2011-05-29-Woods Cross TeaM

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Topic: Acting Within Your Gift

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Greetings. I am filled with excitement to view your enthusiasm. I am honored to know you as individuals, to see your values and your understanding of the mortal life. I really can see so many changes since we began as a group. Our changes may not be what you expected or even have made life a bit easier. In fact, the lessons for you have been somewhat more difficult because we ask that you also share what you have learned.


In sharing, meaning when the doors of opportunity open, then you know to freely share. We know that some of our message may frighten some people, and I am grateful that you know when to share and when to hold back. To put this directly, I can say that in the sharing of the good news it does not earn you more heavenly credit than if you had stayed silent.

When you share from the simple joy within your heart and can feel an energy generated, then you know that it is the Father’s will. When you feel you must force your views upon listeners, then you know that may be of your own interests. We have faith in you each that you know this life is a gift and yes, Father wants you to get the most out of your experience, but He also wants for your joy.

As the apostles of long ago learned that gifts from the heaven will not simply rain down, but that persistence and hard work is required to make even small advancements. As we can see you now, for the most part you are average mortals. You have learned many of these lessons on the ego firsthand and please know that I completely understand. I am also grateful for the ability to be humbled in the face of many mortal situations.

I say that humility opens our ears to hear with more logic. We can always surpass emotion and those things fleeting will simply go away. I can say those memories that you can recall that have held certain meaning for you are to be counted as lessons well learned. We all know you cannot go from an infant into adulthood, no. Many lessons have to be experienced to bring you toward further advancement.

In other words, I am saying that all our mortal mistakes or bad choices are par-for-the-course. It is not good or bad. A bad choice to be hashed over in your mind again and again is simply to punish yourself for being a mortal. Even Father is not that harsh on us as we are on ourselves. We need not trap ourselves with regret and allow the ego to further punish us by repeating mistakes over and over again in the mind.

The ego fears what other people will think. We can see from the Master’s life that He cared not what others thought but only that of the will of Father in heaven. He could take the joy from life and have it fully without worry of some penance He had to pay. He had well-balanced confidence because He had always kept Father’s will in mind and worried not so much about what others were thinking of Him.

Can you imagine the Master’s career if He had worried about pleasing the people, even people in His own family? He followed the laws, certainly. I mean to say that He allowed not the attitude of others to force Him to live in a way that society saw fit. We know the Master loved people and even faults or flaws would not take away His love. He could always work with individuals within their own thinking. He had no need to make a persuasive argument because His words came from love, joy and the desire to do the Father’s will.

His life is an example for us. We will not find ourselves with the same gifts or passion as that of the Master, but we will find our own place within the world from which to live and grow from. I can say that Father works more closely with you than you know. In having the will to do the Father’s will does give you confidence to live more balanced.

Have not worry that your drive to live and work does not match with others. We ask not that you compete, no. However, we do want you to know each of you are gifted in some manner. When you find your concentration at its greatest intensity is when you know that you are moving and acting within your gift.


Our lesson this evening is short and Mary sends her regards. She will be with us next time. Until then we ask that you have time to find joy in everyday living. Until next time, go in peace. Shalom