2011-04-11-Spiritual Focus

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Topic: Spiritual Focus

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel, Aaron

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “We see you on your way to a full recovery at last. It is our intent, and hopefully yours, that you will be available to us long into your old age. We are Midwayers, tireless, sleepless, unrelenting taskmasters, although admittedly, we too can feel disappointed when our plans ‘do not come together’ as visualized, and we must start anew with an alternate strategy. Enough from me. I hand you over to your Teachers now.

Samuel: “Aaron and I are both here, my friend, and we are pleased you are back with us. We understand the … discomfort that broke off communication for a time, however, we are in a position to update the details on the advance made by the 11:11 Progress contingent – human and celestial – and cover matter of importance and frequent misunderstanding and misinformation.

“Both Aaron and I are former humans, and although I did not hail from your planet, we both well remember how time-aware we were, how we wished for greater progress in all matters, and how tasks were preferred to be completed by sunset, the end of a season, or year. You now may count well over two-hundred 11:11 members that have contact with their Teachers, Intermediaries, and or Thought Adjusters even.

“And whilst you always projected better results at this stage (after 10 years), more can be achieved with reliable helpers. Carry on, don’t let anything or anyone stop any of you from achieving.

Aaron: “This is your Teacher Aaron taking over from my esteemed colleague in answering the countless enquiries regarding planetary unrests. The earth-shattering events so many have come to fear are not by design perpetrated by Deity, rather natural re-adjustments of a still young planet.

“The same cannot be said for your relentless search for oil, gas, and minerals deeply underground, even oceans. Long ago you were meant to use free universal (zero-point) energy. And, no, we are about your spiritual progress only. We are not even informed about the next calamity to hit any district, for like you, we occupy time-space, and information from our Thought Adjusters relates to the spiritual, almost exclusively.

“On the economic aspects of your futures, it is again up to you to continue to be well informed, sharply aware, educated, energetically searching for real facts, not the paid-for opinions of newsmen and women, for these often-flawed opinions may seriously taint our teachings. Let us converse again, dear friends, calmly, relaxed, openly, away from pre-conceived mindal clutter. Goodnight.”