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Topic: Willingness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Dear one, willingness is a gift you give back to God, especially when willingness comes from a grateful heart overflowing with adoration towards the Creator God, the ultimate Designer of all that is. Even though the Creator divested Himself of all and everything others can do, He especially created, with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, a for you incomprehensibly wide array of various Sons and Daughters, who are themselves Creators, and yet totally willing to abide by the program of creation especially designed for them with all inherent possibilities for their own creativity.

“Similar creative prerogatives did the Universal Creators decide to give their evolving children on the myriad planets in space. Mortals have been given free will as to how they will choose to live their lives and what sort of gifts they are willing to bring back to the Creator upon the completion of the ascension journey after finishing their training towards perfection.

“The Universal God has given you mortals this life as a foundation on which to build your earthly career so it will be worthwhile to continue in the next life when you move through the portal of death to the universes beyond. The material vehicle given in loan to you only serves as a temporary abode to house your precious spirit, which, once it has been given life, will never die.

“So now you begin to have a glimmer of understanding of what is awaiting you, and you begin to realize, that yes, even though you have been given the gift of free-will decision as to how to behave yourself through life, to the majority of humans here on this planet these matters are not so clear in their minds as to how precious their lives are to God. They hardly give the Creator of all a thought, and further more, they are taught to pray to intermediaries and have to follow certain laws and rituals.

“Trust in that the most useful, speediest and direct connection is with the Spark from God within yourself, paying this precious Gift from God some mind. In so doing, you will reap a rich harvest of connectedness to the Creator of all, and a peace of mind beyond understanding.

“Each human child with the capacity to make that first moral choice can develop his or her connectedness to the Creator of all, to never feel lonely or confused. In their willingness and dedication to spend some time each day with their individual Spark from God within, they can also feel the total acceptance and appreciation the great Creator has for each individual.

“The most wonderful experience is to feel God’s unconditional love and forgiveness flowing through them. It makes the heart come alive in joyful songs of thankfulness and adoration.”