2011-06-10-The Value of Experience

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Topic: The Value of Experience

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Thought Adjusters have access to the entire wisdom of creation. They see the end from the beginning and they are to all intent and purposes, God. However, they vary in their level of experience.

“Human beings are interesting creatures. Due to the limitations of their vision, they can adopt ideas and beliefs that often leave Celestials perplexed. Experience in observing the behavior of the human mind is needed in order to understand it better and to predict more accurately what next it may do.

“A classic example is fear – ever present in the lives of human beings of Urantia. Angels possess a mind much more capable than the minds of humans, and angels can understand a lot of things about you better than you can. However, they cannot grasp the idea of fear – where it may come from and why you are so affected by it.

“A novice Angel would inevitably be confounded by many human reactions so apparently senseless, and she would therefore be incapable of serving humans effectively, because she would not be able to understand why humans do the things they do. An expert Angel – with experience – would immediately recognize fear and would know what to expect and how to address it.

“Humans can really do things that make no sense to those ‘born’ in higher realms. These differences can only be partially compensated through experience. However, the experience of mortal beings goes well beyond the kind of experience other beings can obtain. Angels can get to know fear through their observations, but only human beings can feel it in their lives. This kind of experience is invaluable at the time of ministering throughout creation. This is why mortals become such indispensable ministers when they reach finality.”