2011-04-10-Do Your Part for the Whole

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Topic: Do Your Part for the Whole

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Teacher Ophelius: “Today we have much to discuss. There are many on your world who would have you believe that life was meant to only serve their own needs, that they are somehow special because of their status, power, position, and wealth. They have been blinded by unreality and a false sense of self importance. They prosper off the misery of their fellows and take the windfall of inside information to build their own tombs. Even now they plot and build their safety nets while the world around them is crumbling. They know that time, and their power over the masses, is running out for them, yet they continue doing the things they know to the very end. The Master said, ‘What profits a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?’

“My friends, see that you don’t find yourself blinded by self importance. Stay receptive to your Indwelling Spirit and believe in the oneness of life. Cooperation and unity is vital to the survival of humanity, and your willingness to serve is your passport to greater opportunities in growth and progress. Don’t be worrisome about what you hear in the media -- the trouble and tragedies, the injustices and crimes. That does not concern those who have sonship with the Father, for you are safe within His hands and no real harm can befall you even if you should lose your physical life -- all shall be compensated and made right in the worlds to come.

“Step up and do your part to change your world now and stay optimistic and hopeful for better times ahead. Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for something good and positive to happen -- be a part of the solutions and create this new reality you feel in your heart is coming for humanity. Each one of you has great potential to co-create and change the world around you and it starts with those in your life circles. Like a pebble in a pond, each ripple expands and changes direction as it encounters other ripples creating a symphony of variation that is exponentially beautiful and alive -- it is communication. Your world must change from disinformation and secrecy to free communication to serve and build a better world.

“Together we will reclaim this world for the Father and bring it back into the fold of enlightened planets. Soon, the Avonal Son shall make his appearance known on Urantia and will begin the adjudication of this dispensation. The whole world will feel His presence and he will usher in the new era and begin to put things in order to pave the way forward towards Light and Life. Be joyful my beloved friends, it is only a short season before the dawn of morning lights up the world. Stay alert, stay connected, communicate and prepare the way for all to have life and have it more abundantly.


“Peace to you all, “The Circle of Seven.”