2011-05-29-Early Contact

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Topic: Early Contact

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Thought Adjuster: “It is the human mind, child, being slowly spiritualized. The door to your soul is now opening more in a greater consciousness of my leading you.

“Ours is a deepening relationship, a growing awareness on your part of my presence within you. Your faithfulness in early morning meditation is richly rewarded by my reciprocal answers.

“You call on me, and I will answer. I speak to you, and you begin to listen more. Tirelessly I labor deep within you, to adjust your thoughts to a higher level, to the point, where I become your Thought Controller, and you consult me in all matters, great or small.

“This is the way of one-ness with me. You are becoming me and I am becoming you. All the while subject to you choosing me. I know that you are awestruck, that I should thus speak to you.

“Behold all things become possible to those who believe, and treasure these precious moments, for they are food for your soul. A sublime peace and trust is growing in the faith garden of your soul. Together we tend this inner secret place.

“Your willingness to wish for a working partnership removes all doubt, all fear, all resentment, all hurts, grief, and all past mistakes, because you have journeyed through life, with a steadfast faith in Me. The time rapidly approaches when you shall hear me more clearly, even in your waking hours, when you do not meditate.

“In your consciousness, our developing partnership is taking on a greater significance, indeed, and you have come to realize that I have always loved you with a deep, abiding, unconditionally love, and that I have helped you turn your so-called mistakes for your greater good, and learning. Your faith and trust are being rewarded.

“Steadily now, increase your focus towards me, for I am always here waiting for your cooperation. Together we are a team, destined to become one -- the fusion of God with the human -- the mortal becoming immortal. One with God the Creator, who presented you with this opportunity, the Gift of eternal life.”