2011-03-25-Focus on the Task or Focus on the Moment?

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Topic: Focus: On the Task or the Moment?

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Focus on the task or focus on the moment? The main goal is to live in the present, feeling your life, and sensing to be a part of a bigger organism – a universe greater than what you can perceive at this stage of your existence. To focus on a task surely helps, since you are centring your attention on what you are doing without troubling distractions. However, focusing only on a task can also be a distraction that can keep you apart from your spiritual goals. In your world, a lot of people spend their days practically asleep whilst in a routine of the tasks of daily life, and they don't stop, not even for a moment to consider that there is more to life than the struggle for material sustenance.

“Focusing on the moment allows you a higher perspective. It is looking at life ‘from the outside’ and seeing yourself as you really are – a spiritual creature experiencing a material world. Thus you notice that you are living, and you develop the capacity to evaluate the path you are taking. Those who focus on the moment will not spend their days in idle tasks because they will have the perspicacity to ask themselves, ‘Why am I doing this?’

“On your world the idea of focusing on the task is favored over the idea of focusing on the moment – of self-evaluation and establishment of purpose. Many mundane tasks are truly necessary for material survival. However, many times the natural desire of exploration of human beings has been suppressed by promoting a philosophy of constant work without questions or doubts. How many armies have promoted the idea of obeying orders without reflection?

“This is not the way in which the universe functions. This is not the way in which the will of the Father becomes a reality. The Father expects His children to be aware of what they are doing, why they do it and what will be the final purpose. Don’t relinquish your free will and learn to place your trust in your Internal Compass, which guides you towards greater good. Work on this world with your sights set on eternity, so you can determine when any activity, any desire, or any person, may be accidentally or intentionally conspiring to move you further from your true purpose.

“Those who work with dedication and consistence are valuable. Those who do their work searching for harmony with what their Inner Spirit inspire them to do are the ones who will move this world towards a new era of peace, truth and beauty. When you have a task to perform, evaluate it under the light of your highest moral principles and spiritual understanding. As Michael did, ask yourself, ‘will this bring me closer to my Father?’ Once you have established the validity of a task, do it with all your strength knowing that in reality you are performing God’s work in this world.”