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Topic: Essentials

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “I agree with you that we must concentrate on aligning our efforts with the mission given to the Progress Group by Machiventa; to bring people to the gates of spirituality from where they will take care of themselves. This is one unique task of this group, at least for now, until others will join you to change the spirituality of the whole world, into one that is more according to those insights that will come with the approaching era of Light and Life.

“Let us then focus our attention at this time on what is essential to bring people to the ‘gates of spirituality’. If you want to attract all people to a spiritual common ground, and at same time let them run their own race from thereon, it is necessary to find a spiritual truth that would be relevant to all people. You need to start with this spiritual concept within the experience of family, since all human beings belong to a family. The family concept is able, indeed, to enlighten people of all countries, nations and races, that, humanity as a whole is a big family on Earth, because we all share the same origin, the Creator God, who is the Father of All, our Universal Father.

“The universality of the fatherhood of God opens one side of the gates of the spirituality portal. The other side to be opened is the brotherhood of men. Realizing that we are all sons and daughters of a same Creator Father-God, should immediately bring everyone to the conclusion that we are indeed brothers and sisters to each other, and that love for one another should be the spiritual blood pumping through our hearts. The gradual embrace of the brotherhood of men is what finally will stop all wars in your world, even if its very foundations have to be shaken, so humanity may come to this great, but simple realization.

“The fatherhood of God and brotherhood of men are the two gates of the portal to real spirituality that you must bring people to. But you cannot do this without showing them the spiritual road to these gates, which is not a book, a religious system, a human leader, or anything of the likes, but the very Spark of God that all normal human beings have inside of them, the Spirit of God within, who himself is always ready to say, ‘This is the way, walk this way.’ It is by listening to and following the lead of their Light Within that people finally will accept the universal fatherhood of God and enter the global brotherhood of men.

“What men and women will do after this, is up to each individual, not anyone else. Let them discover by themselves their own way of living their faith in the Father of all and the love for one another. They have perfect Guides within them, capable Teachers all around divulging the truth, and an increasing number of awakened brothers and sisters, all applying powerful spiritual pressure upon this realm that will eventually break through all prejudice, ignorance and superstition towards a spirituality based on the values of truth, love and peace.


“Yes, my pupil, if we do this, we will do the essential, the basics, we will give them the starting-point, from which to begin to run their own race. Let us then, concentrate on this goal. I am your Teacher, Prolotheos, always glad to contribute to your and others’ enlightenment. Peace to you.”