2011-04-08-The Precious Jewels of the Universe

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Topic: Precious Jewels of the Universe

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Everything you need for your spiritual advancement, you already possess. On other worlds there may be more resources and fine opportunities to ‘observe’. This is why on this world faith is so precious, for indeed, you are the ones who have the courage and the inner conviction to believe without seeing, simply being guided by your hard-working Thought Adjuster, who is always planting the seeds of truth in your mind.

“Yes, it is more difficult to develop a spiritual life on this world. Yes, mortals on other worlds enjoy great advantages through contact with their celestial planetary government and the midwayer beings. Yes, evolution on normal planets occurs without major problems, and with minimal deviations.

“It is on your world where progress, novel ideas, practices to better live as brothers and sisters, and lessons from the past tend to be forgotten and ultimately lost. Many things which were advanced and progressive in your remote past are only today being rediscovered. A lot of time has been wasted and many lives have merely been spiritually mediocre, due to the influence of their moral and social environment. However, it is on this planet where, without parallel in the universes, unique opportunities, for spiritual progress and confidence in the Father, can be realized.

“Those who overcome their limitations, and take advantage of what little they have been given in order to achieve higher levels of spiritual growth, will be considered the precious jewels of the universe. These are the creatures, which being in deep confusion, in the darkness of materialism, and the brutality of the struggle for survival, manage to perceive the Divine Spark within them, and let themselves be guided by it, in spite of all contrary evidence and all external appearances. Thus, these creatures gain the trust of an entire universe, because if they manage to discover the Father during their life’s experiences, they would never betray their destiny once they get to know Him even better, and experience His love at a higher level. This is meant to be the magnificent destiny of the ones who are born in this ‘valley of tears’. This is the reward and the significance of being Agondonters – the ones who believe without seeing.”