2011-06-23-Free Will

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Topic: Free Will

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Rael

TR: Yoela



Rael: “It is I, your teacher, the Guide provided by the Spark of God who indwells you. No human being can contact us without the approval of the Thought Adjuster, who sees and knows when, where and why this loving concession is to be bestowed upon his or her beloved charge.

“It is true that all, all of you, have this ability – the ability to communicate with celestial beings – but sometimes this communication is complicated by unfounded fears that cause people to avoid listening within.


“Today I wish to talk to you about free will. Remember that it is in your hands to decide your personal world, which in turn will contribute to create your reality. It is important to keep in mind this blessed gift.

“When our beloved Michael was on your planet, it was not the will of the Father for Michael’s life to be ended in the dishonorable way in which it did. The will of the Father always was, and still is, infinite mercy for all creation, that all know the respect and the friendly security pervading the universe. It is a faithful consecration to be the Way, the Truth and Life. All this is done, and you only have to follow the path and use the life of Michael, our Creator Father, as a source of inspiration.

“When we talk about the arrival of Monjoronson, a lot of you believe that great and violent changes will take place. Some are even making extreme preparations. Your Monitor has assured you that she will be with you through all human contingencies. This should be enough to inspire the trust to surrender to this guidance, and to work on the self each day as if it were the last.

“The human mind naturally moves to the extremes. What you let into your minds is what is reflected into your reality. If all see the arrival of the new times with hope and joy, the changes will not be so difficult. Each one has the power to choose the reality before the arrival of the new Teacher to your world. Each one can choose between love and fear.


“Let us make history together, joining hands, and reaching for the strength of God. The greatest good is to give your life for your siblings. The greatest joy is to serve by the love of the Source of all love. Your intentions reflect your degree of harmony with the Divine Presence within you.”