anybody wish to be mean and not share their resources with the community?

In a less advanced society, money is a token of exchange; if a person exchanges a tray of Avocados for a box of Oranges, and there is a glut of Avocados, then the difference in perceived value is made up by money as a kind of makeweight.

In a backward society, money is sought after by many and worshipped by some, for the society cannot operate without it and the system is a kind of Robin Hood one in reverse; take from the poor and give to the rich. It is an indicator of the vast spiritual poverty which is endemic throughout the world as you know it. It is nothing to be proud of and those who flout their material wealth in the community and the media are to be pitied for the spiritually poor and ignorant beings they actually are.

The coming changes to your planet will sweep away all vestiges of the current system with a series of major events, both similar to and worse than the recent situations in New Zealand and Japan, and the opportunity to begin again will be brought to every corner of the globe.

Sometimes deconstruction of all that you are familiar with is the only viable way to eradicate a badly infected reality, so that as the scars begin to heal there are no more spores of the original disease extant, and the healthy structure which remains will be host to a truly wonderful experience for its’ inhabitants, as it should always have been.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this message through Vince. 16th March 2011 11:30hrs GMT