2011-03-20-Field of HIgher Light

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Topic: Field of Higher Light

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today's lesson is about accessing the ‘Field of Higher Light.’ What is this ‘field?’ This is an energy field of higher, finer, purer consciousness. It is higher knowledge, it is truth, it is a place -- not in space, but in infinity, and it pervades all time and space. There is no word in human language to describe it, yet the only word that vaguely represents this field would be the human word for ‘love’. This field is more than love, it is more of a ‘super-love’ and it can only be accessed by those humans who are disciplined enough to align themselves with love for all things and beings. Those that wish to be trained -- to be of the highest service in bringing light to this world can have access to it. Those that in all sincerity, integrity, and with the highest intent to be a vessel of the Creator's Will can ask for this gift of special access and the tools to do this work. It is not available to the curious, but only to those that are dedicated to the service of humanity.

“Those of you students on the path that see yourselves as having a mission in this life of greater purpose are invited to ask for this gift that you may better serve with greater awareness and with all opportunities before you. You must be willing to go and do as you are inspired by this super-love consciousness to serve where you are needed. You are outposts of the orchestration of divine love that coordinates and moves your world in the path of Light and Life. You are the agents of change on the ground and you are of great value to the universe administration -- to be the extensions of divine intent and the well pools of the Universal Father's love for his children.

“If you feel you are ready to move to the next level of love and service, to be a part of the team of the Correcting Time administration, then present yourself for service by asking for this special access to the Field of Higher Light. The planetary Prince of Urantia is in need of worthy volunteers as the Correcting Time campaign moves swiftly forward. Great soul changing events are unfolding before you, and these events will be the most challenging experiences of your lives, yet they will also be the most rewarding. You must be willing to sit in the silence daily for instructions and training that will help you make the right decisions that lead to the greatest and highest good for all.”


  • Prayer of Consecration:

“Father, Mother, Creator of all things, I ask this day that you open the Field of Higher Light to these worthy volunteers that they would serve you selflessly, with integrity, and with the intent to do the highest good for all in their service to humanity -- that they would know and understand that by serving one another, they are serving you. For in doing so, they will discover the connectedness of the whole through the parts; find supreme joy and satisfaction of accomplishment, which they may return to you as a gift of love--a contribution to the Supreme. Amen!

“Peace to you, “The Circle of Seven.”