2011-07-06-Choosing a Path

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Topic: Choosing a Path

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “During your mortal lives, many of you will have to choose a path that may close the door to other possibilities. You can choose to be an entrepreneur and achieve commercial success. You can choose to be an artist and create works of great beauty. You can choose to be a scientist and work on a great discovery. These are just three examples of the multitude of paths that are open to human beings – the plethora of choices available to you.

“The opportunities and experiences that a scientist will enjoy may be different to those of the artist or the entrepreneur. However, the opportunities for spiritual growth and soul development are always independent of the chosen path. Whatever you choose to do, you will always have everything you need to achieve your purpose in this mortal life – to be ever more perfect, and to find the Father within yourself and your siblings.

“For you to make spiritual progress, it is not important what choice of trade or profession you choose in this material world. The experiences and the opportunities that will bring you closer to perfection will always be available to you. Any path you may choose will include unique experiences that will help you grow, but do not waste time regretting those things that you could have done or known, if you had chosen another path.

“Nothing in life is truly irrelevant when you maintain your focus on the main goal – eternity. If you choose to explore science in this life you will still have eternity to explore the arts or other infinite ways of expression that have not yet crossed the imagination of man. Just make sure that your time here is well invested, and that you live a life of balancing the satisfaction of your material needs and your true eternal progress.

“Make your decisions and don’t look back. All decisions are good if you make them according to your highest ideals while procuring divine orientation, regardless of the outcomes. Your time here is limited, but you will have eternity to explore and enjoy every corner of the universe, discovering what has been so generously prepared for you by the Father of all.”