2011-05-29-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Various Subjects

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael,LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.




Michael: [Mark] Greetings to my family, I am Michael but I suspect you have had some sense of my presence even before there was this vocal connection because we have indeed been co-mingling our presences and there has indeed been this soul connection even in advance of this vocal and mind connection. This condition, this feeling that you observe when we are close is common throughout all my children. All are connected by this sense of belonging, this familiar connection. It pervades throughout and touches all and as your conversation has supported, it is reliant on the individual to make a space for this connection to be, to create their own individual portal into this place of spirit.

Once there has been this connection, once there has been this pattern established, it is forever a part of the constitution of the individual, ever there to be accessed and utilized in any moment. That is what is so valuable in your mortal experience about your repeated attempts and trials at coming together in spirit and focusing your intention and on observing the outcome of such activities. You heighten your awareness and hone your skills and this is the only real way to accomplish this task, is by individual personal experience. You come together and encourage each other with your words and your mind processes and this is good and beautiful. This provides you this platform wherein you may feel comfortable to take that next step which must be taken personally and to [tend] this avenue and receive through this portal and venture out into the realm of spirit.

This connection that you build and construct while here in the earthly plane is foundational to your building what you would create ahead of you because it always serves as your reference or your guiding force and provides for you confirmation of direction and assurance of purpose. Having this assurance it is simply a matter of activating your faith and boldly moving in the direction of your conviction. This is what we are practicing now, your having established your spiritual compass heading; now those challenges which rise up before you are what you will utilize [with] your sense of perspective to overcome and this sense of perspective for you includes going within and petitioning for the answer or the confirmation and then having the spiritual strength to apply the answer received.

As you know, I cherish these experiences of time and space we share here together, all of us not only forming a spiritual circle which is unknown to the mortal plane, but as well we form a mind circuit, audio circuit at this point, and share on this level of time and space even such things as the spoken word and its meaning. I cherish this experience as I cherish all experiences with you at each level of your success. I now step to the side and allow this forum for use by others. Be in peace, go with my peace and spread it about as if it were your own. So be it, farewell.


Light: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, this is your brother Light here to take part in the circle of friends, to mingle with you this morning and to share in an understanding of the inner light and awareness. It is true that the co-mingling of human consciousness and spirit gives rise to awareness, understanding. It actually gave rise to my inception, the collective awareness to consolidate this awareness and perception into a new sense of being, a collective personality such as I am.

Inner Life

It is true, all of the correct answers lie within, all one needs to do is ask and pay attention. It is interesting to consider the human emotion involved in the awareness of spirit. It is interesting in the sense that there is a response on that level for the response on a spirit level is direct, certain, subtle, eternal. To tap into this use of the animal mind is to give expression to a rise in emotion which no other circumstance gives rise [to], that you can sense and feel like a breeze on a hot day or like water on a cellular level, it keeps things moving. So does spirit continue to keep things moving and in flux, that in time you will experience all that spirit has to offer you on this level of existence.


You are in the initial stages of spiritual experience, the stage which demands that you act upon that which you sense and know, that which you feel within is certain and right, good and whole. You have not yet evolved to the automatic sense yet your familiarity is bringing you into a more consistent awareness. There is a certainty within which supersedes all knowingness and all understanding, the part which is undefined yet you sense its potency, you sense its certain-ness. Certainly continue to move forward in this direction and grow in certainty and peace and know that as you are growing in this certainty and peace, that all else around you is responding to its meter, to its movement. What you hold in consciousness eventually allows others to access.


Thank you for allowing me to come within this circle of flame, this circle of light and be with you today. Go in peace, thank you.