2011-06-03-Inner Peace

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Topic: Inner Peace

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Lytske



Michael: “It is with great pleasure that I find your mind open to receive a few words from me. I am your elder Father-Brother, but also one of your most intimate Friends. You and I go back a long way, whilst you had no idea that it would be me, speaking with you and giving you inspiration.


“Due to the fact that so many changes are going to come about on our beloved Urantia, it is a joy for me to clarify a few things for you as you are in a quandary as to what might happen to each individual on this precious planet.

“You know some of what is transpiring in the earthly corridors of power, and you are not impressed with what you are finding, so you’ve begun to believe that some people are scheming to enslave the world. Might I respond to this that God, the ultimate Creator of everything, is still in charge of His creation and His arm is not so short that He cannot intervene in human affairs if need be.

“Such a time has now arrived, due to plans in some hearts filled with negativity, and that have lost sight of the unconditional love, which God has for all his children, created and evolving.

“It is my desire that you pray for these 'lost' ones, who need to have their spiritual eyes opened so they may see and learn, that God is not mocked by puny mortals.

“The most important prayer is to be for peace in each human heart, especially, and firstly, for yourself and then for all others, for inner peace in each heart will reap untold benefits for the planet, as it will have repercussions in relationships towards one another.

“Work on this peace child, so you may become more tranquil in your comings and goings. It is by osmosis that this inner peace will have a beneficial influence on those around you, who may themselves be inspired to seek for this inner peace, and so this benign virus of inner peace will end all wars as they spread around the planet.

“Inner peace is to be had when the most important connection to God is established. God is waiting for all his mortal children, so gifted with free will, to open their link to this precious connection, so they can experience the riches of inner peace, whilst feeling God’s unconditional love washing over them and cleansing them from the inside out.


“Do not doubt that it is I, Michael, who speaks to you now. Be in my peace.”