2011-04-17-At the Starting Gate

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Topic: At the Starting Gate

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



Machiventa: “This is Machiventa, and I wish you, my students all, good evening. You are the Creator’s collective hands and feet, you are the action part of sanctified universe pursuits and deity-guaranteed advancement. With our help, our assistance, and with our advice, you are the ones that may grasp the potentials to generate the actuals of cosmic progress there-from.

“Much of your concern in your days, your time, your generation, I find, deals with the supposed accuracy of what it is all about, of how it all fits together, if and what should be taught regarding spirituality and ‘the heavens of eternal life’. In reality, you will find that you can be much more productive by placing as many of your brothers and sisters at the starting gates to spirituality, to then let them run their own race. Many will continue to in some way belong to a religion, rather than to adopt spirituality purely on its own. Many of them, even, will continue to believe in reincarnation of the soul. They will, and it is not your concern, nor ours, truly. You 11:11’ers are simply there to slightly tip the scales in their favour, so they will prick up their ears, and they will look at what could possibly be right next to them, yes, in their dimensions, yes, right on their world, yet in a time-frame fractionally removed -- so many, so many Celestial Helpers. This is good. Doubt it not. Carry on.

“Now to answer the question that has been posed. There are many on this world that are painters, there are many on this world who are sculptors, there are many who would very much like to create accurate portraits and life-like sculptured shapes of the various Angels, Midwayers and Melchizedeks. In your efforts to produce such true-to-life works of art you will rarely experience (Celestial Artisan) cooperation of any kind. Instead, let your own imagination work for you, and at all times bear in mind that an accurate picture produced may find a Celestial in a situation where they are venerated by some who know no better -- venerated by those who should reserve such reverence for the Creator of all, not God’s incidental Helpers.

“There is nothing so unwanted and disturbing to the thoughts and daily routine of those you consider to be saints than for them to be venerated by you, although it may be acceptable to request them to aid you in some way. Consider. With this I leave you now. I am Machiventa. I wish you good evening all.”

George: “Thank you Machiventa.”