2011-07-17-The Great Divide

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Topic: The Great Divide

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Teacher Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the ‘Great Divide.’ What do I mean by this? Like a chasm between two mountain ranges, this divide is wide and it separates the peoples of the earth into two classes, ‘Those that know God and those that do not.’ When it comes to personality survival, which side you belong too matters greatly. These two classes may also be identified as ‘Those who survive and those who do not.’ This is not meant to strike fear into the hearts of the reader, for it is a statement of fact, yet all is not so ‘black or white’ when we consider mercy and forgiveness.

“God honors even the tiniest flicker of faith in a man or woman and it is His supreme desire that none should perish and that all shall come to the light. Even those who know God and have led a rebellious life shall be offered a probationary period after death to prove themselves and work their way up from the twilight realms into the realms of light. Those who spurn God’s mercy and have made the conscious choice to deny the sovereignty of God will become unreal and will ingest the seeds of inhalation. Even those who have that flicker of faith will, after death, willfully choose not to take the Grand Adventure and seek perfection in eternity. God honors that choice, and that soul will then be absorbed back into the oneness of infinity and shall no more have identity or personality.

“There are so many people today who are living on the surface of life -- good people who serve their communities, raise their children to be respectful, and pay their taxes, yet they do not actively seek a relationship with God or desire to have a spiritual nature. This is most unfortunate, and for many, this blindness is due to a generational misleading, which started long ago with the Lucifer rebellion, the defection of the now deposed Planetary Prince, Caligastia, and the default of the material son and daughter, Adam and Eve. The teachings of the one true God were nearly extinct on Urantia were it not for the emergency service of Machiventa Melchizedek, the Sage of Salem, in Abraham’s time, who sent his missionaries out across the globe to seed the hearts and minds of those peoples who were utterly lost and did not know God.

“And so it is for these surface dwellers today that it is so important that they fan that flicker of faith that they will be offered mercy on the day when they are called to eternity. It is this emergency that I call you to service, my friends, that they be given one more chance to know the One True God before the ‘parting of the ways.’ All deficiencies and lack of opportunity shall be compensated for, yet the spark of faith is still required to continue the journey. Religious affiliation is not a requirement, only the tiniest of desire to know God and accept his mercy. Still, the rewards for living a God-knowing life, in loving service to God and man, will reap joy beyond human comprehension, and for you my students on the path, much glory awaits you in the realms of light. I admonish you to bring your brothers and sisters across the Great Divide so they may also share in the glories of eternal life.


“Peace to you, “The Circle of Seven.”