2011-04-03-Righteous Indignation

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Topic: Righteous Indignation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: Elaine



Tonight I was given many time prompts. So in faith I find my journal and pen, and ask to record the desired message.


Sharmon: “I am with you now. Hello young lady! Tonight I would like to contribute to your recent discussions and speak about something weighing heavily on your minds.


“The situation appears to be growing darker and more desperate in the world as economies crumble before your eyes, and fresh wars and skirmishes break out on every front. The roll of the peacemaker has become harried and frantic in a race to buffer growing tensions between factions and political opponents. Whilst it is easy to in principle understand the erupting anger towards the perceived perpetrators, I would still recommend cool heads as one approaches the alarming escalations. Calm thinking, and ‘a peaceful platform within’, creates the solid foundation upon which long term, fair, and creative answers will be found.

“You have often enough heard the phrase, ‘Anger and fear are ‘spirit poisons’. In the longer term your righteous indignation is not what will get the ‘job’ done, despite the comfort of unloading your dissatisfaction and blame onto some deserving, and some not so deserving, sources.

“I ask you to remember the lessons of the Master who gave the political and religious wrongdoers of His day every opportunity to to see the better way, and to change. In the end He demonstrated unconditional love, forgiving their crimes -- crimes against the most beautiful and innocent in His universe.

“You neither have to accept, or like, the sins of predator commerce and the enabling political arena, nor are you required to remain silent in your opposition. Let your voice ring strong in support of the innocent and victimized people of the world, but not in anger, not in hate-filled discourses designed to incite and enrage. Contemplate your heart and the way you feel when recounting a disconcerting revelation in your news that showcases the greed and insensitivity as corporate self interest effects the masses and especially the poorest of the poor. Anger bordering on hatred can erupt, and with those poisonous emotions loving intuition swiftly vanishes.


“In one voice unite under the banner of fairness, strong peaceful protest, and determined long term solutions, without falling into the trap of righteous indignation, which obscures all truth-revealing measures.

“In all ways, each of you are Michael’s ambassadors and your light is a reflection emanating from your Divine Parents. A united, loving, persistent effort will banish the darkness in the times to come.

“Do not give in. Do not give up. Do not be afraid. The United Urantia Midwayers stand beside you, and we will not fail. The world is changing and we will hold your hand facing the new dawn. Good night and sleep peacefully my friend.”


I wasn’t quite sure who was speaking to me, but then, as I wrote the last words, I saw Sharmon’s :06 prompt on my bedside clock.