2011-04-17-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Intention

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Charles, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Elyon: Yes, I am here, Elyon. Sounds like a perfect topic for us to discuss today, this power of intention. We have, no doubt, touched on it a number of times before but it is of such significance that it is my pleasure to revisit and to attempt a slightly different portrayal so that we may find another route to understanding. When you discuss the significance of intention it is common to fail to recognize the literal energy that is put into the system with the use of intention.

Let us consider your daily lives. When you arise in the morning, immediately your mind sets in motion the steps of the day and you begin to cast these intentions out before you as you rise and begin what you would refer to as your routine. This routine is your set of intentions which are in no small way forecasting your day because they are racing out in front of you and planting the seeds of that which will be there when you arrive in time. And so as you go about your daily routine it has become so natural and fundamental for you to allow your thoughts to stray forward to the workday you have before you, to the preparation of your lunch materials, to the automatic recounting of what day of the week it is and what are your obligations for that day, to the meeting you have arranged later in the day or perhaps the conference call that evening. All these things become charted and plotted by your intention.

Your data base, your brain, has furnished all the information that it thinks it will need as you go through your day to encounter what it expects to be because you have fore-thought it and planned it. In fact you have envisioned your future even as you consider what your day will be. This is so normal and natural that when it finally arrives at lunchtime and you proceed to activate the former thought pattern that it seems the two were disconnected when in fact the one, the forethought of what you will do for lunch on this day, has in fact created the other, the lunch you actually enjoy that day. This is intention which is then put into action which then comes to fruition all within these short cycles and it is only rarely in this process that something new is ever injected, some surprise come along which knocks you off course and makes you re-evaluate what you thought was going to happen and accommodate the addition of factors.

So, this process of creation goes on regularly and routinely within the human psyche. If you are looking for a job you must go out and take steps before you can expect to find one. If you are planning to attend some event you must secure the tickets wherewith to get in. Thus you have cast out in front of you your desire to go to this event. You have allowed this to motivate you to take the proper steps which you understand to be part of the requirement for this to occur and then there is no surprise when you are able to attend the production and enjoy the fruits of your having intended to be there all along.

The same principles apply and exist in the spirit domain however the tangible results of these are only attained in faith. It is identical, whether you plan to go to a meeting on Wednesday and arrange yourself accordingly as to whether you intend to visit the other end of your portal and arrange yourself accordingly. There is no difference in magnitude between these events. It is simply a different application, a different focus, same principles, same process, same procedure and the same results, [and] so you have become experts in your lives at planning them, arranging them, and taking the steps conducive to traversing the distance between where you are and where you envision yourself being.

You may apply all these same processes to your spiritual destination of choice, where you would like to be in spirit, where you see yourself being where your desire to go. In the very same manner, you first envision yourself at this place and then you allow that you will take the steps necessary and you proceed in that direction in faith and with assurance that it is well within your jurisdiction as children of the Divine to activate these principles and to implement your co-creative prerogatives.

I offer this alternate view of the energy contained within intention for you to bring to bear in a more fruitful manner as you say, your thoughts, your direction, your focus, and realize that if you are intent on pursuing a direction there is much that can be done internally with this process of casting your intention forward and seeing ahead in time your success at traversing the distance. Then it is merely an easy road for you to travel between where you see yourself and where you have seen yourself at your destination.

It is great fun this morning to join in your conversation. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be included in this opportunity in this group of fellow sojourners as we all are. I enjoy my exposure to your energy signature and enjoy the opportunity to share mine. I will at this point open up this arena for use by others and withdraw in deep gratitude for this opportunity.


Q: May I ask a question before you leave? [Please do.] Thank you. From our Urantia Book we have learned that the manipulation of energy is strictly a Paradise Father prerogative. How does it differ through the energy of intention? This to me seems to be a form of manipulating energy or of allowing energy to travel on a certain path. How is this different than the manipulation of energy that is a Father prerogative only?

Elyon: This aspect of grace is yours by virtue of your lineage and while it is the arena, if you will, of your Divine Parent, you are also by extension, a father. The sons eventually grow up to be as the Father and because you are a part of this lineage associated to your Divine Parents, you also may exhibit the same characteristics and traits. The wielding of this energy as you refer to it, is really nothing more than the awareness of the energy itself and the choosing to point this energy and focus it is another gift of grace, your free will choice. These may come together to be utilized in this process of energy direction. While you might see it on your end as the manipulation, the coercion somehow of energy, it is more properly stated that the energy exists and you are in the lineup of what happens to it, and how it is focused, where it is directed, because you are given such choice.

This the delegation of divinity that your Divine Parents have chosen to provide to you and to all others. It is a gift of grace and when one is in awareness and association with this connection, there is an energy which flows by means of circuitry and great things are accomplished when those in position such as yourself, will exercise this co-creative opportunity to focus this energy and direct it. Life itself is this energy. It is an energy which coalesces your very being. All things are a manifestation of this energy, it impacts you in all ways and by virtue of being connected to it, you have impact on it as it has impact on you. So each and everyone is given authority, if you will, over how the energy will pass through them and be effected.

And so as an energy being, you are conditioning the energy which flows through you. This is just as the Father's power potential in the son, and in this way it is a totally normal and natural and connected phenomenon by virtue of who you are. Does this supply sufficient....

Q: Simply divine, thank you. Very well laid out.

Q: Since we are projecting our thoughts for our day, in a sense we are creating our own reality. It often happens that on our way to our lunch meeting we run into a roadblock or the bridge is washed out. I'm wondering, is that a redirecting from spirit or is that because our intention was not quite strong enough? Could you speak to that?

Elyon: Thank you for the question my friend. There are multiple factors at play as you perceive as a resident of both your human race and your planet earth. You may put down on your calendar that there will be a meeting on Wednesday at noon. This does not take in the fact that there will be a snowstorm on Wednesday morning and this meeting will be therefore made unpractical for you to keep. So it seems as though from one perspective, your desire alone is not enough and in some sense this is true. Your intention alone is not enough. There are other factors at play. You must also make yourselves available, you must take the steps necessary to arrive at such meeting for example. The weather must be conducive enough for you to do so for example, you must have gas in your vehicle to get there, you must leave with enough time to make the meeting, there must not be a bridge out or road construction that would delay you so in fact, there are innumerable factors which stand between your desire on Sunday and your attendance at a meeting on Wednesday.

But what you discover in this process, is that if you are persistent and if you are diligent, even should any one of these factors arise in between and derail you, you will keep going. If you have to reschedule the meeting, if you have to take extraordinary steps to make this meeting, these will be the challenges that arise before you, which you refer to as the vicissitudes of life on your planet. So you are accustomed to the fact that it is not simply and easily about intention else there would be no surprises in life, nothing would come up to make you change your plan, but you do also witness that more happens correctly as you assume it to be than does not. More of your plans come true than are squelched, that if you persist in this casting forward and planting the seeds so that when you get there something is there bearing fruit, you will discover that all these variables tend to work out and you are able to make your meeting most of the time.

It is important to take into consideration that when involved with others and pursuits such as meetings and alternate personalities, there is also the factor of everyone else's desire to be there, everyone else's intention to make it happen and there is a collective need to pool together these intentions in order to all come together at the same time. The truly masterful demonstration that one has when they are convinced of these universe principles and simultaneously accepting of a time/space condition and what may be referred to as the reality check of the moment, the master of his awareness knows that you certainly engage in the hopes, the dreams, the plans that it takes to bring anything into existence, then you earnestly apply yourself to such things manifesting but there is always the factor, the reality check of the moment in which you have to adapt and accommodate, but if you are persistent, if it is a priority in your visualization, in your intention, then nothing will be able to permanently eliminate your co-creative manifestation. It may be delayed, it may be altered and changed, it may appear altogether different when it arrives but to those who act in faith and with assurance that this is how it works, they will see that it does work and I call you all to witness in your own lives, you have seen that it does work, that you are rewarded for your application, that your sincere and applied intentions tend to manifest.

Yes, there are many factors at play if you will, in this process but key among them is this sense of direction and sense of purpose and then allow what may to arise and be part of the fruition of these intentions, to accommodate them as part of the journey and do not struggle when things do not go as your mind had predicted. Rather, become predictors of the long view, of the enhanced perspective which says I am confident in faith that all this will be as I envision it to be but I am ever willing to accommodate greater and bigger vision and in this way you are guaranteed success. I hope these words help to illuminate these questions.

Q: Yes, thanks for your comments.

Elyon: I would go out on a little bit of a limb here. Now is the time, on this world, where we could use masters who will function with a long term view and perspective, who will hold fast to the ideals that this planet is approaching a more perfected state, who would cast themselves out and visit this more perfected state, who would hold this vision and would direct and focus intention. Much that is transpiring on this world at this time does not lend optimism to believing that things are in fact moving to a more perfected state. But I assure you they are, that this too is another aspect which is arising before us in this forward journey that must be accommodated, that must be embraced as part of the journey yet is conditioned by our awareness of the long range perspective that all is growing towards perfection. So even in the face of ugliness we can feel with conviction and certainty that all is growing towards perfection and all will be well, that Michael's plan for this world will be lovingly implemented and that what we may witness which appears to be contrary to this at this time, may serve as contrast in our experience but strengthen our resolve to maintain the vision of a more perfected state.

It is not difficult for us to go to a place where we can envision [a] more divine state of being for the conditions on this world. And so engage in this process of visualizing the future, of holding these visions, if you will, of creating a way, a portal, a means from where you are, from where you stand in this time and place to a more perfected state that you can envision. All that is in between is merely this progression of time, this unfolding of an event and time until we will in fact be together at this state of more perfection, ever evolving in time and space towards a time when we are released from time in this process and perfection surely exists.

I hope you will join me in this process and bring into the very now, aspects of the future as seeds, as beginnings, as introduction, as paths marked with the way to the future. This is what is needed at this time, many gardeners to plant many seeds and to be the example that they can envision, to live it even now although it may not widely exist for some time, to be the change so that others may see it and try to emulate it. I invite you all to be these sowers of seeds and to take up this opportunity of grace and join me in the process. Thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Charles. It is good to be here and to participate in the overall discussion and teachings, to listen to the wisdom of the teachers. I do not have a tremendous amount to add to the discussion but I would share a few facts about intention. It seems that in the mind of the Creators, that we are given not only life which is something real, something which is physical, something which is alive, which is touched by spirit and manifest, manifest in plants, in animals, it manifests in creature sapiens, in the ability of the Creators to create actually create a son of God.

The potential which the Father holds in the creative mind of life is that all life should become perfect as I Am perfect. This is the primal potential of life. This is the wherewithal which life and the mind of life has access to. Therefore in the process of the adjutant mind spirits, when all of these aspects of mind are showing something, your dedication to this awareness becomes as an intention, as something out of the future which is brought to bear within to the present and in the linear sense, in time will manifest as that intention is honored, as responsibility is harnessed, as focus is brought into clarity. This is accounted for by the deities, that all life can move forward and begin to organize itself, organize itself in thought, organize itself in pattern, in action, that life begins to qualify its existence through intention, that life begins to make divine realities manifest through intention, that life begins to more and more reflect the giver of life, the divine intention, the Paradise perfection. The mere social organization of life form, of humans, of brothers and sisters insures that intentions begin to coalesce rather than collide, that people begin to work for a greater peace and a greater happiness, a greater understanding and compassion for all life, for the vicissitudes of life as well as the actualities of life, in creating the joys of life and not just resolving conflict by the destruction of life.

The divine mind is potent with intention as is all life also potent. The roadway for progress is clear. Man makes choices, man sanctifies those choices by the intentions he holds and his ability to hold forth and see these intentions into fruition. So yes, intention is an energy, a mind energy of the universe. It is just as potent as faith, as trust, as any of the other spiritual tools which are available for life's progress. So as you hold intention may you move forward in progress. May you collectively move forward in peace and may the eternal happiness which is the results of this effort truly find its place within your lives and life on this planet.

Again, this is Charles adding a few words to what has been spoken this morning. Go now in peace and have a wonderful week and we will meet again. Thank you.


LIght: [Mark] Hello my friends, Light here to make a few observations. As a child myself of intention, I'd like to point out that you are also a child of intention. If it were not for the intention of the First Source and Center, if it were not for the intention of Michael your Creator and Mother Spirit you would not be. If it were not for the intention of your parents having come together you would not be, likewise if it were not for the intention of my parents, neither would I. Energy begets energy and intention begets intention and in this way we are a result of intention. We all are a result of directed and focused intention without which we would not exist. Those are my words of observation today and I would bid you all have a wonderful week and have a greater awareness and recognition of your potential as you wield your intention. Farewell.