2011-06-23-Free Will Practice

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Topic: Free Will Practice

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Divine Parents, we are gathered here today on this call to once again connect to the energy of spirit, the circuit of energy in our mind that connect us to wisdom and your divine love. We ask you to guide our thoughts as we once again connect with that aspect of ourselves which is connected to spirit. We ask for clarity and wisdom, thank you.


Free will

Inner Voice: Greetings to you all this evening, I Am an Inner Voice. Once again I am grateful to be given voice to share a little more of the inner workings of spirit presence and spirit guidance. This evening I am going to talk a bit about will, that collective phenomenon of mind which strengthens faith. Will is a mental indication of higher functioning within the human mind and it is is collective, collective in the sense that it includes aspects of the mind, determination being one of them, focus being another of them, intention, and desire. The decision process within the human mind enables thought to manifest in a greater sense of reality. In this sense, will is an active phenomenon, it is not static.

There are no significant determining factors which make will within the human mind superior except the decision to act upon will, to motivate, bring the energetic circumstances of the human condition to bear upon a singular intention and thought. In this sense, will is like the muscle of faith, it is that which activates things, it gives it meaning and a sense of reality. Many a time within the human mind, procrastination works against will. It does not activate or motivate will and what specifically is it in the mind that is activated when will is activated?

In determining this meaning, this understanding, we begin to see how there is something within the mind, an ability to take a thought, an intention and to bring it in reality. It is not necessarily brought into reality immediately, it is brought into reality by support systems which enable the mind to hold this focus, this desire. In a very certain sense, will is a direct imprint of spirit within the human mind. As humans strengthen the decision making process to activate an intention and bring resource to support the intention, the human will in a sense, goes beyond its animal functioning and takes on a greater, a wise characteristic, a characteristic indicative of spirit.

In the final analysis, faith is strengthened by the action of will. People want to believe that faith is strengthened by belief and this may be true to a certain extent, but the aspect of the mind to bring an intention into fruition activates this faith phenomenon in the mind, it activates spirit quality within the mind. You can activate spirit qualities within the mind while you are functioning on a purely human intention and a purely human level. For example, to bring ones life into focus and to be able to act upon that which we need to act upon whether it be things which involves relationship with other humans, relationships with work, relationships with community, with the family, these are human relationship situations and thought within the mind is constantly showing the human where to go, how to move within these relationships, what decisions to make.


Acting upon this strengthens within the human mind that connection between the will of spirit and the human will. It can be said that this is a matter of soul input, that this takes place within that part of the human psyche which is the soul, that sacred space between the human mind, human mind identity, and spirit mind and spirit identity. It is where the two meet. In this sense, the human will strengthens within the divine will. The will of the Father is not a tremendously unattainable goal. The human desire to become more like spirit needs to identify closer to spirit, making decisions which the human feels closer connected with spirit, feels right within the mind, are correct.

This activation within the human mind can become a practice. You cannot act upon everything that you conjecture or whatever comes into the mind because many ideas are constantly coming within the mind. It is the repetitive idea, the ideas which are not acted upon but which keep appearing within the human mind which a lot of times need to be acted upon to identify their source. Not all thoughts are divine. Many thoughts are purely human yet within the human mind the intention, the correctness of thought, the ability to see where you want to move and have no idea of how to get there is the ability to allow spirit a chance to show you.

Prayer becomes a motivational tool which helps within the human mind to connect human and spirit. Within the human mind of this particular individual, there is within, the motivational desire to change, to adjust a life, to get more out of it, that this desire motivates even in an activity such as now in attempting to bring within the mind a clarity of thought a sense of spirit. I thank you all for the time this evening. Again, it is good to be given a voice within this mind and I thank you.



Michael: Greetings my friends, I am Michael here in the love of spirit in this circle of energy once again to embrace you as my brothers and sisters, to support your efforts and to once again connect in an embrace of love which brings the Creator and the creature together as one. In these times that are upon you, know that we as spirit are very near to you, that we are part of the decision making process, that we lend our support even when it is not asked for. My children, this day is a glorious day. It is a glorious day because you are all in balance.

The energy and effort which you spend in bringing a greater sense of spiritual love and reality to bear upon the present condition on your world are in support of the spiritual universe. As you connect with spirit and the Inner Presence you connect with the larger family of spirit and all is conspiring to help in the healing conditions during these challenging times. As you act in our stead, go forth with your thoughts full of light and your hearts full of love. I thank you this evening, good day.