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Topic: Knowing God

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Group welcomes him warmly.) It is good to be here in your lovely home once again. I would like to open by sharing with you the inside view of the Correcting Time and all that develops thereof.

Correcting Time

  • The inside view of the Correcting Time

As you know, there are numerous programs and projects and missions within the Correcting Time. Each of these undergoes an initial beginning and then develops from there. There are paradigms or plateaus of change that occur rapidly and these seem to be throwing many of you off course in the development of what is occurring. It is much like developing a new product line where there is a public viewing and entrance into the market, and then development of the product over time, to improve it, to develop it, and then as this gets more improved, there is a paradigm change, a change of programs of improvement, and then this is followed by further development.

We continue to urge you not to be confused by what is occurring, but to discern the elements of authenticity of truth that bear forth good results. It is important that you train yourselves in this dimension, so that you understand and can practice the art of discernment. This will help you greatly to remove your prejudice, your bias and your bigoted positions, perhaps. It is important to learn how to discern the qualities of spirit, qualities of programs that Christ Michael develops.

Are there questions concerning that? (None.) If there are none, we can proceed with the program of “Knowing God.” Do you have questions concerning this new topic?

Agondonters, Free will

  • Agondonters seeking the Will of God

Moderator: In one of the transcripts from the 11:11 Progress Group (Aug. 16, 2004) a Thought Adjuster was speaking to the person of his indwelling. Excerpts are:

“God’s Will simply means seeking the way with the most love in it, with respect for all others. In short, it is living by the golden rule, as in doing unto others as you, yourself, would like to be treated.”

“Jesus lived an exemplary life on earth by living by the golden rule, and was thereby always obedient to the Will of the Father in Heaven.”

“The time has come to take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions, and ask what God’s Will is, and how to surrender your self-will.”

My question is, how does one surrender their self-will? Isn’t it more than just saying it in one’s prayers?

MONJORONSON: Yes, most certainly, it is far more than just saying the words. It is one thing to say you ‘will do God’s Will,’ and it is quite another to “will to do God’s Will.” How do you know when God’s Will is being expressed in your life? This is perhaps the most perplexing element for agondonters, to know without certainty, to know without proof, to know without demonstration, to know without explanation from one who does know—truly does know—the way of God. As agondonters, you must submit your will to God, and “will to do God’s Will.” The difficulty lies for many, particularly in the Western World, where you have been taught how to express your will to get things done, that you hear the phrase sometimes, “My way or the highway.” And oftentimes, this can be the opposite of what God’s Will is for your life.

It does not mean being passive in life. It means to be actively humble, open to being led. When you pray to God to do God’s work and God’s Will, and you will to do that, you might as well also ask your Guardian Angel and your teachers to show you opportunities to lead your forward. When opportunity arrives, then you say “yes” to it and begin to explore it. Explore it as far as you can go, and then if it terminates, then you, so to speak, back out of that and try another opportunity or wait for an opportunity.

More perplexing than this, is when opportunity comes as a denial of the way forward in what you were doing. If your landlord asks you to move, see this as an opportunity, rather than a begrudging inconvenience. See it as an opportunity to explore a new residence situation where you might make new friends and have a better social life, a better living situation.


  • Having an intention for your life

When you will to do God’s Will, you also want to have an intention for your life. What is your intention for life, dear friend? Do not proceed further unless you define yourself, and what your intention is for your life. God has given you an empty canvass to paint the picture of your life. You can choose the hues and colors, and the scenes. Where one person may choose black and white, another may choose brilliant colors; another might choose pastels. God’s Will is not arbitrary—it is designed for you. Your Thought Adjuster knows your life plan, and knows the course of your life and will urge you to follow that path. Your Thought Adjuster will reveal to you the way, if you ask.


  • The universe is passive

You perhaps have already discovered that the universe in many ways is very passive, and that it is not authoritarian, it’s not direct. The way of God is the way of love, the way of building. When you follow opportunities it is necessary that you have a plan in mind for yourself, your life—not in specific terms, but in general terms. Where would you like to be? What would the situation you would like to have for your life be in thirty years? Is it to possess huge amounts of land and properties? amass wealth? Those are your ideas. If you live your life as Jesus lived his, you live it very simply. Jesus lived a full life, but he was not an ascetic; he did not withdraw from society. He interacted with society. How do you know the way forward in doing God’s Will? You ask for opportunities. God wants you to grow. God wants you to have a good life. God loves you as equally as It loves anyone else—everyone else—equally. Your life is sacred; your will is absolute in your own realm and the universe will respect your will.

Many times individuals who ask to do God’s Will, will to do God’s Will, do so with uncertainty, knowing that the way may be rocky and may be uncertain, but truly, when you release the strength of your stranglehold on your life, and release it to God, the course of your life will be much easier, and it may be much simpler.


  • Knowing God through personal experience

Moderator: You have already covered my next two questions on knowing the Will of God, so I will go on. The next part is “Knowing God through personal experience.” The Urantia Book tells us that:

UB 155:6.13 “When you once begin to find God in your soul, presently you will begin to discover him in other men’s souls and eventually in all the creatures and creations of a mighty universe. But what chance does the Father have to appear as a God of supreme loyalties and divine ideals in the souls of men who give little or no time to the thoughtful contemplation of such eternal realities? While the mind is not the seat of the spiritual nature, it is indeed the gateway thereto."

I know that the practice of stillness or meditation is intended for this thoughtful contemplation, but isn’t it also intended to lead to a continuous state of God consciousness in everything we see and do?

MONJORONSON: The ultimate answer is, of course, yes. The realities of your lives is that if you take twenty minutes, twice a day, to be in the stillness, you will bend your life towards God as you have never done before. Meditation and the stillness is much like socializing a child or a pet, to become acclimated to a new environment, to prepare them for integration into a new reality, a reality that exists on this plane, as well as on the other planes of the universe.

The stillness is vital to your own initiation into that ultimate reality. No one forces this upon you; it is not a requirement. It is simply something that you choose to do—or not. What distinguished people of knowing god from those who do not know God is the desire to do so. If you choose to know God, God will assist you into that experience. Meditation is the gateway for your mind to come in contact with those other realities. It is a place where you release control of your mind to God, in the stillness of Its light that surrounds you and fills you. You must first have a mind that has the capability of making moral decisions, and you must be socialized to the point where you can and desire to do so—and then choose to know God. In order to know God, one must experience God. It begins by stating your intention for your spiritual life, your intention for your infinite ascendant career, which begins here, now.

Because the Correcting Time is here, and the many programs are here, there is an abundance of beings of light to assist you to understand these realities in your life, to help you help your mind mechanism in the stillness of meditation. As never before on this world, there are energies and elements of God and of Christ Michael and Nebadonia, here to assist you to achieve that experience of knowing God in your life—not later, but now. Choosing to know God, choosing to experience God, is a choice that leads the way forward in your ascendant career. There is much more to say about this, though I will defer that to further questions.

Moderator: In praying for “right and perfect outcomes,” how do we recognize the Will of God versus outcomes that just happen according to serendipity or to planetary conditions?


  • Recognizing the Will of God

MONJORONSON: Praying for Divine Order and Divine Development and Divine Timing—how would you know when the results occur? Because you do not have knowledge and awareness as I do, you would not know. When the serendipity of events brings good fortune to you, what do you say? “Oh, I cannot accept that because I don’t think it came from God.” No, certainly not. You would say, “Thank you.” So too, when the prayers for Divine Timing, Divine Order and Divine Development are answered, you would say, “Thank you.” The universe is constructed in a way that is obedient to your mind when it is in alignment with the good of the universe, according to God. The universe knows the way of fulfillment, completion, wholeness. Your chore in life is to come into alignment with the harmony of the universe—some call this Divine Mind—so that when you pray for something, when you have an intention of wholeness and fulfillment, it comes into existence. God would not deny you the good things in life if you were not fully conscious of the workings of the universe; very few of you do know how the universe works, but when it does work well for you, say, “Thank you.” Give gratitude and praise to that which occurred as beneficence in your life.

You are a simple mechanism in your mind, and we teach you as you would teach your pet good manners. The pet absolutely does not understand what you are doing, but will be obedient and will have the rewards thereof. So too, in your life; learning the way of God, the way of the universe and how to bring about the fulfillment of your desires through the manipulation of universe energy, and through the alignment of your mind with it, is a practice that you learn. It is avoiding those things which are painful and hurtful, and choosing to have those things which are good and in order in your life, come into it and fulfill it. No one is asking you to understand the incredible, simple but complex realities of the universe at this point in your life, in this part of your ascendant journey. Yours is to will to do God’s Will, and live your life in simplicity so that you can bring those good things into your life in good order and good time.

Moderator: Isn’t it as dangerous to ascribe outcomes to God answering our prayers as it is to blaming God for everything of a catastrophic nature?


  • Being in alignment with God

MONJORONSON: Certainly not. God wills you not to have you experience the travesties of life, though there are already in existence the natural phenomena of your world, which causes you great distress. Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and such, cause tremendous devastation. These have their origins in the very beginnings of the creation of your world in this nebula. God created it, but God does not manifest these harmful things upon you personally. They simply occasion to come into your life. You need not thank God for those travesties, though you do thank God for good weather, do you not? You thank God for good things that come into your life and this is meaningful. This is how you teach yourself to be in alignment with God.

It is important to recognize and to discern that which is of God, and that which is not. It is oftentimes confusing for you to understand the action of God in your life, when the beneficence comes to you from another individual who does not know you, and who perhaps, may not even be God-believing, yet this person has brought a good thing into your life. Who do you thank? Do you thank the person, or do you thank God? You thank God and you thank yourself for being in alignment that brought this to you.


  • Being actively involved in your life contains risk

Active believers are actively involved in their life; they are not passive believers. Passive believers wait for God’s Will, and wait, and wait, and wait. You know God by initiating action in your life when opportunity comes, to say “yes.” When someone comes to your door and says, “I really like your home and would you be of a mind to sell it to me?” And you think, “Well, I’ve lived here a long time and I have often thought about moving… well yes, sir, I think that would be a good idea and I’ll do that.” And so you set upon the price and you give thanks for that. When an opportunity comes, say yes. Say yes to opportunity; say yes to opportunity that may require you to risk. There are very few opportunities that do not harbor some form of risk involved. In the case of the home owner who sells their house, they are at risk of not finding a house and location that is appropriate for them and that they like, but they do it anyway, knowing that the way will be revealed to them, and so they begin to discover the way of God, the way of life in the daily activities of living. This is following the way.


Erroneous ideas about God’s punishment for sin

Moderator: Monjoronson, you have stated in the past that any deaths from the decimation would be random, those beings in the wrong place at the wrong time, rather than ‘pre-selected’ to be killed or kept alive.

While much of the current population believes that disasters, such as the earth changes that are occurring, are because of “God’s punishment for our ‘sinful ways,’” some of our Correcting Time participants would actually love to have God and our celestial helpers rid us of the sinful, greedy, degenerate elements of society, while protecting from harm those with God-consciousness and willingness to serve.

Would you please explain the celestial viewpoints of such blame toward God and the wishful thinking or elitist ideas on the part of mortals, that we may have greater understanding for ourselves and to teach our brethren?

MONJORONSON: And does this mean that those who sit in judgment, as you have stated, would be exempt? (Moderator: That’s what they ‘hope.’) You would be very much mistaken, and were God to judge you personally, then there would be no one on the face of the earth who would be exempt.

Student: Is the Bible true that we are all sinners?

MONJORONSON: That’s another question.


The process of living life exposes one to moral decisions. Moral decisions come early to your species, and this allows the investment of the Thought Adjuster to invest itself, invest God’s Will in each individual life. That being said, then there is no one, has been no one, in life who could not make an immoral decision. Immorality is endemic to your species. It is a process of learning the right way. You do not learn the right way without making mistakes. You do not learn the right way without guidance. Parents do what they can to aid children in their development, and God does assist them as well. God is in the parents as well as in the child. “Sinners” is a word (in quotes) that is most difficult to use, as it brings about connotations and implications which are far beyond the position of this teaching and training. You have politicized that word, and use it as a point of judgment, labeling people with the word “Sinner,” and then condemn them in judgment, even while the person who is casting the judgment is as sinful as the person who is receiving their judgment.

The process of making moral decisions is one that each individual chooses to learn. Those people who choose not to learn moral living, of course, have their lives to waste and [it] will cause them great difficulty later at the end of a dispensation. We avoid the use of the word “sinners” in reference to the Bible and in this work, as it serves very difficult purposes, by very difficult personalities. We avoid it and we would ask that you avoid it, as a label that blackens the name of many people who have good hearts.

Thought Adjusters

  • The Adjuster’s part in communication with the Father

Moderator: On the subject of the leadings of the Thought Adjuster, when communing with God, either during prayer or worship, does the Adjuster transfer those communications to the Eternal Father over the circuits, or does the communication go instantly to the Father without the Adjuster’s participation?

MONJORONSON: The Adjuster is always a part of communication with the Father in Paradise. Actions, thoughts, true worship go immediately through the Thought Adjuster to the Father. Pleas, bargaining, concessions and so on, are dealt with through the local circuits. Many prayers are not actual statements of need, but of crying and guilt-ridden hearts that strive to bring balance into their lives. Prayers are very simple: if you state your intentions for your prayer, then you have truly stated a simple prayer by itself. There is not much need for elaboration, flourishes or those social flowery words which serve no purpose. It is the sincere heart that is answered, and it is the sincere heart that prays effectively. The sincere heart prays not for itself, but without seeking self-reward. One can project intentions onto the universe to form universe energy in the development of right order, but this is not prayer. Prayer is the request for assistance in the arrangement of circumstances that benefit someone, whether it is the one who prays or for some other person. There is much to be taught concerning the effective prayer, the use of intentions and so on. There has been tremendous confusion in religions about how to pray and how to pray effectively. We wish to teach effective prayer, so that you can assist us to bring right order to your world.


  • The role of conscience

Moderator: Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, according to the leading of the Adjuster, how does that differ from conscience?

MONJORONSON: Conscience is a socially devised mindset of beliefs that you enact in your life. Your conscience is a social conscience; it is something that you learn in your family, in your clan, in your culture, in your society and in your religious educational processes. The leading of the Thought Adjuster may be complete alignment with some of these beliefs, but it may not. The Thought Adjuster will always lead you into ways of thinking that bring integration into your life and in your life with others, and your life with God. The leadings of the Thought Adjuster are subtle. Thought Adjusters communicate among themselves. There is a serendipity in life when you come into the company of another person in right circumstances. There is a benefit to both. The communications of the Thought Adjusters are truly not a topic of discussion, as it does not provide much productive input for you. Simply willing to do God’s Will is far more effective.


  • Experiencing a “knowingness”

Moderator: For those of us who are experiencing a “knowingness” that seems to be very reliable, does that indicate, at least in some matters, our approach to Adjuster attunement?

MONJORONSON: Yes. “Knowing” is tantamount to having had an experience, and experience validates the knowing. Yet when you have a knowing, you oftentimes cannot point a finger or identify the experience that brought about this knowing. Knowing is also closely associated with tremendous intuitive skills, though that is of a different sort of knowing. Knowing that is not preceded by judgment or opinion or labeling is the beginning of expansion of your mind to accept the leading of the Thought Adjuster. It assures you that you are on the right path, that there is certainty, even without knowing in the material four dimensional sense, that you know the way, you know that your decision is correct, you know that another person is worthy of receiving your trust. This kind of knowing is not easily earned; it is something that you acquire through dedication and commitment of yourself to do doing God’s Will, and living your life easily without pushing the river of life to bend to your will


  • Worshiping Christ Michael

Moderator: That was very helpful. I have heard it said that Michael does not accept worship, but relays any worship sent his way directly to his Father in Paradise. Is this a factual statement considering that Urantian mortals know about the divinity of Michael and are appreciative of all that he has done for us? Can we worship Christ Michael, as well as the Eternal Father?

MONJORONSON: Yes you may, however he will continue to defer your worship to God. (Laughter.)


  • Understanding God’s higher attributes

Moderator: In many Urantia Book study groups that I have attended, students are awed by the love, goodness and mercy as represented by God the Father, and partially understand the process of God the Supreme, but many of the students have great difficulty understanding the other functions of God, such as his ultimacy and absoluteness. At what point in our infinite careers will we be able to comprehend these higher attributes of God?

MONJORONSON: When you are well on your way through the mansion world schools. You will be given the mind mechanisms along the way to appreciate—and not only appreciate—but then to understand these components of God. It is not required of you to understand or know how these levels of Deity function at this time. You have enough difficulty learning to love, to love yourself, and to love others.

Student: Thank you! (With a sigh of relief.)

Moderator: (Laughing.) Actually, that will make many people feel relief, because they think that if they have The Urantia Book, they have to know it front-wards and backwards before they leave the world.

Personality, Guilt

Concerning Personality, this is another question from someone in the group: “Personality is not wholly subject to the fetters of antecedent causation. What does this mean?”

MONJORONSON: This means…(turning tape)…. There is no antecedent to the personality of God, is there?

Moderator: I found several places in The Urantia Book where it talked about the laws of antecedent causation. They are all pretty difficult to understand, such as:

UB 111:4.8 “It is the creativity of the inner world that is most subject to your direction because there your personality is so largely liberated from the fetters of the laws of antecedent causation. There is associated with personality a limited sovereignty of will.”

Another was:

UB 5:4.9 The bestowal of creature personality confers relative liberation from slavish response to antecedent causation, and the personalities of all such moral beings, evolutionary or otherwise, are centered in the personality of the Universal Father.

(To the student) Does this help you with the answer to your question?

Student: That last statement did.

  • Being overly-conscientious

Moderator: Another question from the group: “The normal urges of animal beings and the natural appetites and impulses of the physical nature are not in conflict with even the highest spiritual attainment except in the mind of ignorant, mistaught, or unfortunately over-conscientious persons. What is the danger of being overly-conscientious?


Moderator: That was a very concise answer!

The Supreme

  • God the Supreme

Concerning God the Supreme. since:

UB 2:1.4 “The Universal Father sees the end from the beginning, and his divine plan and eternal purpose actually embrace and comprehend all the experiments and all the adventures of all his subordinates in every world, system and constellation in every universe of his vast domains.”

Why isn’t he already God the Supreme if he already understands all that, rather than having to earn his supremacy by our sharing of experiences with him?

MONJORONSON: God may know all, but God is not complete, in that God has no experience. In the eternality of the universe, outside of time and inside of time, God lacks experience. God can only gain that experience through Its mortal beings, in residence in their minds. God the Supreme reflects that accumulating experience—not just any experience or every experience—but the experience of attaining perfection to come to truly understand and “know,” to experience its eternality and its total goodness. You dear children are needed for God to know itself. God is needed in you for you to know yourself. Together you become whole and complete when you are in the embrace of God in Paradise. What more beautiful expression of God’s goodness could you give God, or could God give to you, but this.

Moderator: That explains my next question of why does God need to experience evil through his mortal children as well, so I will go on.


  • God’s omnipresence

The Urantia Book says:

UB 3:1.1 “God alone can be in two places, in numberless places, at the same time.”

And yet, it seems that you, Monjoronson, and Christ Michael can be holding conversations or “present” with many individuals at the same time. How is this different, or is it different? I am of the impression that God never leaves the Isle of Paradise, so is this statement true because of the Thought Adjusters’ presence?

[This is Daniel: (Laughing.) This is really funny—it came up during the workshop in Ganges, Michigan, as well.]

MONJORONSON: If Comcast can interact with thousands of people simultaneously, then certainly God can do as well and more. (Roaring laughter.)

Moderator: That’s really funny! That was too simplistic a question.


  • God’s most endearing quality to Monjoronson

What is the most endearing quality of God as you have come to know him?

MONJORONSON: I, Monjoronson, Avonal Son of Paradise, look to our Father Creator, the first Source and Center, as the giver of all life. There was a time when I was not, and now I am, and there I have become a part of the I AM, and that endearing quality is the Source’s generosity and humility to give of itself to me and to you. Thank you.

Language, Symbols

  • Seeing the face of God

Moderator: This is another question just for fun, it’s kind of a curiosity question:

Father Michael said in one of his recent lessons concerning the faith of a little child, “Put your hand in the hand of your Father. Look into His face. For in that face is beauty. In that face is glory. In that face is love. Trust your Father with the trust of a little child.”

Perhaps I am too old to be “as a child” and take this literally, figuratively or allegorically, but I do not “see” God as having a ‘face.’ I see him as a ball of blindingly intense white light, pulsing with incredible energy. The Urantia Book says that when we reach the Isle of Paradise, we will stand “face-to-face” with God. What does God look like to you?

MONJORONSON: The limitations of your language are eminent. Your language does not convey thoughts, but represent symbols of thoughts and so when you think of the face of God, you search your mind for a symbol that symbolizes the face of God. I cannot convey the pre-eminence or presence of God to you, as your language base has no allowance for that, as no one has ever experienced that in a face-to-face manner. Yet, you can come to know God through the experience of knowing God within you, to having experienced the Divine Contact in through your mind mechanism that is facilitated by your Thought Adjuster. Contact with God and your Thought Adjuster is possible, but inexplicable even for mortals.

Moderator: Is there anything else we haven’t covered on the topic of “Knowing God: that you would like to share with us, that you feel we need to know but have failed to ask?


  • Trusting God and feeling safe

MONJORONSON: Thank you, for that! And yes, there is much to say. None of you will come to trust God, let alone know God, until you feel safe with God. Many of you fear God in the primitive fear of fearing a lion, or a wild dog, or a car coming down upon you on a highway. This fear is something that you must rid yourself of. The language of old believers included the word ‘fear,’ which has great difficulty being translated to contemporary believers, yet you all know about feeling safe. If you feel that God will pull the rug out from under you in your life, then you do not feel safe. If you do not feel safe with God, that God might do something to change its mind about you, then you will not trust God, and you will never come to know God, or experience God until you have come to accept God as loving and safe, as kind, as benevolent and personable to you, individually.

God is not a boogeyman. God is not a tyrant. God is not a dictator. God is not even democratic. God has given Itself to you, completely, and resides in your mind. You must rid yourself of your fears. Rid yourself of those old concepts of God in order to feel safe with God, to trust God, and this provides the bridging point of experiencing God and then knowing God. There is now, upon your world, a great effort of all celestial, angelic, and deity beings to offer individuals the opportunity to experience the presence of God, to come to know God. All God-centered religions have this as their goal, though there is much confusion between the mortal and knowing God. The simplicity of a God-knowing relationship is to trust God, to feel safe with God no matter what others may say, and lead your lives accordingly to expand that trust and knowing experience in every minute of your life.

Your Thought Adjuster desires to have a personal experience with you, to know you, and to have you know the fullness of God’s love in your life. And when you feel this infinite love in your life, then you have come to know God, and you have experienced the beneficence, generosity and magnitude of God in your own personal life.

Moderator: That brings up another question from me. For people with families that have just one catastrophe or problem after another, that their lives are real burdensome according to their own survival, how are they going to have that trust in God? It just seems that no good ever comes their way.

MONJORONSON: It will be difficult for those people with those experiences to trust God, simply because they are assigning what happens to them to God. God is a personal God, but all that comes to you in your life, the harmful things in life, are not projections of God to you. It is not like someone who is across the street and meanly throws a basketball at your head and hits you. God does not do that. God does not bring calamity into your world, personally.


Order in a person’s life begins by asking, “What am I to learn from these experiences,” and then reflecting upon them. Many innocent people have asked this very important question. Many have wondered why so many difficulties come into their life. The question of why is not responsive. The question of why does not beget answers. Rather an open-ended question provides a much broader avenue of experience and learning in reflection. “What am I to learn about this? “ “Are there lessons here?” “Is there some wisdom to know about, to guide my life?”

You see, many people in your society have taken on the burdens of this society and its culture, when they really, truly are simple folk who have almost no business living in such a complex society, and have not consciously chosen to live more simply, but are trying to keep up with everyone else, to do what everyone else does. Their conclusion must be, “This is not working for me,” and then choose another route, another way of living, something more simple, something that is much more comfortable.


  • Having equal opportunity to opportunities

Your question brings to mind in many, the difficulties of friends and family, who have experienced these things, yet there are many outside your life who you do not know, and who are experiencing this as well. Your family members are strangers to someone else and so you must look at these situations apart from family, unless and until you choose to train them, educate them in God’s way, in God’s Will. There are many assumptions made in your society about the lives of every individual and that every individual is equal, that everyone has the same capabilities, talents and skills, and comes with the same preset of depth of intelligence and awareness — and this is simply not so. What you want in your society, in this democracy, is equal access to opportunities; that is where the equality comes in.

As for the latent potentials of each individual, they are vastly different. As I have said, many people who are living with great difficulty could be living quite easily in another simply constructed society and culture and economy. There is a pragmatism of living, which many of your people have not approached, and taken into consideration. That pragmatism leads to greater understanding of the spiritual path that they have to live and to learn in. Battering yourselves against the society’s culture and standards for lifestyle will never assist you in your spiritual growth and development. You must find the level of competence where you can excel, a much more simple society and cultural climate would be needed.


  • The challenge of designing a sustainable society

I understand the depth of your question and how it tears at your heart. Everyone in this group has seen families and individuals much like what you describe, and this is a difficulty of your society because it is so young and immature and has so far to go. In asking this question, you see the challenges of developing and designing a sustainable society and civilization. It includes the variations of lifestyles and capabilities of individuals, and the techniques and technologies that can accurately assess those early in life. Surely your challenges are great in these times. Surely you have the capability of many God-knowing individuals who are open to receive the guidance from within, to meet these challenges. It is therefore necessary for each individual, of whatever capability and potentials they have, to ask to know God, to will to do God’s Will, and to find their appropriate and accurate place in their society.

Moderator: Thank you. Does anyone else have any questions?

Spirit of Truth

  • The Spirit of Truth in children

Student: Does the Spirit of Truth get in your …(too faint to hear).

MONJORONSON: Yes, the Spirit of Truth does intermingle with children, even before the arrival of their Thought Adjuster. It approaches more actively in their lives as the Thought Adjuster becomes present, as there creates a spiritual energetic dynamic in their mind to help them make correct decisions, life-giving decisions. Thank you for your good question.

Student: Is there anything adults can do to encourage the position shift?

MONJORONSON: Yes, there is much that adults can do with their children and that is to assist them in examining moral situations of right and wrong. Children can oftentimes learn vicariously and even through language, instruction about making moral decisions. Parents do not have to wait for actual experience to point out moral decisions, and which are the best decisions and correct decisions, moral decisions. There can be much to do ahead of time with that, and as well, it is important for parents to point out to children of that age that there is the Spirit of Truth that can guide them in making decisions. The Spirit of Truth is here to assist them, even when they do not ask. When they do ask, then it becomes much more powerful in its influence in this young mind.


  • The Old Testament of the Bible

Student: Given the fact through discussion about the problem of fearing God, I guess that for years I have been reluctant to spend time reading the Old Testament. I’d like to ask you if there are things to be gained from reading about man’s fear of God in some of the disastrous things that people thought God was instructing them to do. Maybe that’s not very clear….but

MONJORONSON: It is sufficient. The Old Testament was simply that—the old covenant, the old agreement between God and mankind, and mankind’s chore at that time was to learn that God was existent in their lives. And they believed in the duality of God, which is, as you know, erroneous. They feared the harmful side of God’s wrath and God’s Will in their life, and so they feared God and feared for doing wrong in their lives, that they would be visited with disaster in their lives. The New Testament is a new covenant that was forged by Jesus in his lifetime, and the fear of God is no longer useful to train people to become moral individuals. Rather it is through the emulation of Jesus’ life in their life, to take on the decision-making processes of sharing love that Jesus shared in his life, to come to know God through love. Fear is no longer supported in this new era. Your duty, your work, your self-assigned chores are to learn to love yourself and to learn to love others, because this is the example that Jesus demonstrated in his life, of his Father, God. Jesus did not fear God and Jesus did not require you to fear God, but to love God. Fear leads to duality in people’s thinking; it is now time for people to think in much broader parameters than duality—that was in the old era, not in the new.


I wish to thank you for today, for your attendance, for holding the presence here. Now as you go upon your way, I ask you to “emanate the presence,” and this new energetic realm that you live in is not sufficient simply to hold the presence as you do in this forum here, but as you go upon your way to emanate the presence. People will know you before you arrive. Thank you.

(Students sincerely thank Monjoronson and Daniel.)