2011-03-17-The Path That Finds Him Leads Within

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Topic: The Path That Finds Him Leads Wtihin

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “I understand your need for distraction and entertainment to relax your mind from the pressures of daily living. The need for reversion is both normal and necessary for human beings. Many watch television or browse the internet when they want to relax, but these activities don’t often achieve the desired results. There is nothing sinful or forbidden about television, movies, or the internet. The problem is when they rob you of the time you could invest in establishing a relationship with the God within your being.

“These days, the degree to which many of you remain distracted by the use of electronic toys, is alarming to the point where even the relationships within your families are being affected. This is one of the challenges of technological development; to learn to balance the time in using that plethora of electronic devices with the time to live your lives. These computers, cell phones, video games, and dvd players have all been created for you but, will you become slaves to these machines? What you create in your reality depends on where you focus your attention. Will you turn your sight inward, where the Father resides and waits for you with open arms, or will you succumb to the adoration of the fake gods ‘out there’?

“Life has become more complex just because you have allowed it to be so. Two thousand years ago when Michael visited this world there were very few things to distract humankind. Today there is almost an ‘infinity of addictions and distractions’ that can become a trap for your spiritual growth, but this is possible only if you forget the source of your equilibrium and spiritual strength – your Divine Inner Master.

“Human beings are free to create everything necessary in order to ease their existence and perform their labor in a more effective manner. In the future the majority of the necessary tasks to sustain material existence will be performed by machines increasingly more advanced and human beings will enjoy a greater amount of time for self-discovery and spiritual and intellectual growth. However, always remember that your creations must serve humanity, not enslave it.

“When you need some time for reversion, for resting the body, mind and spirit, come to Me, your Inner Master, your Fragment of God, and I will give you what you need, since I know your desires and your needs even before you do. Instead of isolating yourself with lifeless gadgets, why not dedicate some time to share with your neighbors? Why not converse with your Father who dwells within you, always ready to hear you?

“You won’t find God anywhere except in your heart and the hearts of your peers. Those who search for the Father know that the only path to finding Him leads within, and toward their brothers and sisters in this world. This search, when it is sincere, guides all the efforts toward what is really important and it inevitably produces a life filled with satisfaction and achievements.”