2011-04-26-Listen Within

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Topic: Listen Within

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Please turn within and listen to My words. It is always good to prepare yourself with a worshipful attitude for the approach into the Stillness. Reading something uplifting and or deep breathing exercises that bring you into the presence of God are always a good idea, as it sets the tone for a fruitful reception.

“At the start, a soulful prayer offered brings the focus to the Eternal One -- the Giver of all life. This is always a useful step to place one’s attention towards matters of the eternal Kingdom, rather than to be possessed of earthly worries, whilst the strength from heaven fails to reach you, as the mind is otherwise occupied.

“I have told you before that the mind can only handle one thought at a time to be able to go into a greater concentration and depth. When the mind is pre-occupied with multi-tasking, everything is skimmed over and perchance a really wonderful and inspirational thought never arrives or ‘falls by the wayside’ for lack of proper attention.

“You are beginning to realize that to have focused intent and attention, you need to be ‘at home’ in your mind, to discipline yourself and not let your mind wander all over the place. Especially with a mercurial mind like yours, it needs more thoughtful discipline, than a mind which is used to corrective thinking.

“But then, there are always better days on the horizon. Each new day is pregnant with promise of new opportunities and potentials. It is with disciplined thinking, with focus and intent, that the day can be started as to how you shall use this day. Will it be totally for the self or will there be room for the Creator God to help and inspire you?

“Therefore, when you start the new day with prayer and meditation, turn within and listen, and the day may be the best ever, because you took the time to make the connection to the All That Is. So you will have the eternal Creator consciously on board throughout your day, and it will turn out to be a far better day than if you would have tried it on your own feeble strength.

“Try it, you might like it.”