2011-07-10-All Are Included

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Topic: All Are Included

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



Machiventa: “I bring to you, my students, greetings of the many friends that you have made over the years, and who dwell in my realm. Among them are Angels, Archangels and Melchizedeks. Among them are also former human beings, friends and relatives that have departed over the years of your involvement. Their greetings are added to mine. This is Machiventa.


“Those who are responsible for your watch care, for the watch care of all humans on this world, together with those who are involved with the administration of the spiritual aspect of your realm, by far outnumber the humans on the planet. Among those on high you will find there is no one of any particular religion. In dwelling in the spiritual realm, and in departing from your world to the spiritual realm, the possibility of a religion no longer exists, because each and every one of them, each and every one of us, does come face to face with spiritual realities.

“Religion therefore is only a possible overture to spirituality, and so, as we may be seen as spiritual individuals, we are not religious. We cannot be, even when one considers those Angels, those Midwayers, and others, that are specifically promoting ‘churches’. They themselves cannot be religious in the human sense. It is for that reason that the Midwayers on your planet, as well as the Cherubim, as well as Morontia companions give you the 11:11 prompts to all over this world, as a wake-up call to spirituality.

“‘Spirit’ does not consider religion. ‘Spirit’ only concerns the self with the spiritizing of souls. For you, for now, it does not matter what religion you follow. Whether you are Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, or belong to any one of the many splinter groups that exist, we, even since before the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion (1984), began to prompt you with our time prompts.

“I would very much like to see that since we have placed your group in a position to “put people at the starting gates to spirituality to then let them run their own race” -- and quite within the religion that they have or may not have -- that you to make everyone aware of the fact that Midwayers are the initial contact, always before contact with other Teachers can come about. I ask you to not differentiate between your Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim friends. The prompts are a worldwide phenomenon, and all are included.

“Make available to them the basic information of what your Midwayer friends are all about. Should they wish to further investigate other aspects of the revelation, such, indeed would be left up to them. I thank you for your time. Relax in the knowledge that many, many caring eyes are upon you, and that your work is much appreciated.


I leave you now. I am Machiventa.”


These two papers (below) contain the details of the Midwayers: