2011-06-22-We Are All One, Persist

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Topic: We Are All One. Persist

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Sharmon

TR: George Barnard




Sharmon: “I thank you for thinking of me, asking for me, and I’m pleased that you do not see me as just a pretty face, but a Teacher who imparted to you much understanding in years gone by. We are one, we are all one, really, and that knowing is innate in all of us Midwayers. It can be no other way for us, due to our connections to the many elevated far above our status. On this world, our world, so left behind, and still so troubled, it is generally uncommon for the human population to see the self other than as individuals.

“Times are changing, and yes, we see families that are close, tribes, communities, even nations that pull together, but as the pressures of economic difficulties play out on larger numbers, as few will have more, and most will have less, you will find yourself having choices of seeing yourselves as individuals, or seeing yourselves as being one. Of being part of an organism, as part of the whole, as immediate siblings, and children of the one Creator of all, who placed you here, and provided you with a Guide to bring you Home, experienced, wise.


“Only in part do I agree with your theory that the gift of human free will is initially compromised at the moment of birth, if not already at the moment of conception, because you did not ask to be born, to exist, to run this race of spiritual endeavor. It’s an observation, with some merit I give credit to. It is often in the minds, and in the words of those who go through difficulties great and small. For my part I see it otherwise, yes, that the gift of life is a granting of incomparable bigheartedness by a most loving and giving Parent of us all.


“Your world, our world, is a great testing ground from which have sprung, and in the future will spring, many that are strong, decisive, wise and tested – contributors of note – that will guide others, from the time of their arrival on Mansonia, to their eventual stewardship on the worlds of the universes now evolving in deep space, so persist. And still, tough and resolute as you will become as individuals, you will have the understanding that you, and all other children of the heavenly Creator, are one, and you will shed a tear for any of those of free will who refuse to go on.

“As I told you long ago: As evolutionary creatures you may get to see life as an unsolicited gift of unsurpassed generosity by the Gods. A refusal to go on then becomes a return-to-sender. Thank you. I tried life, and I can’t get it to work. It’s too hard, so please recycle my components… And even the Gods learn how to weep.


“Carry on. Be one. We love you all. This is Sharmon.”

George: “…not just a pretty face.”